• SpartanArtz 6 months ago

    MY 20K INTRO CREATED BY – https://youtu.be/13xud_Jd6S4
    Hope you enjoy V2 of this top! I’ll be releasing V3 soon depending on how this video does! 😀

  • Prime Tv 6 months ago


  • Name 2 Long 6 months ago

    the true winner is no one all of this cringe these kids are trying to be “COOL”

  • Smash Bot 6 months ago

    What if i said that there are all idiotic and pointless?

  • eges61 6 months ago

    Why kill everyone this problem

  • Shadow Playz 6 months ago

    Genders are not fair. Girls can hit us in real life while we can get arrested for hitting a girl. Oh nvm. Its fair since they dont stand a chance against us in games

  • alex rodriguez 6 months ago

    The dabs are so stingy wow

  • Souldrion OP 6 months ago

    90% is only boy intro:(

  • Manuel Ferrer 6 months ago

    muy bueno

  • picocode 6 months ago

    This is sooo overedit if you think the same, like this comment!

  • Dereon Burnley 6 months ago

    Why are girls killing boys but no boys killings girls girls rlly think they the stuff

  • Fox Craft33 6 months ago

    In all the girls intros all they do is kill a bunch of boys

  • Pondaz 6 months ago

    i think there should be one where they run into pvp then get destroyed and it zooms in on their dead body with the text and all that stuff xD

  • Bart jeff 6 months ago

    I don’t think kicking heads off is scientifically possible (encount did it.)

  • cola can maker 6 months ago

    I like them both

  • foxy gaming 6 months ago

    I think boys win lol

  • Matheus Baldo 6 months ago

    Boy win

  • Grant Power! 6 months ago

    Why do girls hate boys?I think they’re all equal.nobody should kill genders different then them.

  • ben barrage 6 months ago

    Ty so much I have cancer now…

  • PokeEeveePika Roblox And More! 6 months ago


  • Slash YT 6 months ago

    The only thing I like on some of these shitty intros is the text animation and sync ;-;

  • Pitch 6 months ago

    I liked the first one.. No vomit-producing camera earthquake, and no cancerous teenager music.

  • InconclusiveBOILOL InconclusiveBOILOL 6 months ago

    Duh boys win

  • Maik Gamer 6 months ago

    Uau ❤️

  • Gaming Conditions 6 months ago

    A Minecraft dab or bottle flip intro popped up in a feed
    Boy/Girl: WOW That is soooo cool!!!

    A Minecraft dab or bottle flip popped up in a feed.
    *Gets a Message*
    Message: Your video has been taken down for too much cringe

  • Mk Dragon 2's other YT 6 months ago

    All of these intros would give someone a seizure. So that means Minecraft on YouTube should be dead

  • SupahSmashedPotato26 6 months ago

    girls intros are too feminist-y

  • Vasudha Hallan 6 months ago

    she killed captain americaaaaaaaa!!!

  • Mintxr 6 months ago

    You’re thumbnails are getting worst by the minute.

  • theslayerguy2 6 months ago

    Cringe dab waening lmao

  • Five HD Offical 6 months ago

    Why spartan :/

  • Aldonna Metz 6 months ago

    i sub to anyone who says that boys are better

  • FreezingPoint 6 months ago

    Ur making subs and money off other intro makers works.. Without crediting them..

  • Pablo Gomes Oliveira 6 months ago

    Pandadoesstuff is the only guy who knows also you can not have shotguns and you can not put an ender pearl on a fucking iron sword

  • Pablo Gomes Oliveira 6 months ago

    Cake fzeere if they are cool then i am a pretty princess ( i am a doi ) (÷

  • Pablo Gomes Oliveira 6 months ago

    Also totaly notnoob thug life and also girls do because “they are cool”

  • Pablo Gomes Oliveira 6 months ago

    Also sause you are right

  • Gilbert Espinoza 6 months ago

    Why is it that guys kill guys and girls kills guys. We should kill the girls. But I say tie

  • Staci DeLucia 6 months ago

    Anne games part 2
    You get em Anne!!

  • White Tiger Games 6 months ago

    It’s tie

  • ItzBuddyRobertson 6 months ago

    Boys=dabbing or violence
    Girls=killing boys cuz they think that’s “cool”

  • Kysuo 6 months ago

    *Girls cant fight for shit. They can’t even fight like they do in their intros*

  • XTops TV 6 months ago

    Me puedes hacer una intro de clash of clans Con el nombre de ( Den65 CoC ) porfa y te ago promo

  • poike smith 6 months ago

    I LOVE THAT GIRL WHO WAS LIKE HEY BOYS…………YOU! (pulls out a gun and goes mad and shoots them all)

  • poike smith 6 months ago

    btw too many boys not much girls it wasnt fair srry but im not subscribing

  • Nesha Aurellia 6 months ago

    ai lov kill lar girl

  • Nesha Aurellia 6 months ago


  • Both suck…..there is no point for a versus

  • Nesha Aurellia 6 months ago

    ai lov det girl 3😃😀(●´з`)♡

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