• remi tomlin 4 months ago

    you are you are amazing Funtime foxy Freddy baby and puppet keep up the great work

  • jack the best 4 months ago

    Freddy’s launch is EVIL

  • Julz W 4 months ago

    big biucit of bolts

  • Julz W 4 months ago

    😈😈😈😠😕😖😈😟😷😧😧😆😎😈😈😟😠😖😆😈😆😷😤😆😦😎😆😈😖😶😆😎😟😶😟😯😲😖😈😧😟😴😟😈😟😶😟😲👿😇😶😆😈😆😈😆😶😆😧😟😟👿😶😟😯😟😧😦😆👿😈😲😎😕😡😋😱😫😨😖😷😷😆😯😠😧😖😧😠😤😴😤😈😲😧😆😆😈😧😧😈👴👦👧😻👸👴👦😾🙀😸😾😾😻🐘🐻🐼🐴🐴🐼🐴🐼🐻🌀🌀🌁hi fred fred and Fun time bonbon

  • Kitten World 4 months ago

    I use a taxy and oober

  • saif toma 4 months ago

    Hay how are you alive freddy

  • shaun Sons 4 months ago

    Puppets lab doesn’t look like a lab anymore

  • shaun Sons 4 months ago

    Cb ❤️ s eyy… the only thing i can think of that cb is circus baby x someone (i don’t know an animatronic with the first word being an s)

    Edit:WAIT! ITS SPRINGTRAP!!!! (i think there’s going to be an episode on that)

  • Zorana Hi 4 months ago

    :O hoNO

  • shaun Sons 4 months ago

    I can finally see Ballora’s basement storage room area

  • shaun Sons 4 months ago

    And that is the last episode featuring our good o’l big large giant Freddy

  • Elmyda 1537 4 months ago

    What happins if funtime foxy gets eaten

  • Mathew Gomez 4 months ago

    Stop buting other people in this please stop because your stalling a other videos your channel taken down in this channel I for foxy not Freddy,bonny,puppet and no one ells

  • Bendy12389 Ink3487 4 months ago

    Evan love kayce from DLE a student

  • Tyler Kilburn 4 months ago


  • snapfreddyking gamer 4 months ago

    Hello freddy

  • Gina Moore 4 months ago


  • Mark Storey 4 months ago

    😮 i knew that he was going to say basement

  • Mikael Baharlouei 4 months ago

    If he needs to go to the bathroom than there must be a big toilet or a big hole

  • Billy Bob 4 months ago

    Cb x s circus baby x springtrap

  • joaquin d. legaspi 4 months ago

    Why does the walls change in the main room

  • MOYA SIMONE 4 months ago

    cb circus baby <3 rgvgvfgrr

  • William Woolard 4 months ago

    When they run away and see someone that usually means it’s for another video

  • marina zyko 4 months ago

    But does cb’s stand for circus baby’s

  • Matthew 5505 4 months ago

    It kinnda disturbs me that that classic freddy is replacing funtime freddy who just woke up in giant freddy

  • Yeshi Chokdrup 4 months ago

    fraddy is dead

  • angali medina 4 months ago

    Freddy why you toke over foxy’s video?

  • Techman 4 months ago


  • Isabella and Philip's fnaf anmashins 4 months ago

    Ayo I love your video’s

  • Isabella and Philip's fnaf anmashins 4 months ago


  • KINGjase 4 months ago

    freddy you took the wrong cam

  • KINGjase 4 months ago

    i mean you uploaded it to the wrong channel

  • Lisa Petty 4 months ago

    I have one of your fidget spinners

  • Brittany Boughton 4 months ago

    yeah freedys better foxy haaahahahahahahah

  • Brittany Boughton 4 months ago

    go freddy

  • Brittany Boughton 4 months ago

    hi freddy

  • Brittany Boughton 4 months ago

    im your biggest fan

  • Brittany Boughton 4 months ago

    kiss lolbit freddy

  • Brittany Boughton 4 months ago

    kill foxy

  • lilly loves Minecraft sister location 4 months ago

    *makes funtime foxy kiss lobit *

  • Jason Mateo 4 months ago

    I miss the old Funtime Freddy

  • Foxy YT Minecraft Roblox and more 4 months ago

    Puppet said that’s TNT that’s not a sponge

  • אביגיל ברזילי שרת חולון 4 months ago

    tell freddy that he will get 500 pieces of chiken if he will be able to find a girlfriend

  • Connor Sweet 4 months ago

    I love the new colors for valentineday

  • Rich Peterson 4 months ago

    Cercis baby love who

  • akorfa gomashie 4 months ago

    This was hilarious 😂

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