• levi ackerman 1 month ago

    Why are they doing a Freddy vid in the main channel?

  • EnderLord Gaming 1 month ago

    Gallant sent me

  • Dominick Dog 1 month ago

    Why are you talking over the channel

  • The golden bear 224432 1 month ago

    I just noticed that I was eating chicken

  • Frank Huch 1 month ago

    You did

  • funtime freddy x funtime foxy 1 month ago

    Now freddy now who baby??

  • Rico Bxndz 1 month ago


  • Cris Alvarez 1 month ago

    Gallant sent me

  • Cris Alvarez 1 month ago


  • Kylagames 101 1 month ago

    Isn’t golden Freddy’s soul a female

  • Andis Polis 1 month ago

    make a vidio how u puted a sholker box whit kaka and 1 note what will sey its me foxy ay hope u like it and will u go on a date

  • robloxmasterplayz123x2 1 month ago


  • mlg games 1 month ago

    Where foxy

  • Black Hole Dragon Tamer 1 month ago

    For everyone complaining about Freddy

    This isn’t called the Foxy channel,its the minecraft five nights at Freddy’s,where its based around everyone

  • Karma Johnson 1 month ago

    What if pupti was a funtime

  • Lucas Andrew 1 month ago


  • springbonnie_300 xxx 1 month ago

    Golden Freddy sounds like foxy

  • Curtis William 1 month ago

    Fix the elevator

  • Brian Cool 1 month ago

    Where is foxy

  • Galaxy 1 month ago

    Yep now Freddy

  • Zach Attack 1 month ago

    Omg nobaty yuses thar Chanel animor

  • MINI LOGANG COMICS 1 month ago

    Robby then Puppet then Bonnie Then Freddy Who’s next Bonbon

  • oscar davis 1 month ago

    geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet dunked on!

  • Random Vidz of 11's 1 month ago

    Now freddy take over this is too much

  • The gaming Gauntlet 1 month ago

    Why is Freddy on foxy’s channel

  • rocky pastslinger 1 month ago

    So thats his plan!

  • gaming with srt8arrow and fun!!! 1 month ago

    People stop taking over foxy channel you already have a channle

  • shera thomas 1 month ago

    Make a vid that puppet does a test that prove s foxy is a boy and he is

  • Baby ShockTrooper21 - ROBLOX, Minecraft and MORE 1 month ago

    Funtime Freddy is doing the video? Why Funtime Freddy? Why not Funtime Foxy? TELL ME PLEASE!!!! PLEASE TELL ME WHY!!!!! WHY?

  • Comet Star 1 month ago

    Foxy… Why are the others Stealing Your Channel???? 🦊

  • TehElectricBlueberrySpartan Blue-WolfBat Maker 1 month ago

    Funtime Freddy Accidentally put video on this channel

  • mason miller 1 month ago

    Freddy and Bonnie are taking over the main channel.Why?

  • Blaze Martin 1 month ago

    Bring foxy back now!!!plz

  • Salih Keles 1 month ago

    O no

  • Peyton Nelson 1 month ago

    fredey liyt poppots room on fiyer

  • rach k 1 month ago

    Why are they videos that look like they should be on the others channels like Freddy puppet and Bonnie

  • Jose Marrero 1 month ago

    This is foxys channel

  • Ms. Jami 1 month ago

    what happened to foxy?????

  • KoKoThePanda 1 month ago

    [First law: taking over foxys channel]

  • Brandon Torres 1 month ago

    There’s no dog

  • Poprock Penguin 1 month ago

    It’s on foxys account

  • Selena Marin 1 month ago

    Kill golden Freddy

  • PlayField Inc 1 month ago


  • Snake 7 flipping and random with g 1 month ago

    I thought golden freddy was in the secret base

  • Rush O'hara 1 month ago

    Plz foxy back!!!

  • Kaitlyn Leon 1 month ago

    Oh no not golden Freddie 😣

  • Samantha Pinckney 1 month ago

    I like goldin Freddy

  • Jen Schares 1 month ago

    you steel unf frum foxy you dont need to steel his channel. ):<

  • Tionne King 1 month ago


  • Circvs baby 1 month ago


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