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  • Julie Beth 3 months ago

    You and korie are soooo funny. This was my first stream I caught. It was really funny when the whole chat started speaking German 😂😂 Happy New Years 💜💙💜💙

  • Rodger G 3 months ago

    I miss facecam

  • Richard Verk 3 months ago

    ITS 2018 owowowowowoowowowowowowowoowowowowow

  • BiGRiG33 3 months ago

    Kenny I think you treat your girlfriend like a dick!

  • xdeaglex 3 months ago

    Kenny u the best YouTuber

  • Shannon 3 months ago

    $500 dollas, $500 dollas!! I remember bubble boy Kori! Lol

  • Amanda L. 3 months ago

    Happy New Years everybody! 💕😊💫

  • Shannon 3 months ago

    Yah when are you going to pop the ? Kenny?? After 9 years by law you’re married. You know that right? So just prepare for your 9 year anniversary?
    You two are perfect ♡

  • PromoteThisNow 3 months ago

    hello plzz can help my with subscibers i😣plzz

  • D3ADLYW3APON 3 months ago

    2 bad words

  • Jeffinq 3 months ago


  • TheElectroSantosGaming 790 3 months ago

    Does that 500 mean your road to 500k subs or what?

  • FoxyMacadoo N 3 months ago

    Happy New Year!

  • Dark Beast231 3 months ago

    Weirdest couples

  • Kevin_ Miranda_1001 3 months ago

    Who watched this in 2017! LOL

  • Zeb Hussain 3 months ago

    kenny love ur content keep up the good work

  • Pittsburqh Penquins 3 months ago


  • preety singla 3 months ago

    RIP 2017 is dead☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️

  • Circlistun - Minecraft 3 months ago

    If the thumbnail is correct, she is really pretty and you are a REALLY lucky guy Kenny my dude.

  • ImmortalWolf52 3 months ago

    Wow korie and raf now theres no adds on this video/late stream. Now how are u guys dupposed to make money. lol XD I only joke

  • ElitePaper 3 months ago

    Danke Raffe.

  • Michael Parliament 3 months ago

    Finally some women in this series it was a sausage fest for like 3 years

  • Sour Patch 3 months ago

    Pete did it I think

  • Cathy Vance 3 months ago

    Happy new year peoples

  • Cathy Vance 3 months ago

    Korie dropped the a word

  • Cathy Vance 3 months ago

    I love it when korie TRIES to rap while Kenny just yells at the dog.

  • PinoyGirl Gamer 3 months ago

    Make A Channel For Your GirlFreind

  • CryoPotato 3 months ago

    Is that korie in the thumbnail?

  • Jacob Litaker 3 months ago

    Kenny. You are such a nerd. Lol honestly same. Love ya bro

  • TOMMY 40 3 months ago

    Make a auto brewer

  • JACK HOWWLER 3 months ago

    Is that korie in the thumbnail. Cuz I’ve seen korie before.

  • Smokie Bear 3 months ago

    I watched this during two years

  • Frost Daye's 3 months ago

    Happy new year

  • Angella Gaming 3 months ago

    If the tumbnail is real, Kenny help me tell her she is beautiful and you are lucky to have her
    And you guys are cute together

  • Retard Jake 3 months ago

    I learnt German in year 7

  • Retard Jake 3 months ago

    KEN u could prob dispense a helmet on to u cuz that’s how they got the pumpkin on ur head

  • Epic Brine 3 months ago


  • Killer Zekster 3 months ago

    My dad owns Dream

  • New Games Dicovery and Gaming 3 months ago

    The only other way if for the durability to run out😂😂😂

  • Vqtex 3 months ago

    She cute

  • Elite Colours 3 months ago

    What is that texture pack

  • Joseph P 3 months ago

    999th like

  • Joseph P 3 months ago

    wow its 2018 and this video is still getting views/likes

  • Alfredo Sanchez 3 months ago

    Screams like a Maniac 500 dollars!!!!!!! 500 dollars!!!!!! 500 dollars!!!!!

  • kingshark7 3 months ago

    *dog barks*

    Kenny: STOP!!!! XD

  • helmet boy280 3 months ago

    Girlfriend I hate white kennys white take a hint

  • Joaquin Jr Borges 3 months ago

    Kenny how long have you and Corie been dating? Great vid btw

  • ThyCactus King 3 months ago

    Mr.Buttlicker our prices have never been lower

  • chillydog72214 3 months ago

    Kenny pulling some quality puss

  • Caleb Butcher 3 months ago

    KENNY YOU MONSTER!!!!! You brought up the idea and you shot the bow so its just as much your fault as it is Kories you JERKS!!!!! Laake took 1 hour to find them and you murdered them in cold blood in his house which is even worse. And he’s really salty about it now.

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