• LittleLizardGaming - Minecraft Mods! 1 month ago

    Remember to leave your ideas in the comments and leave a like if you enjoy the series 🙂

  • Glen Schutt 1 month ago

    kill bendy plz

  • Shannon Larson 1 month ago


  • Shannon Larson 1 month ago

    a life poshon on you

  • lester trough 1 month ago

    Please pick me I’m new two your channel please please please please pick me ☺☺☺☺

  • Fatima Mubarak 1 month ago


  • Donna Miller 1 month ago

    Kill the Mouse

  • lester trough 1 month ago

    The mouse should come out then the toys kill it and have a big separation party

  • lester trough 1 month ago

    My name is lester trough

  • John Savol 1 month ago

    wake up emmit and you

  • Little Molly - Vlogs and Roblox 1 month ago

    go down stairs to explore the house more of what to expect, LOVE THE SERIES!!!

  • Otter little Oscar 1 month ago


  • Issac Lopez 1 month ago

    in the next video the neighbor fights with bendy

  • Lorraine Braxton 1 month ago

    how about ark

  • Juan Ortiz 1 month ago


  • Khristie Williams 1 month ago

    Make Pokemon

  • Curtis Geiger 1 month ago

    Can.I have your phone number please and I also leave a comment which is in the little lizard tiny turtle turn up the dog and little Kelly and tiny turtle can go in the Power Rangers please

  • Dale Brown 1 month ago

    you make the best videos:)

  • Karen West Coast Music 1 month ago

    my name is paw and I love your vids and you are the best

  • Dale Brown 1 month ago

    i’m 9 i don’t have tiwwiter our intergram

  • Eleanor Davis 1 month ago

    use it on iornman

  • Readyshot23 and Kyli72708 1 month ago

    Make they Freddy and friends become the leader of over the toy and out to kill you and you need to take down Freddy and his freinds

  • Debrina Edgington 1 month ago

    Maby bring the mineavengers

  • Linda LaBelle 1 month ago

    HOW! do I win one

  • Alexis Forsten 1 month ago

    Hey I think you could have a dragon layer

  • Jrthe minecrafter 1 month ago

    Jaws should be in the water and eat the rat

  • Alexis Forsten 1 month ago

    Go in the kitchen

  • Jackson Sinks 1 month ago

    I want chica

  • 사랑해이태민 1 month ago

    it is sooo great tinyturtle or little lizard

  • Minecraft Rulers 1 month ago

    TinyTurtle get all the toys and weapons vehicles and attach the mouse and defeat it once and for all if you agree

  • CTD gang 1 month ago

    you should do power rangers

  • Florine Elimio 1 month ago

    I subscribe

  • Steven Gounaris 1 month ago

    make a bendy suit and pretend to be him

  • Hernan Pérez 1 month ago

    Tiny turttle when the scientest gives you a come a life potion you can put it on all your toys and tell the them to help you .so you can tell Freddy and his friends to help you and you can tell Spider-Man and bat man so that my is my idea.

  • Mario Juarez 1 month ago

    you should build a house if u shrink again,7308 poket rd

  • Devan Ewald 1 month ago

    wake up wonderwoman or your old toys and my instagram is devanewald4

  • Devan Ewald 1 month ago

    or put 3 potions on your TV and bed and your cars

  • Gaming Tuxedo 1 month ago

    Make bendy real and kill him

  • Odin Gamer21 1 month ago

    Make A Christmas episode where your mom gets you a giant circus baby

  • Jake Braithwaite 1 month ago

    I think you should blow up the chubacobra

  • Jamie WICKES 1 month ago

    Ask little lizard to come over and ask the sintent to shrink him for a prank

  • Jamie WICKES 1 month ago

    And play with him

  • ziannamc 1 month ago

    Hello neighbour in the little series this is my mums fasebook

  • rj Tucay 1 month ago


  • amaya baker 1 month ago

    play more Minecraft with five nights at Freddy pls

  • Deon Smith 1 month ago

    Deoné 22 😊😘😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🦊🐢

  • Aaron the gamer 91 1 month ago

    Freddy turns on you istugram aaronthegamer91

  • Darren Emerson 1 month ago

    Become spies and spy on bendy

  • Connor Kilgour 1 month ago

    I love the foxy little lizard can you give away the foxy please?

  • Marivie Banares 1 month ago

    your channel is cool can you du more of little minecraft please

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