• BENNY THE GAMER 1 week ago

    That jump scar was slanderina

  • Nang Han Htwe 1 week ago

    You are soooooo stupid

  • Igor Franko Tasovac 1 week ago

    Keyin please Play SLENDER RINA it is a app
    To Keyin

  • destiny of yours 1 week ago

    Hey kindly keyin do you remember the teddy in granny you need to put the teddy to the baby bed in to the 3 floor end look the teddy and slendrena going showing to you

  • Nang Han Htwe 1 week ago

    It is prestonplays

  • ramia rumi 1 week ago

    hey this is not granny this is slendarina

  • Marnes Hinsbeeck 1 week ago

    can you play bo2 don’t worry you can pit the core off on carpian and minutilplayer

  • ZaxDac isweird 1 week ago

    I just love it when Keyin dies,then the sad music begins.xD lmao lol

  • ramia rumi 1 week ago

    i love your vedios

  • ZarinaOmg Penoliar 1 week ago

    You look like preston

  • Ryon Apostol 1 week ago

    The picture you picked up was slendrina ‘s mother

  • sim blox 1 week ago

    Ahhhh my head its on the floor wait how i am i still alive

  • sufian248 1 week ago

    in 1 day 29482 viewers

  • DanielPlayzYT 1 week ago

    400k subs woooo!

  • DanielPlayzYT 1 week ago

    replay please

  • Eric jefferson 1 week ago

    It is a hammer

  • FlamingSkull YT 1 week ago

    Pls show how to download mod on phone
    Or just downlod

  • minecraft 95 champ 1 week ago

    Granny is creepy in minecraft

  • kp1 sl 1 week ago

    He is in creative

  • Thepotatogiver 1 week ago

    do u use a nvidia shield tablet i have one to if so

  • Janine Starke 1 week ago

    PLAY slendrina

  • Amelia Smosna 1 week ago

    Plz trap the neighbor (however you spell that) in a box plz

  • ethan blake 1 week ago

    i subed and turned on notifcasons
    lol spelling

  • Juna Shollo 1 week ago

    Please try this granny minecraft map again cuse it was super fun

  • Juna Shollo 1 week ago

    And auctually try more granny rip off games

  • Stella Penney 1 week ago

    Slenderrina art and axe is hammer

  • Parker Risner 1 week ago

    That purple thing I said what was that gave me an ad

  • Ashli Shoemaker 1 week ago

    Thats cool 😎

  • Mario Stickers 1 week ago

    “This is surprisingly well done.” Sorry to break it to ya, but this really ISN’T good.

  • Dark Craft 1 week ago

    Was that you at universal studios with FUNnel vision?😵

  • Nate Stephens 1 week ago

    The girl with the long mouth is selendra

  • Veishih Teng 1 week ago

    AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That scared me!

  • Hazel Jabay 1 week ago

    me too

  • JJ Many Bears 1 week ago

    You’re on Creative not survival

  • Moghees Ahmed 1 week ago

    Keyin, That person that scared you in the beginning her name is slenderina Granny’s daughter

  • Ozny Medina 1 week ago

    hi kindly keyin im a really big big fan

  • Werty 21211 1 week ago

    Keyin in reg granny u can go outside bring vase and go in that little hole in the shed drop the vase on the edge and u follow her to the right corner and u go inside her and when that happens u stand up and there will be a HELP sign on the top

  • Ayinde Ajanku 1 week ago

    That was senderina who popped up in the beginning of the video

  • AG Gaming 1 week ago

    Who ever jump scare do you doubt slender arena she is granny’s daughter that’s the other game they made

  • carolina romero 1 week ago

    it says on top of the object are u blind

  • FAN TDM AKA D D-DAWG 1 week ago

    You weren’t in survival mode

  • CJ THE GAMEPLAY 1 week ago

    Can you play slendrina and I also found a funny granny glitch and I posted a video of it

  • Sheepdip66 1 week ago


  • Kyle The cool gamer 1 week ago

    Hey today at my nan I found a new glitch

  • Courage * 1 week ago


  • rey alao 1 week ago

    you were cheating, remember minecraft mobs doesn’t attack creative players

  • Mitch Partridge 1 week ago

    the thing that scared you is slenderrina

  • Joe Becton 1 week ago


  • Amber Fiona03 .G 1 week ago


  • Joana Moana 1 week ago

    New subscriber✌✌✌✌

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