• LuckyGamerPG 1 week ago

    stop doing vids with dasha cause she only cheats

  • Manavjit Singh Dhaliwal 1 week ago

    I just finished my exams Jerry

  • Gamer1o6 1 week ago

    Kill their horses

  • jelly fan 1 week ago

    Hey Jerome btd 6 comes out on June 14,2018

  • London the wise london the best 1 week ago

    Age of empires

  • Ronnie Ramiro 1 week ago

    #unsubscribe from ben

  • The Wite Pheonix 1 week ago

    Good byeeewadwcaerw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • xatex1000 1 week ago

    for everyone saying to buy the hay bales. Jerome did not do it because he did not want to cheat

  • Razor Blade 1 week ago

    Ben, i have a easy solution change the emc value of wheat to the same as 8 diamonds, then it makes it almost impossible

  • Ew Gross Weird 1 week ago


  • Funky Monkey 1 week ago

    Do Pokémon quest and dragon ball xernivers 2 pls

  • SpikeyD23 & Harls703 1 week ago


  • Unfair Patrick 1 week ago

    I had my volume up loud and woke everybody up.

  • Tazer 1 week ago

    Daisha is not a cheater guys . she didnt know it was out of the rules . It was fun for jerome .

  • Ahmed Thoha 1 week ago

    Dasha go 0.000000000001 emc

  • Edmundo Atanacio 1 week ago


  • Junaid Ahmad 1 week ago

    Stop playing with Dasha please she cheats all the time

  • Homer Garcia 1 week ago


  • Mystery123 Mystery 1 week ago

    Do another loot bag battle dome like if you want to to

  • Indrek Avaste 1 week ago

    Dasha always ruins these minigames and im so angry about it

  • Thunder Night 1 week ago


  • lukas palsson 1 week ago

    Well I’m getting a horse

  • Andrea & John Valdes 1 week ago

    Horses eat hay

  • steven cortes 1 week ago

    She can’t ever play a fair game it’s not fun to watch when she does nothing but cheat

  • Dt playz 1 week ago


  • Mega1137 Gamez 1 week ago

    Idea: Blade or Ben could use
    /projecte setEMC (it sets the emc of the item in your hand you could set it to the equivalent of four diamonds = 32,768 for one wheat {totally fair too})

  • RSF Games 1 week ago

    Its not fun if som1 cheets

  • EpicCamoKid Kevin 1 week ago

    why do 20 year olds whatch this chanel ( not hating im a massive fan but srsly)

  • Cian Feeney 1 week ago

    You ruined the game it’s not even funny, sorry Jerome but this is a waste of time disliking the video

  • Cian Feeney 1 week ago

    Since your Dasha’s boss don’t give her weekly wage😂😂

  • Lex Bray 1 week ago

    I. cant. stand. dasha. She ruins every stream.

  • Sky Storm 1 week ago

    Horses eat the wheat and poop out diamonds xD
    I love it!

  • DoeEyez 1 week ago

    Finally got an account to sub with, been loving your content and what a welcoming community you and your team have made, you’re not known for reading your comments but I’m still here for moral support 😀 . At long last got off my butt and made a YT account and you were one of the first I subbed to <3 <3 <3 Keep up the AMAZING work all of you! 😀 (Read more for amazing comment)

    Oh helloooo there! I'm the AMAZING comment merchant 😉

  • Andrew Hetherington 1 week ago

    Wait can’t you just buy 1 wheat then put it in the table and get stacks?

  • Brandon clark 1 week ago

    Ban Dasha for cheating

  • Shane Scarlett 1 week ago

    woulden’t pooping diamonds hurt?

  • Crafting Dj 1 week ago

    Haybaels costed 4 diamonds and they give 9 wheat in a crafting table

  • chazman13309 1 week ago

    Dasha does not cheat

  • kktjty 1 week ago

    I’m playing fortnite all summer and watching the streams

  • Jackson Smethie 1 week ago

    play age of empires

  • vinnie k 1 week ago

    Thank daisha for ruining a great game Andrei’s episode

  • Nino Randazzo 1 week ago

    haybale in emc table

  • tanda roblox and more 1 week ago


  • Radioactive Demon 1 week ago

    Tell Ben to make a rule that next person to cheat gets banned for the rest of the round.

  • Andrew Slack 1 week ago

    I thought they poop out weapons like in borderlands 2

  • Amir Rodriguez 1 week ago

    Dasha stop cheating

  • alice iomi 1 week ago

    ben is on fire with these mods

  • dragon breath vlogs 1 week ago

    Get preston to do this with you

  • Whitewolf33 1 week ago

    Jerome buy the hay bales for 4 diamonds then you un craft it and it makes 9 wheat

  • Declan West 1 week ago

    I remember this chanal it’s dead now

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