A new episode of our Minecraft Pokemon Mod Pixelmon Island SMP!


  • HackMaraster2323 Niculai 4 months ago

    Sceptille grasa poke and it a tank

  • Allan Lopez 4 months ago

    why is vik a thief hes stealing blocks from structures keeps taking items from a player regardless of whether they quit or not its sad

  • Denise Birnie 4 months ago

    8minutes he walks past a bagon….

  • Aaban Prasla 4 months ago

    When legendaries get add get A RAYQUAZA !!!!!!!!!!
    It very OP. Get the following moves for him
    – Dragon Claw (outrage does more damage but confuses the user and this guy is a sweeper)
    – Dragon Dance (this is the most important moves)
    – Rest (for healing)
    – Sleep Talk (tm move)

    Train him in Special Defense (255 eves) and Attack (255 eves) so basically kill ALL THE VENAMOTHS. Try to get MULTI SCALE ABILITY (NOT NECESSARY BUT WILL HELP). As soon as the battle starts use Dragon Dance once and see how much damage RAYQUAZA takes if not much do it again and the keep using Dragon Claw it will one shot every thing. YOU CAN PUT THE MUSCLE BAND ON HIM TO MAKE HIM EVEN MORE OP. GET MEGA ALAKAZAM HE IS ONE ON THE FAST POKEMON.

  • Zander Van Goethem 4 months ago

    Beldum and metang and Metacross have the same capture rate. That is 3 (salamence is 45)

  • ASB QUAD 4 months ago

    Get timer ball cuz when ur trying to cap them the more turns the better they r like so vikk can see

  • Sparkk 4 months ago

    Mawile sucks get metagross

  • Sanjay Razdan 4 months ago

    He should keep

  • playithardon 4 months ago

    plz vik look at a slaking has mad stats replace him with snorlax https://pokemondb.net/pokedex/slaking https://pokemondb.net/pokedex/snorlax

  • IIVGameForceIIV 4 months ago

    If i’d build a Gen 3 team without legendary pokémon for you vikk and for this serie, i would’ve pick these- Swampert, Salamence, Metagross, Mawile, Aggron and Blaziken. Some recommendations for you vikk… Either you take a whole team or you take some of the pokes.

    Moves and Nature For Them-

    Nature- Adamant.
    Ice beam
    Stone Edge
    Nature- Timid
    Dragon Pulse
    Fire Blast
    Draco Meteor
    Hydro pump
    Nature- Adamant
    Zen Headbutt
    Ice Punch
    Meteor Mash
    Sucker Punch
    Iron Head
    Rock Slide
    Fire Fang
    Nature- Adamant
    Shadow Claw
    Aqua Tail
    Nature- Jolly
    Swords Dance
    Flare Blitz
    Low Kick
    Perfect team and perfect movesets for this series!

  • Dragon Kinger 4 months ago

    Get Guts(flame orb item) Swellow with Facade its amazing because Facade base power is 70 but because its burned the power will be doubled and it will have 140 power

  • PigPower64 4 months ago

    I laughed so hard when he started stealing iron from spawn

  • Cobey Dils 4 months ago

    I personally think you should use snorlax starmie heracross ampharos gardevoir and aggron
    Snorlax starmie ampharos and heracross are great already
    Gardevoir is a great counter to a lot of the better gen 3 mons like blaziken and salamence I would have at least 1 psychic and 1 fairy type move
    I thought aggron would be great because it can learn earthquake iron moves and stone edge. Those are great against a lot of the good gen 3 mons like salamence metagross blaziken and gardevoir. It’s amazing defense can body most hits just make sure not to switch it into battle when a metagross can attack it because metagross has access to hammer arm and earthquake which are 4x effective against it.
    Sorry for this being long winded. I know it’s annoying when people copy and paste the same thing into every episode so this is the only time I’m posting this. Ps you need to listen to your stream chat sometimes bc chances are they know a lot more about this then you. Not meant as an insult I just know u aren’t the most experienced person in the series

  • Nathan Hughes 4 months ago

    Vik has a breeding ranch upgrade like so he sees it will help him with the breeding

  • Colin Briggs 4 months ago

    You hvae to be cautious of sidearms and speedy, this is there favorite generation

  • Loîc battesti 4 months ago

    u can use a Walrein for ice pokemon

  • The Precursor 4 months ago

    OMFG you have a scyther, just use that prick and stop being lazy.

  • Jensen Green 4 months ago

    Vik don’t use an aggron he’s terrible, use a Metagross even though they’re impossible to catch xD

  • Tyler 4 months ago

    Vik to save time build your balls in your inventory when you are not home

  • Arnaud Viegas 4 months ago

    GET Aggron Mylostic Blaziken Absol for gen 3

  • Syed Azad 4 months ago

    Blazekin- Move set- Flare Blitz, Brave Bird, Protect And High jump Kick- Ability Speed Boost- Nature Adamant or Jolly- Ev’s : 4 Special Attack, 252 Attack and 252 Speed

  • elisabeth barton 4 months ago

    Gardevoir and aggron seem good because they counter salamance, metagross, flygon, mawile and armaldo as well as some legendary Pokémon if they are included. I would also recommend breloom with a focus sash since it counters cloyster, slaking and swampert as well as being able to kind of sweep with swords dance and Mach punch.

  • Lowen Manriquez 4 months ago

    get absol, breloom and flygon. absol instead of houndoom, breloom instead of heracross and flygon instead of ampharos or starmie. But if you really want a salamence then do thag instead of flygon and if you want aaron then use aaron instead of absol but i would use absol because he is dark type and you should use flygon because he has speed and counters salamence

  • Sahil Miah 4 months ago

    Weren’t you meant to pick your gen 3 pokemon

  • Ryan Rossini 4 months ago

    Vikk get a Glalie, it is one of the best gen 3 pokemon

  • Itzz Trinity 4 months ago

    dont master ball and metagross they have the same capture rate as metang or beldum

  • 7Moody00 463 4 months ago

    Name beldum TROLLEEGROSE

  • Joe King 4 months ago

    1.Aggron [Roids] [Earthquake, Iron Tail, Thunderbolt, Take down]
    2.Swampert [Hillbilly Joe] [Earthquake, Surf, Ice Beam, Strength]
    3.Gardevoir [Myso] [Thunderbolt, Psychic, Hypnosis, Dream Eater]
    4.Camerupt [Angry Pimple] [Flamethrower, Eruption, Hyper Beam, Earthquake]
    5.Dragonite [Chawizawd] [Outrage, Earthquake, Hyper Beam, Fly]
    6.Jumpluff [Q-Tips] [sleep Powder, Leech Seed, Giga Drain, Solarbeam]

    Here’s some good choices for the team.

  • Itz ThingymaBog 4 months ago

    Can we just take a moment please…..how UNBELIEVABLY GOOD that pixel on music is 🙂 like if you agree

  • Αστικό Professional 4 months ago

    Sub me

  • Charley Ward 4 months ago

    Get sceptile

  • blossom okparocha 4 months ago

    how to thief episode 5

  • Misterous Hound 4 months ago

    29:55, secret message???

  • Bulletblazer12 4 months ago

    Vik have fun experiment don’t just turn to the internet all the time find out what’s weak to what don’t use the internet

  • littleboatpants s 4 months ago

    53:20 metagross

  • Rylee Preston 4 months ago


  • AnselAlly 4 months ago

    8:00 “Don’t even know what you are.” VIKK PLS IT IS A BAGON THE BABY FORM OF SALAMANCE Q_Q

  • Rayyan Bhatti 4 months ago

    Vik, when legendaries come out, there is one you should focus on. RAYQUAZA! Mega Rayquaza is OP! Like so he sees!!

  • Neil Gallen Angsanto 4 months ago

    Wow this content is kind of (i mean really) bad

  • Anthony Noriz 4 months ago

    Hey Vick you missed a shiny Aron because its eyes where red and there eyes are suppose to be blue

  • Pokefan 1 4 months ago


  • Triggered Feminist 4 months ago

    Vikk, yes swampert is 4times weak to grass, but it’s also his only weakness

  • Abel Ramoz 4 months ago

    um you have a gloom… stop wasting your pokeballs it hurts my eyes

  • Sebastian Edgar 4 months ago

    smeargle is op

  • OPEnderG4 4 months ago

    Runs past wild groudon what is that?

  • Dries Pipeleers 4 months ago

    Options for mega’s
    Mega swampert
    Mega blazikan
    Mega metagros
    Mega aggron

  • xX_SaVaGe_Xx 4 months ago


  • MegaSuperBigAL 4 months ago

    Love Aggron, if you don’t want to switch the team up too much put ice beam on a few more Pokemon. Also Houndoom and Heracross might be really useful this tourney with all the Physic, Steel, and Dragons in Gen 3. Take out Ampharos get Mega Aggron. Lots of good ground types in Gen 3.

  • Aquaaz xo 4 months ago

    Vikk quick balls have a 5x capture rate you should you use them

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