• makka gaz Macville 8 months ago

    Preston your awesome

  • Adriana Mcmindes 8 months ago

    Your asom e

  • Brady Patterson 8 months ago

    shot should die

  • Flame Peralta 8 months ago


  • BlueCreeperBoy And Friends 8 months ago

    The glass one with barriers, the barriers were over all the bottom blocks.

  • TubZeMan 54 8 months ago

    Image result for tbnrfrags

  • isaac dufort 8 months ago

    I subscribed. Shot is gonna fail now. I am happy.

  • Elizabeth Keen 8 months ago

    OMG. That intro……

  • Chris It's so lit 8 months ago

    How do I sub if I already am subbed

  • Doge 306 8 months ago

    8:40 that sound tho

  • alexa neverless10 8 months ago

    This was cute in its own way, and I dont Care but this is something I would ship Preston×Shotgun, ShotgunPlayz, boom, *drops mic*

  • Maxwell Bruneman 8 months ago


  • LilyMigs08 8 months ago

    Preston #NoBullyShotty. He needs mercy. And make him listen to #PerfectTwoNightcore.
    Love you too tho Preston.

  • Wenk Plays MC 8 months ago

    Shotgun is a scrub -Prestonplayz

  • Jesse 8 months ago

    Keep calm and dont make shirts

  • Maisarah Nayli 8 months ago

    Hey,what’s up Preston? 😄

  • Coen Sloan 8 months ago

    Hello ladies and gentle man

  • Doodl3le Artz 8 months ago



  • Coen Sloan 8 months ago

    Wow I’m pretty sure this is the first vid where Preston hasn’t said unsubscribe from shot
    (I think they’re buddies now)

  • Jeremy Agon 8 months ago

    you are the king of the parkour bro your so awesome bro and its me Jemthewerewolf

  • i feel sad for you preston

  • Milton Nilsson 8 months ago

    How to turn of unicollision:
    /scoreboard teams add •••••
    /scoreboard teams join ••••• player
    /scoreboard teams join ••••• player2
    /scoreboard teams option ••••• collisionRule never

  • Ruth Machado 8 months ago

    He’s dead

  • Dakairi Brigham 8 months ago


  • Flaming Blades 8 months ago

    34k thought shotgun would suck at parkour

  • Jaxon Wilkins 8 months ago

    I thought u were sick

  • Braydon Foote 8 months ago

    ShotGun is trash like prestons facial hair shave my dude u piece of crap

  • Braydon Foote 8 months ago


  • Liezel Stander 8 months ago

    9:06#now you know they cheated

  • Yuhw PlaysMC 8 months ago


  • Ishita A 8 months ago

    I subscribe almost 8 years ago

  • Autumn DayZ 8 months ago

    Is it weird that I can tell if ShotGun is in a video, even if it’s not obvious?

  • Starkiller72 8 months ago

    damn preston u are dank

  • Devin Savage 8 months ago

    My birthday is in 6 days!!!!!

  • EnvyNations 8 months ago

    when is any one going to tell Preston you don’t have to jump on head hitters you can just run

  • Michael Daugherty 8 months ago

    I made my friend watch you now he loves you

  • Druganicus Rex 8 months ago

    Preston I love you!! I would give my whole wallet to meet you!! (And all the money it in)

  • the professor ! 8 months ago

    Stop saying freaking instead of fucking

  • Jose Constantino 8 months ago

    Hi it’s
    is my first time seeing you

  • MËW_ HËÝØ_ 8 months ago

    Mt best skill is head hitters and like fences attached to slabs (Jump on the slabs and avoid hitting the fence lol)

  • vocab gt 8 months ago


  • Dez Smith 8 months ago

    i subed to this

  • faizah Smallwood 8 months ago

    you always make me happy

  • Noah Feltner 8 months ago

    I am making a Minecraft map you are invited 💙 💙 I’m the map creater

  • MANSUKH GANGADIA 8 months ago

    Another nice video, love your videos and your the best and the funniest Preston 😀

  • George Sharp 8 months ago


  • Andrew Luo 8 months ago


  • RiqTGM 5 Gold 8 months ago

    I called them unicorn horn too!!

  • Ivan romani moreno whiteland-smith 8 months ago


  • Grace Jay 8 months ago

    do a Halloween parkour map with a pumpkin head on when it is Halloween yes the day

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