• Steven John 3 weeks ago

    I love when you play Minecraft keep up the great work

  • Simoran Simo 3 weeks ago

    Do a video of dbz rage Roblox it’s relly fun I’m up to godf

  • Kyle De Gamer 2 weeks ago

    Simas gamer your voice is so cut I like your channels make more like
    this your the best Simas gamer and Sg gamers dad to you guys are the best

  • Rehannah Jussab 2 weeks ago


  • Laura Santostefano 2 weeks ago

    Donald awesooooooome

  • Marites Albay 2 weeks ago


  • Marites Albay 2 weeks ago

    More Minecraft

  • Tamara Hall 2 weeks ago

    yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy lgrtjyntiekhtirdusiuewrktykutorjihud,.ylu;’

  • Marites Albay 2 weeks ago

    Cose I love Minecraft

  • Bryan Ng 2 weeks ago

    drink milk went you are poison

  • THE GLAM LIFE 2 weeks ago

    Blox4fun I made a Dance move I call it the blox4fun your own

  • TOMY Trackmaster James 2 weeks ago

    Hey i like your videos , Plus I like your minecraft and roblox videos , Keep up the Hard work Blox4fun!

  • tGalDBoyMAgic SHeldON 2 weeks ago

    Hi Blox4Fun

  • Romena Tasi 2 weeks ago

    U know how to make infinite water source just make a hold 2×2 n then put 2 water in that hole n taaadddaaa if u take a water using the bucket the infinite water source still going

  • Joshua Goslyn 2 weeks ago

    You could of stayed there its more nicer

  • Rebecca Withers 2 weeks ago

    He hit his dog at the start

  • Destanee Mckinney 2 weeks ago

    Nice and it’s a cave

  • lego anmaitons and more 2 weeks ago


  • blox 4 fun 2 weeks ago

    roblox plsssssssssssss

  • william Taylor 2 weeks ago

    No offence you’re son is such squeaker and is very annoying no joke it hurts my ears

  • Musawer Fatah 2 weeks ago

    Do more roblox warfare tycoon please

  • Um Noor Family 2 weeks ago

    انجي ابو ضرطة

  • Phillip Snyder 2 weeks ago

    your vids are empic

  • Lorena Breaux 2 weeks ago

    Hi its demon darkness from roblox

  • Philip Dinh 2 weeks ago

    why your house is differrent

  • Zoei Casas 2 weeks ago

    Wheres ur brother ?

  • Pro Nathan Williamson 2 weeks ago

    70th comment

  • Minecraft Multiplayer 2 weeks ago

    Hello please add me in your minecraft survival mode name Wearing statue 47

  • Kam T 2 weeks ago

    You should PS4.

  • Lorena Breaux 2 weeks ago

    I sub

  • Ashley Bell 2 weeks ago

    i love your videos I Watch them every day

  • Herobrine gaming 294 2 weeks ago

    It threw it at you (dumbo)

  • Selvaraj Selvaraj 2 weeks ago

    Can you make minecraft more seen

  • Selvaraj Selvaraj 2 weeks ago

    And happy new year

  • YouTube Zay 2 weeks ago

    Can you friend me in mincraft

  • Spencer Sheppard 2 weeks ago

    There not called duongens there called caves

  • Zbigs Plays 2 weeks ago


  • Marcosgut Lopez 2 weeks ago

    Nice nice Minecraft store Could you teach me that one d day Emanuel says

  • TheKingSlayer 96 1 week ago

    I’m so sorry 😐

  • Simran Luckoo 1 week ago

    not minquaft its minecraft

  • Abas Abasهثههه 1 week ago


  • Mr.Banana Crepe 1 week ago

    I like your intro song

  • Jaysen Vokes 1 week ago

    You need to add episodes like episode one

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