• OpstheDog axd 4 months ago

    And what is a java world

  • Devin Deutschendorf 4 months ago


  • CharaTheAmazing_ Queen 4 months ago

    I love how green steves gamer tag is grreen steve. Just wow woooow. And i saw logdotzip flying too.

  • Tyler Wright 4 months ago

    This is so fake no offense but yeah cyclones and sharks videos were way more believable

  • Luca Playz 4 months ago

    so fake greensteves name was “GrreenSteve”at 7:21

  • Melissa Kiser 4 months ago

    Stop at 12:54 his name is green Steve!! he was name tagged by some one!?! how?

  • Ender Gamer 4 months ago

    OH NO ITS REAL 🤐😯😲

  • Drastic Blank 4 months ago

    Guys, this isn’t real. It’s meant to be a role play XD.

  • Rqqids XV 4 months ago

    Thinks it fake….cause green steve has a nametag… he should not have a nametag but i think its real

  • Minh Phan 4 months ago

    Emeralfish? Just change the resourpack.

  • TGregsMods 4 months ago

    I am selling PrestonPlayz’s account, 100% legit, don’t believe me, hit me up on KIK at TGregsModding!!! I have bidders starting at 40$ bidding ends on October 31st!! Hurry up and add me on KIK or Instagram at TGregs_Modding!!!

  • Final Fanasty 4 months ago

    lol hey just saying try making more of a background to the story and make the vid longer and more liek the haunted if u know what i mean

  • Its Jagged 4 months ago

    Has anyone else said this is fake yet…

  • youtube girl 4 months ago


  • Night Marexxb 4 months ago

    I think green Steve wife is green alex

  • Super_ Kittytwins 4 months ago

    This is just for fun don’t believe in this stuff and get scared in your worlds there is no such thing as green Steve or red Steve this is just for fun!

  • KRGEZ 4 months ago

    at 2:50  sheep and the pig are inside each other on the hill

  • Marco Medina 4 months ago


  • shutg60 gaming 4 months ago

    those r falling sand particles bud activated

  • MR. JERRY 4 months ago

    I’m not sure if green Steve is real or just staged but lol

  • Eric Handley 4 months ago

    Anyone else get jump-scared by the villager at 10:30 ?

  • faisol faisol 4 months ago

    Isnt this fake cuz green steve had its nametag on him?

  • IceFrosterz 4 months ago

    Preston don’t start growing a beard

  • Cheese Cookie 4 months ago

    They’re terrible at acting. 😂😂

  • Maddi Wood 4 months ago

    Knowing Youtubers Green Alex (Greensteves wife) will happen next

  • Vokier Da One 4 months ago

    So fake. Tyler is green Steve

  • TyeDyed_Chicken 4 months ago

    did anybody notice that green steve’s name tag said grreen steve 7:22

  • TyeDyed_Chicken 4 months ago

    R.I.P Betsy :,(

  • ThePuffleGaming 4 months ago

    Nice texture pack bro

  • JayDog 4 months ago

    10:46 Logdotzip flying

  • Austin Loo 4 months ago

    People teased him and now he haunts people.He said that he would haunt minecraft even if i cause to kill him.He create red steve too.

  • erl luriz 4 months ago

    I bought minecraft coins i bought vip+ on life boat bed wars and i got disconnected and then vip applied

  • emily rose 4 months ago

    Yes Green Steve does have a wife Green alex

  • erl luriz 4 months ago

    The sand particle was since 1.7

  • erl luriz 4 months ago

    The house is made out of emerald cause that villiger is rich

  • Louisa Parrick 4 months ago

    such a cool video preston omg

  • Nguyên Khoa Đoàn 4 months ago

    he had a pickaxe and look at you Preston

  • hero knight 4 months ago

    You have a texture pack that is way they are green the mobs

  • dabbingdaniel XD 4 months ago

    hey preston try red steve

  • THKen goGaming 4 months ago

    Fake or clickbait

  • Nass Hamon 4 months ago

    Yo preston I know how to kill green steve so what you do is you summon him by placing some netherrack then get tree green steve heads and some emerald blocks and with the heads and emerald blocks make a wither formation on top of the netherrack.

  • Anan Buck 4 months ago

    Help me PRESTON😣😣😣😣😣!!!!!!

  • cimi cumi cuma 4 months ago

    Preston do more green steve videos they are amazing!

  • Kys // Insan1ty 4 months ago

    “Broccoli attacks Hotshots”

  • Charles Steven Marfiga 4 months ago

    im using oppo so im fine but herobrine and entity 303 could still infect my own worldsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  • Chad Burlat 4 months ago

    The green steve how to kill him to steve

  • miguel frias 4 months ago

    preston my friend gamemode c thenkill G steve

  • miguel frias 4 months ago

    oh and try it with your other friends

  • AMuffin 4 months ago

    Does the Green Steve is a new Clickbait?

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