• Stitch and Spyro 101 4 months ago

    The song was awesome

  • Sophia_Rose 4 months ago

    I love the spooky scary skeletons song yasss

  • macy harris 4 months ago

    I love your videos

  • MagicalGraal GT 4 months ago


  • Oke Oke 4 months ago

    My sister Loves your channel pho, she always waits for you to upload a video, mostly she loves the – Murder Mystery and Hide n seek. ☺

  • Geoffery Francis 4 months ago

    Will you be doing a murder mystery on Halloween vidio on Tuesday

  • Jayden plays and vlogs 4 months ago

    On Halloween night make a soul snatches and mm live stream

  • Xafata3 4 months ago

    PhO3 whats the map?

  • ttot73 4 months ago

    Happy Halloween Pho3 loved the whole video. Loved the Halloween song it was amazing. Haven’t commented in a while. Keep up the awesome work and have a fantastic Halloween. Happy Halloween to of the other YouTubers that Pho3 plays with to. Have a fantastic rest of the day.

  • tomellifred360 4 months ago


  • Itz _Shannon _Here 4 months ago

    That song is amazimggg!!!!!!! Great video Pho3!!!!

  • Ant Antixx 4 months ago


  • Kyle Aidan 4 months ago

    She thinks Halloween is boring

  • Keelz Vidz 4 months ago

    Amazing Video Pho

  • Sierra Lefeber 4 months ago

    Can you please bring back Mca39 and minigod951. The song is amazing and funny video! Love your videos pho3n1x

  • TheSilence 4 months ago

    #SqueakyKeke #PHamily #PHabulous #Phonomenal

  • TheSilence 4 months ago

    PHO3N1X MADE A DANTDM REFERENCE!!!!!!!!!! AND HE DABS!!!! #ScrewTheDabPolice

  • Jake_You_Gud_Bro_? 4 months ago

    368 likes 0 dislikes *THE PHamily is strong!!

  • Jake_You_Gud_Bro_? 4 months ago

    *Pho3n1x Paul*

  • Shannon whittle 4 months ago

    Ikr evil chicken nugget

  • ChristianSheepYT 4 months ago


  • the phandøm phamily with a løve for drama 4 months ago

    21:06 keke’s laugh haha 😂 I love it 😊😊

  • DOUGHNUT GAMER 4 months ago


  • StarStruckTez 5 4 months ago

    Keke the screamer doesn’t like Halloween,what type of a person is she

  • xboxrowb 459 4 months ago

    WHYYYYYYY. The song was about to start and all I heard was pho say “ooo” and then a phone ad got in the wayyyyyy 😱😢🤦‍♂️

  • beast trix gamer- playz minecraft 4 months ago

    What did one painting say to the other painting?

    I think someone’s trying yo frame me

  • Wolf Girl14 4 months ago

    that song was epic! 🎃👻 Loved the video lots Pho3! Hope everyone has a fantastic day! 😊🐶🐾🐺

  • Kashumi Fayona 4 months ago

    Plz no spoilers about to watch the vid!!

  • Avtar Ghotra 4 months ago

    Pho it’s my birthday tomorrow so can u pls upload birdfoxx or rftb pls

  • Ethan Butt 4 months ago

    Keke has to like Halloween

  • jake roblox 4 months ago

    I don’t really like Halloween… XD great song!!

  • Homie Owl 4 months ago

    Didn’t this used to be hide and seek.

  • Ben Scarbro 4 months ago

    How many times did i play back 6:57? That reaction from Keke was great

  • Cool Girl 4 months ago

    The song was awesome amazing job/song

  • AStar 147 4 months ago

    lol pho Spooky Scary Skeleton

  • AStar 147 4 months ago

    funny for song lol

  • Phantom___27 4 months ago

    Pho loved this one! Especially the song XD cringy but good
    Edit: I was actually one of the first people but I had to click of the video because I had stuff to do today.
    So I watch rest now

  • TimmyPlayz 4 months ago

    450th like

  • Lucas Lutz 4 months ago

    Finally… he gets the murderer book!

  • Dylan Howarth 4 months ago

    Song is amazing but KEKE?!? I don’t understand at ALL?!?

  • Raging_Rocket - Minecraft 4 months ago

    PHO3, Keke is a Mrs.? (He said at the beginning) 😅

  • Shade4Wolf 4 months ago

    Was pho singing the song dan made like 4 years ago. I forgot about that.

  • SqualidBros TV 4 months ago

    Pho why aren’t you playing with Minigod951 anymore? Pls play with him you two are the best youtubers.

  • Jack Nolan 4 months ago

    Nice song

  • Toxic Kid 4 months ago

    At 9:20 You could sey kiki did try to kill him but chi faild

  • Mine fighter 4 months ago

    Wat a vid

  • Mustdash Nonasconinal Scones awaiting 4 months ago

    I HAS A QUESTION! Where are da fake deaths at?

  • Jackstone -Minecraft & More 4 months ago

    I saw a rat.

  • Ashlin 4 months ago


  • Abby McDonald 4 months ago

    OMG!!! Luv the faces, made me laugh so hard. LOL

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