• captain awesome 5000 3 weeks ago

    please do freaktale!!

  • Withered 3 weeks ago

    … With the Alolan forms Green Steve is probably just an Alolan form of Steve

  • Madknee and ThePethyn 3 weeks ago

    Do you guys have any tips on how to git gud on Youtube? Me and my brother share this channel, and it used to be just my dads. (Also i need su-

  • riderd423 3 weeks ago

    Mega San

  • Justin Hype 3 weeks ago

    Ok you said Halloween was a week ago
    It was yesterday

  • Juany OBP 3 weeks ago

    Do whos ur daddy like if u agree

  • Derpthegodeturtleplayz 3 weeks ago

    I thought he was a jawa from star wars

  • GalaxiaWolf the Skeleton 3 weeks ago

    What about red steve

  • Coy Sebaatian 3 weeks ago

    At 0:19 what music is it?

  • Coolcat60335 3 weeks ago

    I love your guys videos you all ways make me happy when I’m down and make me laugh keep up your great work even when others say it’s stupid I just hope you know im all ways here for your channel

  • Genival Barros 3 weeks ago

    WHERE”S MEME HUNTERS?!?!?!?!?!

  • Kool Katness 3 weeks ago

    YEAH YEA YEAH REAL FIGHT THEY FOUGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Icerysky257 3 weeks ago

    Green steve VS Red steve

  • AmyLee_07 3 weeks ago

    Green Steve is a Caterpie

  • springtrap 3 weeks ago

    Why is entity 303 not wearing a white hood?

  • Jimmy Jr. Garcia 3 weeks ago

    12:49 that was a soul it came from the soul sand ? A Durr

  • Entity 303 3 weeks ago

    I’m finally recognized. BEWARE MY POWERS!!!!!!!!


    Edit: green Steve is definitely a third wheel

  • Melody Flynn 3 weeks ago

    Duuuuuuude what happened to meme hunters!?????????!?!?

  • Video game player 65 Stevens 3 weeks ago

    Hero brine is the bast

  • CChanthabandith 06052 3 weeks ago

    Jon did great as green Steve “green Steve?”

  • Green Mallard Association 3 weeks ago

    I feel like green Steve on so many levels.

  • pa ul 3 weeks ago

    Herobrine is old news

  • Oka A 3 weeks ago

    ><~Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

  • Lanny Ferry 3 weeks ago

    The Green Steve seed is the color code for green

  • Nanz4272 3 weeks ago


  • Nanz4272 3 weeks ago

    Bring him back bring sanesss he is my favorite

  • Phoenix Perez 3 weeks ago

    That sounds like a heavy metal song. Bears on fire!!!

  • MattPear MattErs 3 weeks ago

    you should wear gaster skin

  • Tameablewolf 3 weeks ago

    The fake horror minecraft characters are fighting

  • sansgamming 3 weeks ago

    hallowen was yesterday

  • Glitch_GaMeR Gaming 3 weeks ago

    Yo Corey! For your Undertale mini games have you done Deeper Down? If not please consider it. It’s a comic by a really cool person named Zeragii https://zeragii.deviantart.com please consider this.

  • Pokemon Fan 3 weeks ago

    Where’s red steve

  • Jaya Ram 3 weeks ago

    Ch3ck out my channel

  • name o 3 weeks ago

    Green Steve is not a seed its emerald

  • SansGirl 2016 3 weeks ago


  • Madias Studios 3 weeks ago

    Entity looks like those little things that collect stuff from star wars

  • Tanya Walsh 3 weeks ago

    Newscapepro do a minecraft pokemon roleplay series

  • Giuseppe Mauceri 3 weeks ago

    Why does entity 303 look like those star wars characters that were in episode 4 when luke gets the droids?

  • Chris Rombouts 3 weeks ago

    Search for red Steve or Null

  • Matt2801 2 weeks ago

    Herobrines the only real thing. Green Steve and entity 303 are just fanmade.

  • entity 303 is white [ note : ITS NOT RACEiST ]

  • Elephants Rule 2 weeks ago


  • Night Ling 2 weeks ago

    Nice day

  • Bryan Valle 2 weeks ago

    Do bendy vs Boris vs Alice

  • Bryan Valle 2 weeks ago

    Or do undertale vs bendy and the ink machine vs fnaf
    Vs creepy pasta vs cup head

  • Aaralyn Chow 2 weeks ago

    Where’s my other senpai? Null senpai where are u?!

  • Aaralyn Chow 2 weeks ago

    FUNNIEST FIGHT EVER. I was laughing😂

  • Morgan EA 2 weeks ago


  • Hey Phangirl! 2 weeks ago

    Hi I’m back!!😂I’m not even kidding I’ve been gone for months, I’m so sorry!!😂ahh. I’ll binge watch all of your videos, Ashlie’s, Nick’s, and Jon’s. Maybe Uni’s 😂💕💕

  • NinoStars The Weirdo 2 weeks ago

    999th like BRAHHH

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