Today we have to secure a helicopter air drop in Minecraft Fear The


  • Peyton Mattingly 2 weeks ago

    You da best

  • pomated ph 2 weeks ago

    I’m laughing so hard in this part 3:19

  • Van Tran 2 weeks ago

    Hahaha Andrew’s southern accent

  • steven de los reyes 2 weeks ago

    Jerome plzz dont use your camera(so it will not cover sonething or to look more realistic

  • random mystery 2 weeks ago

    does anybody see, you know a gun flying? 8:41

  • Coldflame 126 2 weeks ago

    At the start I was expecting a Ohhhh buddy

  • Coldflame 126 2 weeks ago

    I was expecting a Ohhhh buddy

  • coolmangaming_1234319 2018 2 weeks ago

    Please sub to me guys I really am going for a goal or 20 subscribers please I’m desperate 😚😁

  • Artisticfox 22 2 weeks ago

    Yeah blade needs to work on his level of discreetness =-]

  • Trai Gelwicks 2 weeks ago

    Lol blade when your invisible don’t hold a weapon or anything

  • Jenny Schott 2 weeks ago

    I like how long this one is

  • Corbin Underwood 2 weeks ago

    Just the flying gun across the screen 🤣

  • Eric0409 2 weeks ago

    At 9:43 I see flying pistol

  • AJ Rocketz 2 weeks ago

    When sigils does the stupid voice

  • Alex Mordy 2 weeks ago


  • Jeff the killer cow ruler of the world 2 weeks ago

    Bring Ben back plz

  • MatthewFTW 2 weeks ago

    Plot Twist:

    Dondo is peaches ohoolahan
    Cuz he doesnt want to take of his helm….

  • aikijin 13 2 weeks ago

    Is Austin peach ahlahand

  • 11_ben_11 2 weeks ago

    Thanks for the long upload again

  • Harsh Patel 2 weeks ago

    Great vid

  • Dustin Cousineau 2 weeks ago

    There was also a floating gun at 8:46

  • Dustin Cousineau 2 weeks ago

    And 12:37

  • Dustin Cousineau 2 weeks ago

    Who rode the atv

  • Sunjay Puri 2 weeks ago

    I think that food trader is peaches ohoolihan, and he is shipping peaches

  • Spyboy#1 Gaming 2 weeks ago

    Tube is broken

  • Master DCorn 2 weeks ago


  • Conner Robinson 2 weeks ago

    How do you play decimation?

  • Jordyn R. 2 weeks ago

    Now crafting dead doesn’t seem real now that blade/ ben showed up invis…

  • Gamer PVP 2 weeks ago

    ip servar?

  • Aiden Cates 2 weeks ago

    What mod is this

  • Brendan Scrivner 2 weeks ago

    Flying gun lol

  • Eduard Spooner 2 weeks ago

    Please do Gary’s mod prop hunt

  • Radon_24 no channel 2 weeks ago

    The peach merchant got knocked out at the end 🙁

  • DaQwan King 2 weeks ago

    I think Peaches Ohulahan is Blade

  • xX_unkown_Xx 2 weeks ago

    Yay long vid

  • erik theflyingdutchman 2 weeks ago

    I really want to see Austin get killed in this series

  • Gmoney 123 2 weeks ago

    I hear sigils voice

  • Coda LaMarche 2 weeks ago

    Can you guys please play Mario party 8 my dad and I use to play it but he passed away and I can’t play it I would enjoy watching you guys play it because you make me laugh

  • JetBlast 2119 2 weeks ago

    “Can I knock him out?”
    No, no, no…!”
    Also, a Black Hawk Helicopter is not armed… its a utility helicopter… and its American… wrong helicopter… thats why its a UH-60, UH stands for Utility Helicopters

  • WarriorsShotz 2 weeks ago

    22:09. Jerome does not know de way

  • dirtydayton4162 2 weeks ago

    So peaches are banned then why are they eating peaches in front of a guy?

  • Chris Jondro 2 weeks ago


  • Claire Huang 2 weeks ago

    that moment when jerome almost says “ohh buddy” but he realizes he can’t because he’s acting

  • Abbypinkrose 2 weeks ago

    I think someone is helping from creative mode

  • Gothic Mochi 2 weeks ago

    Omg Austin has infinite peaches because he goes through trash cans to get them

  • Zach Huybrecht 2 weeks ago


  • dab_master_9000 2 weeks ago

    is it just me that saw the item streak in someone’s hand bein followed by zombies?

  • hiitsamemario64 a 2 weeks ago

    Imagine the finale reveals it was all a dream or a simulation

  • Jamal Akhter 2 weeks ago

    I like peaches but this made me sick of them I just feel disgusted thinking about them

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