• Silent_Ops 2 weeks ago

    Put cactus in all 4 corners

  • Meta Morphea 2 weeks ago

    The silence at the end when it didnt work really got me XD been there SO many times when you think its gonna work .. and then it doesnt XD

  • troy fisher 2 weeks ago

    It’s andasite!?!??!!?!

  • David Stout 2 weeks ago

    I’m so upset now. I liked the screaming when you fell.

  • Tekvezar 100 2 weeks ago

    Who saw ethoslab

  • sabretooth 2 weeks ago

    Much <3 for the ice creaming instead of I screaming.

  • SpazTickMind 2 weeks ago

    +VintageBeef don’t over analyze the gast spawn. make the area barely big enough for it to spawn.

  • Brenden Carr 2 weeks ago

    I know a way that you can still scream hen you fall, just turn away from the mic a little bit o it sounds the same volume as your voice.

  • MusicZXC 2 weeks ago

    Beef if you shift click on another spawner with a spawner of the same type they can be stacked so you could have 64x spawner in one block!!!

  • Trey Nathaniel 2 weeks ago

    Just have it trip a piston that pushes a block that holds water back.

  • diana Pereira 2 weeks ago

    Are you Portuguese descent.?
    Love your content…

  • Sam Teinert 2 weeks ago

    Drowning works

  • TigerEye16 Roffel 2 weeks ago

    The Ghasts are kind of cute when they just sit there and are not trying to kill you XD

  • AddictiveG 2 weeks ago

    The screams were the best. I screamed for you and was like wait he didn’t do it. 🙁

  • ItsJoshua 2 weeks ago

    reunite the pojkband

  • humane monkey303 2 weeks ago

    HOW DARE SHE!!!!

  • humane monkey303 2 weeks ago

    BEEF STOP BRIDGING LIKE A NOOB lol u don’t need to do the whole shift walk back to place the block lol

  • brandon parish 2 weeks ago

    Redstone clock and dispenser full of arrows please say my name in the next video if this idea works for a mob farm (mabey use it for your zombie pigman/ghast farm for effeiency) by the way it’s ANDESITE!!!

  • sharktamer 2 weeks ago

    Wow, if Beef has already stopped doing the screams while falling, it’s a bit distasteful to just bug him to keep doing them. “Hey man, keep doing that thing you’ve decided to stop doing and please ignore how weird it would be to just start randomly doing them again just because you were asked to!”

  • humane monkey303 2 weeks ago

    Omg it’s not diorite

  • MrFredsworth 2 weeks ago

    You should scream, and shout, and let it all out… as you see fit. You do you sir.

  • Heziah442 2 weeks ago

    The ghasts aren’t moved by the water flowing down. They were being moved when the water was hitting the spawner and flowing across the top of it. That’s why they were moving sporadically when you changed the water around. Just stick with pistons when using water because its easier to set up redstone wise.

  • danthemanxf 2 weeks ago

    hey beef had a thought to use minecarts to pick up the ghasts and roll them into a solid wall (may not work since the spawns stack, might still work just send a few carts) or to have a double piston extender to cause damage to them – either way you need to control where they spawn better

  • Dagobert Krikelin 2 weeks ago

    Bring screaming back!

  • Ethan McQueen 2 weeks ago

    Every time the dispenser gets activated it does one thing: either it places water or picks it up. So you need to activate it twice if you want to do both.

  • Screwtape 2 weeks ago

    Beef…that’s andesite

  • edtuckerartist 2 weeks ago

    You did not scream about the ice cream, that’s the problem! Now it’s the Ghast’s that scream.

  • Joy Jenkins 2 weeks ago

    I laughed every time you screamed. Just continue…..lol

  • Oscar Souza Te 2 weeks ago

    Thanks for not screaming, keep up the good work

  • HeyoItsMego 2 weeks ago

    So one beacon sold for roughly 100,000 in /ah, but beef sold 3 for 2.5 million lol

  • Kato the crusher 2 weeks ago

    she building your beautiful beefy dad bodd

  • james wasda 2 weeks ago

    perhaps a dispenser filled with arrows from the skeleton spawner?

  • PlatypusVomit 2 weeks ago

    I really liked the screaming. I’m not watching until you start doing it again.

  • Memento Mori 2 weeks ago


  • BucketsAMF 2 weeks ago

    The dispenser needs two pulses Beef. This isn’t rocket science.

  • Panda Manimal 2 weeks ago

    Tripwire hooks likely have issues with whatever redstone anti-lag plugin the server uses. I have found hopper clocks are the most reliable method to control redstone-based farms on Skyblock servers.

  • YourFace 2 weeks ago

    boy beef, ilmango you are not. watching you try to make technical contraptions is painful.

  • KarliInsane 2 weeks ago

    No! The screaming is the best part!

  • Brian K 2 weeks ago

    Your Ghast Shower needs soap and a washcloth.

  • Sanity016 2 weeks ago

    a dispenser needs 2 pulses to dispense and retract the water bucket. I also think that in the first iteration of the water design the water flowed over the spawner and that’s where the ghast spawned so that’s what made the ghast move towards the cactus. maybe in the final design the water never hit the ghast’s hitbox?

  • where is hermitcraft

  • Jared Bartlett 2 weeks ago

    Use an Observer to have the dispenser place and pick up the water.

  • Ian Barker 2 weeks ago

    Minesaga – when your mind’s soggy, sagas your server!

  • Half_And_Half 2 weeks ago

    I loved the screaming…I thought the sudden change to conversation was great!!

  • LightlyToast3d9 2 weeks ago

    You sound like this guy called Bryan my dad is friends with him and bryan is moving to taiwan my dads name is marc

  • David Taylor 2 weeks ago

    How about the old jungle temple arrow dispenser + trip wire. Fish in a barrel comes to mind? Must be some way of restricting arrows fired for kill return cost

  • Mikaelly Tardoche 2 weeks ago

    # iami

  • Tree Tirtytree 2 weeks ago

    *clears throat and chants* bring back the scream!! bring back the scream! bring back the scream!!!

  • Joxman2k 2 weeks ago

    Instead of screaming you could go “WEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeEEEEEE” 😛

  • KendamaBro 2 weeks ago

    you know you have ./fly

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