How To Minecraft Season 5. An SMP series. Enjoy!
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  • Dimmi Lo 2 months ago

    Is this thing hard to find , because I started playing a new server and found it in 10 mins

  • STARYL0CU535 2 months ago

    Vikki get an elytra and fireworks and you can boost your way

  • Muhammed Khalawi 2 months ago

    i went to a test world for the woodland mansion mobs full prot 4 makes you lose half a hart per hit with the ones with axes full diamond no enchant two and a half harts of damage per hit so it looks like armor works

  • Jim van Hoorn 2 months ago

    Just tell us that you are doing a movie with the sidemen already…

  • Lasky MiningThe Bear 2 months ago

    Vik since there is no assassins in H5M why not u become the assassin and earn money

  • Wiehan Beukes 2 months ago

    Can you plz ask them to do season 6 in vanilla minecraft and I really like you’re videos

  • Joseph 2 months ago

    Well that was boring

  • The Legend 2 months ago

    Where cow at

  • Julio Gonzalez 2 months ago

    Yo vikk, start a new factions series with shot and lachlan!

  • Dork Shimada 2 months ago

    do /sethome woodland masion, thats the point of the hud when you do /home

  • Manny Jimenez 2 months ago

    Vikk if you ever go to a water monument again then put a cow in your boat with you!!!wow thats smart…thank you me for complimenting me 😉

  • James Levis 2 months ago

    226 355 nether coords

  • Liam J 2 months ago

    Vikk you can rocket to fly with the elytra which is only one gunpowder and one paper

  • Timyus aka timbo 2 months ago

    Vikk, get /top command and travel on the top of the nether. You need more commands such as /tpa anyway it would help this journey

  • Daniel R 2 months ago

    You can zoom out maps by surrounding them with paper no?

  • T.J-Ozzy Davies 2 months ago

    Do a battle in the arena Love your vids

  • Pro Malteee 2 months ago

    i didn’t get the noti for this one =(

  • Zezo 123 2 months ago

    The series is dead sorry vik but your not enjoying it and you cba doing anything please try make it enjoyable for your viewers

  • Nathan Speed 2 months ago

    where is ethan

  • Evoulution Inferno 2 months ago

    Vikk get a few elytras(mending preferably), and a few stacks of fireworks and fly yourself there.

  • FIZZY710 2 months ago


  • brady boy64 2 months ago

    Is there a video today ??

  • 0-60mph_AllOutTuber 2 months ago

    What about baby zombies? They can go through

  • Ammar Nadeem 2 months ago


  • Mr Rooky 2 months ago

    #Vikkstar123hd when will you do a solo Minecraft series like your PS4 series i mean it does not have to be a PS4 one put when will you do one it would be cool

  • Mr Legend MKS 2 months ago

    where’s your iron golem spawner?

  • Haza 9779 2 months ago

    Woodland mansion is easy I beat it with just an iron sword on PS3 tho

  • Deathlyfire123 2 months ago

    When Vikk forgets that baby zombies exist again

  • Primo 2 months ago

    Vik, I love your vids so much, but you suck at redstone

  • Jayzha 2 months ago

    I found that building in 2 secs

  • MultiGame 2 months ago

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  • Warwriter _12 2 months ago

    In my game I spawned beside one

  • Reesa Steal-Yo-Girl 2 months ago

    nothing was the same after the fire nation attacked

  • 1:24:01 voicecrack lol

  • Dominic Nolan 2 months ago

    I made a random creative map on Minecraft and spawned like right next to one of these things it was on PS4 though

  • IcedRainbow _ 2 months ago

    Baby zombers?

  • IcedRainbow _ 2 months ago

    Florians house

  • IcedRainbow _ 2 months ago

    He said 2 ticks on all of those when he ectually got 3 ticks

  • XpertReap FTW 2 months ago

    It’s actually easy red stone LOL

  • Am I the only one who thought go on the same boat😱lol

  • TORINATOR 10 2 months ago

    Keep working hard Vikk

  • fairytailxlove13 Donovan Morrison 2 months ago

    Please for one of the competitions make it music related so that you can play piano! And write some sick lyrics 🙂

  • Trist 2 months ago

    At 23:00 when u play to much fornite ‘jump pad’

  • Tremlett 96 2 months ago


  • Timothy DeMann 2 months ago

    I made a world on ps4 a little while ago and I spawned right next to the mansion so yeah gg

  • _Aids_Joe_ 1 month ago

    Vikk gets abused in the SDM house for playing MC

  • coltboi berg 1 month ago

    Any one else keep thing of trip wires ive done it before u can make a boat launcher where you can make a ocean base out of a witch hut its dope

  • LiamPlayzmc and More! 1 month ago

    I found a woodland mantion randomly before

  • Rasmus LDS 1 month ago

    Don’t forget baby zombies

  • Alexlong017 1 month ago

    Did the villager drown

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