• Lupe Garcia 1 week ago

    why aré you little carly

  • Little Kelly 1 week ago


  • Erika Collins 1 week ago

    Can u plzz make slime

  • Panda Journey 1 week ago

    Do movie characters 🐼

  • Denise Beltran 1 week ago

    How do you see little Kelly skin?????????????????!!!!!!!!

  • Bobby Spicer 1 week ago

    Do sponge bob theme pleaseee

  • Ryan Rafalke 1 week ago

    Same here Ava

  • Kylene Ysabelle Agcambert 1 week ago

    little kelly why are you not doing anymore ben ten videos

  • Jonard Cachila 1 week ago

    Hi little kelly why are you still not decorate your new castle

  • Jonard Cachila 1 week ago

    For the christmas

  • Little Karyna 1 week ago


  • Ana Urquidi 1 week ago

    Im mad at you carly why do you have to be on kelly channel 😠

  • Spidermanfan yesiam 1 week ago

    guess who royalty

  • Owen Horne 1 week ago


  • Seyatle Skits 1 week ago

    Can you do one with horror characters not just .exe

  • Lillie Kirkwood 1 week ago

    Why is thsi from carlys prospective

  • Roxy the Roblox Queen 1 week ago

    maybe next could be super heroes and villins

  • thedragon yeet 1 week ago

    I think you should do an emoji guess who. you da best.
    #LKARMAY I have no questions.

  • Fire_girl love 1 week ago

    Jaja muaje nga Latoya gulags

  • john alatzias 1 week ago

    Why you are little carly!!!????

  • Dred Enn 1 week ago

    its nearly always a no

  • Dred Enn 1 week ago

    add one about toy store remember those vids when your as toys do them

  • Ranjana Bhaguane 1 week ago


  • Ranjana Bhaguane 1 week ago

    Ok nope

  • Girly Gamer272 1 week ago

    A christmas one

  • Sophia Carlin 1 week ago

    Do a magical kingdom one guess who

  • robloxgamer 3000 1 week ago

    Do ropo .exe

  • Aimee Packer 1 week ago

    Little Kelly and little Carly won!!! Like if you agree!

  • Mask Salsa 1 week ago

    How come your content started good and went to poop 😡😡😡 I don’t usually hate on YouTubers but all you care about is the 💸💵💸💵

  • Person Likes Food 1 week ago

    Disney characters pls

  • Elina Butakova 1 week ago

    Thats fun guess who do it more

  • Elina Butakova 1 week ago

    Little kelly vs little carly
    Who will win sister vs sister

  • CactusZaz 1 week ago

    Can you do Disney Princesses?

  • little_ lilly23 1 week ago

    I get that since it’s supposed to be scary so they had it set to night but it was hard to see

  • Cool KitKat 1 week ago

    Little kelly and little Carly were just evil little kelly and Carly

  • Seren Burton 1 week ago

    Love this series

  • Brenda Ramirez 1 week ago

    More of Ben ten plssssss

  • Stephanie Speer 1 week ago

    For guess who you should do Minecraft toy store

  • Unicorn Girl 1 week ago


  • serenity tait 1 week ago

    I think u should do famous singers

  • Aja Colston 1 week ago

    Why does it say little kelly if it is little carly

  • Alejandra Pacheco 1 week ago

    How come we are looking at little Carly’s side of view

  • Brenda Stephenson 1 week ago

    I love guess who game

  • Kyan Kim 1 week ago

    Do mods at day time please

  • Estela Vázquez 1 week ago

    Do superhore.
    LOVE ya!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • dewi tan 1 week ago

    Sharky 1st one is bendy i not no plz it bendy

  • Madison Williams 6 days ago

    stop this is a kid chanle

  • Kianstar123 6 days ago


  • OakLeaf Vlogs&Gameplay 6 days ago

    maybe a guess who minevenger/superhero edition

  • hamburger lover43 6 days ago

    Guess the food

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