This season of Hardcore Hermits is a scavenger hunt that will keep us


  • Michael Brocaglia 1 week ago

    So glad you’re doing this Beef! Where’s team NHO tho? 🙁

  • Coolest 14 1 week ago

    You’re playing in the new snapshot which means that Phantoms exist in your world. So if you’re roaming around at night time and you hear echoed hissing, that’s probably from a Phantom. They can travel through blocks and water. They also one hit kill you without armor and nearly kill you with iron armor. I doubt they’ll pop up in your world now but soon they’ll arrive. Thr best way to avoid them is just to find some cover and sleep.

  • FoxyFuntime1 -Bowmanium Mapping- 1 week ago

    I am the Habargagargagargo

  • A Girl That Paints 1 week ago

    remember that time when Beef said Vintagecraft would be the only Minecraft series on his channel… xD

  • Aizen zyke 1 week ago


  • Dragodelchaos 1 week ago

    I’m soooo happy seeing new series, old series, JUST WATCHING HIS VIDEOS. I’m happy.

  • Fuya Hanabi 1 week ago

    omg yes!! I need this! Just caught up watching Ren’s survival series and I just thought last night oh man I’d love to see Beef collab with Ren they’d make a great pal and wow you guys plus Iskall are in a team!! Guys, please let me know what kind of collab you want to see Beef doing. I will think about it and may be it will come true.

  • Михаил 1 week ago

    Run my dude 😀

  • Terry David 1 week ago

    Do some more UHC!!!

  • Eclipse007 1 week ago

    Not first

    Neither last


  • Devin van den Berg 1 week ago

    So is everyone on a different server?

  • PhoenixStar YT 1 week ago

    This is going to be a popular series. I’m sure of it .

  • haylee bush 1 week ago

    Love the new series!

  • Radziq _ 1 week ago

    I’ll always watching this series, I like your video and dady iskall xD

  • CloverKing 1 week ago

    Im guessing 5 episodes til game over?? lol..

  • JenInMinecraft 1 week ago

    Just be sure to sleep at least once every 3 days…

  • Nc Games 1 week ago


  • Dating Pickles 1 week ago

    You should let people download the datapack for the advancements and points system

  • MISTERAMD 1 week ago

    Happy to see this series. Wondering who will win 🙂
    62 points Team GFX
    58 points Vintagebeef Team
    55 points Team Dodge Jumper
    33 points Team ZIT
    Episode 1.

  • SHIVAM PATEL 1 week ago

    Everyone is forgetting orange dye

  • Ojas Mishra 1 week ago

    Beware of phantoms

  • Dielie MCR 1 week ago

    I i’m a great fan of the new textures in minecraft. Good team beef now win the game Long time youre team won.

  • Fnassau 1 week ago

    that’s a cool Idea for a game mode! I like it 🙂

  • trillibytes 1 week ago


  • Simon Green 1 week ago

    I saw this team and knew I could not miss and episode of this

  • Mark Taylor 1 week ago

    My three favourite youtubers together.

  • Ancient Bunny 1 week ago

    Oh that banter, this’ll be great!

  • midKnight redd 1 week ago

    Here’s the Team name I think would be great…Team “RIB”

  • jomoji 1 week ago

    I love this idea!

  • Claire58 1 week ago

    It’s nice to see you with the Hermits again. I think you fit with them super well. I hope you consider doing more with them again, maybe whenever Season 6 starts? I don’t know, I just miss these types of collabs with other youtubers we know.

  • dana94a 1 week ago

    Barbecue musk 😂😂

  • BucketsAMF 1 week ago

    Rent Hedog. Cool guy.

  • hope this isn’t replacing Conan

  • TacinasACM 1 week ago

    Love watching everything you do beef, but why get paired with those two? 🙁

  • Semagbe 1 week ago

    Beef back with the hermits! I’m so happy! I love all the stuff you’ve been doing with your Patreons but I’m happy to see you haven’t completely left these old groups!

  • Manu. da 1 week ago

    DONT FORGET TO SLEEP, OR NEW MOB WILL KILL YOU.. Watch the first season one team got wiped out from this. Keralis and his team.

  • Nathan Sweeney 1 week ago

    Playing with the revolution? Maybe a secret agent for the NHO? I’m a bit torn. I want to root for your team but…..

  • Josh McConnell 1 week ago

    Rendog sounds exactly like Alejandro Sosa

  • DasVERMiT 1 week ago

    Are you/were you allowed to steal the quartz stuff from the submission building?

  • Ray Bell 1 week ago

    What happened to Team Canada, and collabing with other mindcrackers. I miss the good old days man…

  • Sam Cro 1 week ago

    Best team ever! Screw nho!

  • krogan52 1 week ago

    Didn’t show the beard at the beginning after talking about for a minute. Now I have to go watch Iskall’s footage instead of yours just to see it. Fail Beef.

  • Alexia Figueroa 1 week ago

    Glad to see you in this series, miss your presence in HC5!

  • ZombieMinion1992 1 week ago

    Is there a way for us to try this challenge too? Like downloads and stuff to play ourselves?

  • Z ed 1 week ago

    Its captive minecraft all over again, iskall is pause, and ren is etho.

  • Tyrone Jone Arroyo 1 week ago

    Beef play on the Hermitcraft Sever again!!

  • Ligands 1 week ago

    Yay Beef’s back! 😀 Hyped for vintagerenskall action!

  • 50sRockChick 1 week ago

    This was great. I can’t wait for episode 2.

  • The Cortex 1 week ago

    You want sum bif ye I giv i’ to ya
    Btw why is your sub count hidden?

  • Daniel Thomson 1 week ago

    Don’t forget the Grass Block ( Silk Touch ). That would take time to get it and you do need to go to the End, Nether, Woodland Mansion and Ocean Monument to get the difficult items too. It’s part of the whole game. It’s like all the items in Minecraft basically, including the new ones in 1.13. Best of luck. If you said about the snapshot of 1.13, be very careful of the new dangerous mob ( The Phantom ). I remembered seeing The Phantom on the website, it can kill you in two hits, when wearing iron armor. I recommend looking at the 1.13 information on the website, which I’ve done that. It’s very interesting.

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