This season of Hardcore Hermits is a scavenger hunt that will keep us


  • Khetho Motsa 1 week ago


  • Jet Lag 1 week ago

    Hell yeah.

  • Khetho Motsa 1 week ago


  • jomoji 1 week ago

    Luv ya beef currently rewatching all of mindcrack season 3 love the memorys

  • BrickWire Productions 1 week ago

    Dont forget about the new trap doors, pressure plates, and buttons (like so beef can see 😉

  • ThePorkymeat 1 week ago

    recolor the glass

  • Vincent Raitt 1 week ago

    3.925 ppm

  • Scott Perry 1 week ago

    Why aren’t Beef’s legs shaking? Oh, wait… 😛

  • Morningblossom 1 week ago

    I have met someone without a surname. He was from Sumatra and said there it’d actually be quite common to only have one name.

  • Sam Teinert 1 week ago

    So the NHo and the Revolution have joined? What a sad day…

  • Slim Lancaster 1 week ago

    Sorry.. I’m from NY.. I could never give thumbs up to Rudy Giuliani.. Still mad he made fireworks illegal.. Yep, I just showed my age..

  • WhiteXLotus 1 week ago

    Please do conan exiles

  • christian malherbe 1 week ago

    (Unpopular opinion) Where’s Ni No Kuni!

  • jediping 1 week ago

    I’ve met a couple of people from Indonesia without surnames.

  • stephen garrett 1 week ago

    Hey Beef, a hint, don’t use tools all the way until they break… save it and throw it to the chest and get points

  • ZombieMinion1992 1 week ago

    Does anyone know what this mod is called? I really want to try it.

  • FoxyFuntime1 -Bowmanium Mapping- 1 week ago

    Hey Beef, you’re a Vintage Minecraft player..

  • Axel Yuliyanov 1 week ago

    I dont like the passive aggressivnes from iskal…ren is getting denied everytime he suggests something

  • FoxyFuntime1 -Bowmanium Mapping- 1 week ago

    VintageBeef, your current PPM (Points Per Minute) is: 3.70

  • SlayRealZ156 1 week ago

    Ren’s voice is magical. And you rock Beef! And Iskall is hilarious! Perfect team.

  • Esther Engstrom 1 week ago

    You guys make a good team

  • Jake Aikens 1 week ago

    Leg shaking… could be a tumor.

  • Popbottle160 1 week ago

    It is ok when your leg is shaking,

    My legs shake all the time, in fact they shake so hard that they shake the pew at Church and the whole house at Christmas.

    (….No Joke)

  • Steve Hinkley 1 week ago

    Acacia is hard to pronounce 😂

  • pcfultimes 1 week ago

    Yea Thumbs up for Rudy! one of the best Mayors we had in NYC.

  • SDWNJ 1 week ago

    Beef’s on a roll? Now I’m hungry.

  • Wendalz 1 week ago

    When Iskall said “Beef’s on a roll” at 4.03, that just made me want a sandwich 😅

  • Flaming Pearl 1 week ago


  • QtLady 1 week ago

    What does a dying horse sound like?! 7:30 I’ve got problems XD

  • Lynn Bass 1 week ago

    You 3 need to do more videos together.

  • _Chaozz 1 week ago

    Amazing video! Your team is hilarious, I laughed so much!

  • ColorMe 1 week ago

    His leg is shaking because he doesn’t know how fucking weird he is

  • KisoX 1 week ago

    uh is there a way we can play this too? <3 i would so like to try it out 😀

  • Dante Leon 1 week ago

    Anyone thinks that baby chicken is so funny and cute,hahahahaha

  • Julianna The Lioness 1 week ago

    Ik this is done all in one session BUT every different color bed is a thing and also banners and carpet and potions

  • Liam Harkin 1 week ago

    The dying horse noises though

  • Gustavo Gemer93j De Olivera Raminelle 1 week ago

    Pinto pinto FUCK MI BR CARALHO

  • Zippy2707 1 week ago

    Just saying what Ren was saying about his legs ‘shucking’ is normal it happens sometimes if you sit in certain positions

  • Zippy2707 1 week ago

    Make a house out of all of the blocks XDmake it look as wierd as u can but don’t show Renskall until u made it

  • JeaneGenie 1 week ago

    Just throwing out spruce wood and planks and calls it garbage. Next person makes spruce trapdoors, stairs, slabs… Dude, you need to get organized, get a clear head. You have bonemeal for white glass, grey glass. Don’t forget the clay pot.

  • MISTERAMD 1 week ago

    Episode 1 to Episode 2
    VintageBeef Team : 58 to 157 points *Added 99 points*
    GFX Team : 62 to 140 points *Added 78 points*
    PJZ Team : 44 to 134 points *Added 90 points*
    Dodgy Jumper Team : 55 to 131 points *Added 76 points*
    ZIT Team : 33 to 33 points [What happened there] *Added 0 points*

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