Today we play Mad Pack and go to the Deep Dark!


  • Morty Smith C-138 5 months ago

    Oh no they killed kehaan , you bastards

  • DaXarster Thebeast 5 months ago

    Battle mega Charizard in pixelmon so you can mega evolve if Charizard

  • Jessie Osborne 5 months ago

    Do a battle dome

  • InsAniTyProductions 5 months ago

    5:58 Honey, who stole my pants?

  • Jymere Seabrooks 5 months ago

    I remember that saying from the “IT” ad 😂

  • Hoggan Pipler 5 months ago

    When did Steve start the desbazito Thing

  • Todriew Omega 5 months ago

    About 28:10 what is this stone house whose is it
    Me: tewitys because of hurricane Irma

  • Triggered Omastar 5 months ago

    It’s funny because only some of us really know who kehaan is… MWAHAHAHAHAHAHHA

  • ValravnGaming 5 months ago

    Nice video!

  • Kyle Le 5 months ago

    Eat the churns carpra meat it gives you regen

  • TheBraveGamer - Welcome To The Channel! 5 months ago

    How are you not tired of this game jesus.

  • AnimeSpirits 5 months ago

    Your channel is dead,stop

  • egax play 5 months ago

    Kehan is sundee friend,making map and lucky Blick and game for sundde

  • Shwy 123 5 months ago


  • Jeninne Lilley 5 months ago

    Worst one yet ;•;

  • Mr.gnarly J Q 5 months ago

    Make notch apples for insane regen

  • dhdjdkdj ddh 5 months ago

    Ah !Don’t said hunted house a man in Hong Kong ocean park’s hunted house died

  • Porygon -Z 5 months ago

    Help set me free by smashing that like button on this post#free Porygon-z

  • Joe Nunez 5 months ago


  • 2kRaria Player 5 months ago

    How the heck kehaan glt uo here lol

  • Crated 5 months ago

    I’m looking into the scholarships stuff

  • Henry Bui 5 months ago

    Wither: 1426 HP
    Scarlet Lobber: 1400

    But yet they kill the wither (has more health) but not the lobber!!


  • Kate S 5 months ago

    Is anyone gonna tell him its a wendigo not a wendingo?

  • ##Fred BEAR ##BRAZIL## 5 months ago

    When is Alex coming back plz he is best at alt dis bra

  • gamer123 _vloger 5 months ago

    What happened to alex

  • Richie Lacey 5 months ago

    Jerome you own pixelmon server tell dasha not to go please and don’t false her to go she really up set and about to cry who is that evil to do this to dasha and you never read this show love and support to dasha and don’t let a lovely person to subscribe to dasha and jerome

  • Ardi Ardoslavijan 5 months ago

    Do voids wrath modpack

  • Jayck Potter 5 months ago

    Jerome did u kick dasha off the pixelmon sever

  • Jonathan Diaz 5 months ago

    Jerome there is a boss in the deep dark that looks really cool. Can you try to beat it? Petezahhutt did a video on it a while back. He also did a madpack series.

  • Herbie Charles Brown 5 months ago


  • Herbie Charles Brown 5 months ago


  • JDswag 234 5 months ago

    We’re is Jurassic park Sid gizzie gazzy

  • ZaparDapar Gaming 5 months ago

    Help get them to 10 thousand likes so they get 10 more lives

  • Melissa Begley 5 months ago


  • Greenday 2464 5 months ago

    Jerome can you build a obsidian wall fence with a ceiling of obsidian

  • Greenday 2464 5 months ago

    Out side of your base

  • Killerboss/ Memeington 5 months ago

    U know when bean said they say gamers have some of the fastest reflexes ever they mean fps gamers like csgo or call of duty tsk tsk tsk on u bean weeny I want a hot dog rn 😕😕😕

  • Cute Shaymin 5 months ago

    ben should’ve said SNOWreaver

  • ShadowScreamer55 5 months ago

    I can’t wait for the next episode!!

  • The redstone sith 5 months ago

    Despacito means slowly

  • Nate Beast 5 months ago

    Awwwww… only 2k likes… 😭😭😭

  • Quantum cacodemon 5 months ago

    This had more than 2k likes yesterday…

  • Daniel Damasco 5 months ago

    Now hold on, what are these numbers? 2k likes?? That’s it?

  • Minecrafts Crafters101 5 months ago

    What is this?
    Just because theres a pokemon series does not mean we can have some MadPack i mean 2K LIKES ONLY

  • Cougar emag 5 months ago

    What happen to Alex

  • HungryWolfer 3 5 months ago

    Ummm like the vid guys wtf just 2k likes jeez

  • Vince Teng 5 months ago

    Like the video please! I want more of mad pack!!~

  • Damian Vallejo 5 months ago

    Only 3k likes

  • Phoenix MC 5 months ago

    Find the difference {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{({{{{{{{{{{{{

  • Jerry 5 months ago

    Is anyone triggered that he passed a frost Weaver thingy and tped to Ben 😭😭😭

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