• Crabby Player 6 months ago

    Hi big b wanna play murder mystery next Friday with me on my map that I made for u 😉 if u can send me on a message on my Xbox 1 account retrogrenades thnx, :p bye 👋

  • FUZAIL 6 months ago


  • Bigbot gaming 6 months ago

    Bigb add me as freind on roblox Worriedcoletj123 and love

  • Mystic Amy 6 months ago

    When you’re playing murder mystery and you get killed by the innocents more than the actual murderer… yep, that’s me. 😑

  • Jack Golinello 6 months ago

    You should play critical ops 👍🏻

  • xkilla 6 months ago

    epic video anthony

  • Misty Wilson 6 months ago


  • Nadine Henry 6 months ago

    He has a fivehead

  • Jack Piach 6 months ago

    Big b i love y

  • Keanu Brittain-beggs 6 months ago

    Happy birthday

  • John The Cool 90 LOL,LOL 6 months ago

    make more videos of PG3D and ganster vegas trusth me is great and critical ops is on multiplayer

  • انس عاشق كراش و ماين كرافت 6 months ago

    اي عربي any arabic

  • Blacklight Star 6 months ago

    How to do that

  • Casi Matthews 6 months ago


  • Juana Arrue 6 months ago


  • yoshi032 Jackson 6 months ago

    Murders can hold bows

  • Joseph Espinoza 6 months ago

    bigb u need to start giving out stuff

  • paul reyes 6 months ago

    Anthony is my middle name

  • Dingbang C 6 months ago

    yay mm

  • Manuel Mendez 6 months ago

    Wow its my cousins birthday tomorrow

  • Aman Khanna 6 months ago

    Why the hell is he so clickbaity?He’s essentially Dragod.

  • ChloeReedBlogs 6 months ago

    Hey bigb, i was 332nd like. Im not annoying you am i? Anyway get back to what i was saying… i love you #1 fan ☺

  • Nolan B 6 months ago

    Big b + your dad = dad sized cookie 😉

  • Zachary Dean 6 months ago

    in the third round the murderer shot a inocent the game kills who ever shot the inocent with a bow

  • Paulo Ocenar 6 months ago

    Why the song is so sad

  • Adam Dasilva 6 months ago

    Bigb I love your vids and I hope to record with you

  • Bingo Plays 6 months ago

    Play hello neighbor beta 3

  • Bingo Plays 6 months ago


  • xXSansPokemonXx YT 6 months ago

    murderer can use bows

  • Tcaple17 6 months ago

    yesterday was my birthday

  • Lilly Garcia 6 months ago

    i played Minecraft 2 years ago and someone joined running past me then i look at him fast then…………..he was gone checked the list of players and he wasn’t in i swear i saw him it happend again i got so scared plz no hate

  • King Ace 6 months ago

    What if radar is the real admin?

  • SMD Grimes 6 months ago

    Awesome video Big b I love your videos

  • Jojoman3830 Yt 6 months ago

    What about Stella’s secret wink

  • AFoxFromSpace14 6 months ago

    VOS IS THE ADMIN!!! He gave Petra the glove so… what if somehow Petra could revive Ruben. Either that or I really miss him 😂❤️❤️❤️

  • CookieWarrior80 MC 6 months ago

    489 like was me

  • oneimmacks eee 6 months ago

    I’m Russian

  • Shadow flames Fitzgerald 6 months ago

    I sub to you can you sub to me

  • scarlet llpp 6 months ago

    whats the server name KNOWONE WILL TELL ME

  • Shadow flames Fitzgerald 6 months ago

    Are you shore because I had 4 and I still have 4 do it now because I sub to you

  • Jahkobe M 6 months ago

    Happy birthday

  • Jake Castillo 6 months ago


  • Dartagnan Brown 6 months ago

    Please do other 3 am challenge please plus when I played minecraft xbox u saw entity303 I was do scared

  • Jason Stefanyuk 6 months ago

    He joined my game and he had GREEN eyes….. 👀

  • Breakneck Weevil 6 months ago

    amazing vid

  • Elogogo Eugene 6 months ago

    bigbst4tz can you play more tumble on xbox

  • Daniel Briscoe 6 months ago


  • Martell Campbell 6 months ago

    Do bed wars I reckon you’ll be good!!!

  • Dominic cruz 6 months ago

    Do more Dragon run

  • Creeperboy 151 6 months ago

    if sherif shoots innocent they both die

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