A new episode of our Minecraft Pokemon Mod Pixelmon Island SMP!


  • Aiman Moossun 1 week ago

    No one wants to battle grounds 😂 leave that to ur other channel

  • DUJE DORIĆ 1 week ago

    U killed a shiny aerodactly…

    Like so he can realise

  • Mega blastoise 33 mins

  • Wassim Guedada 1 week ago

    Get Moltres and zapdos

  • Muhammad Lamin Jobe 1 week ago

    lachlan has more megas then you


  • AnselAlly 1 week ago

    Does Vikk have a shiny magicarp in his PC? 7:50

  • Imminentchaos 101 1 week ago

    I’m really sorry vikk I think some people agree with me on this but your h4m series is much better than your pixelmon and we are all looking forward to how to minecraft season 5. Thanks.

  • Sweta Joshi 1 week ago

    Today’s episode was soo boring

  • Arne Vernaillen 1 week ago

    get a heracross to deal with all the snorlax on the server

  • Brandon Joubert 1 week ago

    You should do the ratata strat to farm up megas (the one where you can guarentee kill a pokemon)

  • China doll Lady 1 week ago

    Vikk mareep involves into amphros

  • Vype Gaming 1 week ago

    TBH this is getting a bit boring

  • AnselAlly 1 week ago

    quiff’s a jag

  • Jolgate 1 week ago

    Wow so fucking lazy with your intros, Honestly

  • Jensen Green 1 week ago

    They’ve already ruined the series

  • OPEnderG4 1 week ago

    I’ve never played battlegrounds but that game is basically fortnite

  • Nathan Hughes 1 week ago

    Vik do a new prison series

  • TateBoys 1 week ago

    They call him… the mareep whisperer…

  • Roshan Singh 1 week ago

    Amphros(mega)/zapdos-Both beasts but which one?
    Dat boii-get perfect nature, google best move set
    Starmie/lapras- starmie? Not used/lapras maybe? Or use another of my suggestions
    Alakazam-100% ur best pok atm, one ep spend jus on him train and evs
    Tyranitar-Beast or switch for one of my other suggestions
    Salamance/dragonite-FIND RIGHT NATURE! And move set or switch for my other suggestions

    Other suggestions:
    Metagross-all round search best nature and move set
    Charizard- good pok search best move set and nature
    Moltes- already high lvl(70) decent
    Machamp-decent fighting typ search best nature and moves
    Hitmonchan/hitmononlee- you pick search best nature and moves

    Go for it!
    Search best moves and natures.
    You pick, don’t be pressured into a decision.
    Shout out if u use my suggestions;)

  • Alex Chase 1 week ago

    Get mega beedrill, huge attack stat, crazy speed good move pool

  • Esa gaming HD 1 week ago

    when did he get a shiny

  • Cody Beverage 1 week ago

    Vikk I want to start a YouTube channel and don’t know what to use for equitmeant therefore can you help with suggestions btw I don’t have a job

  • JonnyM2001 1 week ago

    Your stupidity hurts me

  • KrazyGaming 1 week ago

    Gen 2 is way to early

  • Luckidude88 H 1 week ago

    Put the useless Pokémon in the trash bin to clear you inventory

  • Leo Shimmon 1 week ago

    Get pc

  • Crusaders Of Light 1 week ago

    Slowbro m8 you supposed to eat the fish not get eaten by it GTFO

  • Santino Di Censo 1 week ago

    Play more bedwars!😀

  • Acuzio Thao 1 week ago

    You can only have one mega and when mega is defeated you can revive in battle it can mega evolve again

  • Ivy the elemental heart 1 week ago

    Is it me or did vik made his eyes brown curvy 😆

  • Ewan Stewart 1 week ago

    Get rid of pikachu

  • Benjamin Barrett 1 week ago


  • John Jeffreyson 1 week ago

    cos i want you to beat Lachy Dachy Get Skarmory he op af

  • Max Johnson 1 week ago

    Crap G slow the hell down Shate

  • Heron Krishnan 1 week ago


  • Heron Krishnan 1 week ago

    Do your research please u dont even know what a mega is

  • Heron Krishnan 1 week ago

    U have a problem with leaving your pc behind

  • Heron Krishnan 1 week ago

    “This elytra doesnt work”… MAYBE BECAUSE U R HOLDING IT IN YOUR LEFT HAND

  • cRz NJG 1 week ago


  • G laG 1 week ago

    Y not master ball mewtwo like so he sees

  • Jaden Richardson 1 week ago

    Mareep is a sheep
    Flaffy is a sheep
    Ampharos is a weird bipedal lookin thing
    Mega ampharos is regular ampharos with luscious hair and is a dragon…
    Sheep are dragons


  • James C 1 week ago

    Stop forgetting your pc it’s so annoying to watch

  • John Reid 1 week ago

    go to bean

  • HashSlingingSlasher 1 week ago

    Use mega ampharos and get scizor on your team. Like so Vik can see

  • dragon0918 1 week ago

    Vik says :you guys make me angry sometimes” -picks non special attack 24 and speed 18-

  • Nic Koh 1 week ago

    vikk sounds like he is so done with his viewers HAHAHA

  • Tiny Gt 1 week ago


  • Entity - minecraft and more 1 week ago

    Megaaaaaa lukarioooooo and mewtwoooooo

  • Caleb Elzey 1 week ago

    vikk knows nothing about pokémon oh my

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