• LoganDoesGames2017 8 months ago


  • Leonardo Ramirez 8 months ago

    Preston is better than you it’s the truth I know I will get lots of hates but I can take it and Preston has more subs and like on his channels so yeah 😝😋😛

  • FrostFlame Gaming 8 months ago

    I got here after the stream finished

  • Ashton Morgan 8 months ago


  • Peter Koulouris 8 months ago

    LandonMC Diss Track

    Yo, the Landon ARMY is weak.
    You cannot beat the pug,
    Because he is a thug.

    This pug has the skills,
    and he will pay the bills.

    Pug Pug Pug,
    Yes you hear me,
    Go sub to that pug.

  • James Lloyd 8 months ago

    is Vurb English like me? not American

  • GamerGirl 662 8 months ago

    He said tbnr thats Prestons thing sooooo

  • TalonPLAYZ - pixel gun 8 months ago

    #LANDON ARMY!!! Also I subbed two years ago.

  • TheElf19 8 months ago

    600k SUBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • joby gaming 8 months ago

    #blessed eating eggs and toast for the 1 and half hour grind

  • King Keaton 8 months ago

    I think the did track I s on preston

  • King Keaton 8 months ago

    #landons army

  • King Keaton 8 months ago


  • minecraft baller 465 8 months ago

    its gonna be on tbnrkenworth

  • Trent Bell 8 months ago


  • Shanyu k 8 months ago

    Your plants moving

  • Soccer Madness 8 months ago

    Its prop Preston

  • ☯ 1CreepEtheMaN1x ツ 8 months ago

    I want to see the diss track be on PewDiePie but i think its going to be preston

  • lilbabylos 8 months ago


  • Renee Campbell 8 months ago


  • Ninjaman7712 8 months ago

    its preston


    I watched all the Livestreams as a video!!!


    I think the diss track is for Preston playz if u agree like

  • Kyan Santiago 8 months ago

    def preston

  • NoHaxJustIlan 8 months ago

    he is making a diss track on pewdiepie

  • Arthur Herbon 8 months ago

    Ya Preston on the distract on the pug a dude say do a diastrack on Preston

  • Cayden Bernal 8 months ago

    Preston or max

  • DDgolem LT 8 months ago

    My MCPE account is my Xbox account Avzrule

  • david lancheros 8 months ago


  • Best Of 8 months ago


  • Anup Patel 8 months ago

    ALERT ALERT CRINGE AT 42:28!!! Jk love you Landon!

  • blackdragon1007 shadow 8 months ago

    vurb so bad under pressure

  • Edgar Flores Martínez 8 months ago

    It preston

  • Tabitha Saint Georges 8 months ago

    Omg I can’t with verb and Landon anymore there so funny 😂

  • Kyler Playz 8 months ago

    I am

  • Kyler Playz 8 months ago

    Why Preston

  • Shadow Ninja 8 months ago

    u got further then jerome and his squad they made it to wave 18 sooooo


  • Jamie Noplis 8 months ago


  • Jamie Noplis 8 months ago

    landon uses reach hacks

  • MC pro 8 months ago

    maxk that’s who he’s going to drop a diss track on look him up he dropped a diss track on vurb and landon

  • Lincoln Madkour 8 months ago


  • Lincoln Madkour 8 months ago


  • Chevy the Gamer 8 months ago

    its on ItsMaxK or Prestonplayz

  • John Garcia 8 months ago

    its preston

  • Michael vidz 8 months ago

    I think it is Preston

  • THE WEL CLUB 8 months ago

    So for beginners when you play this game first open the office it cost 500 points in there you can get a Shotgun and iron armor then open hotel juist leave the Office alone the hotel cost 750 points stay close to your teammates DO NOT BUY THE RIFLE after round 4 it becomes very weak try to aim for the power station when no zombies are nearby repair Some of the barriers and just keep using your Shotgun Until the power station you neef to get a pack-o-punched shotgun Thank me later

  • janne kontula 8 months ago

    I watch after

  • Burgerkarma 8 months ago

    #landon army

  • Eze Whaley 8 months ago

    hi i am watching on youtube

  • binyamin alony 8 months ago

    yo landon try at sky wars/bed wars/egg wars in 1v1 tthat you and verc will be the last teams and you stand on the same block and brake it… is it possible to get a tie in sky wars/bed wars/egg wars?

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