Welcome back to the first ever S2 Pixelmon Island Tournament!


  • MissVinhegar_ 2 1 week ago

    He missed a shiny sceptile

  • Slayer14 28 1 week ago

    I love how he says the lag isn’t him yet the video is having the same problem

  • angrybirdbob 1 week ago

    Am i the only one who realizes that, that was a shiny mega altaria?

  • Aaryan Shah 1 week ago

    Whole stream was laggy

  • Trip Graham 1 week ago

    the mewtwo at 6:00

  • Max Oppenheimer 1 week ago


  • LoL Nozy 1 week ago

    what’s the ip of this server or is this a private game ?

  • Matteo Ghiringhelli 1 week ago

    you want impish nature on skarmory

  • Owen West 1 week ago

    U said you were a Logan pauler then you sung a jake Paul song every day bro and I think to myself bru.

  • Adriana Ho 1 week ago

    mega dioncie

  • Owen West 1 week ago

    Go for tyranatar it helped you in season 3 he was basically one of the main reasons you won.

  • Mr mobile gaming 1 week ago

    Keep rk9 sparks and aerodactyl

  • Spyroki 1 week ago

    1:38 “If you guys are excited, please leave me alone” 😂😂

  • Connuh 1 week ago

    lol he said cyndaquil was chikoreeta

  • Mr mobile gaming 1 week ago

    Laake got a smeargle

  • Snow AceEX 1 week ago

    Tsk tsk tsk i was on Alia Stream and it ended After you Loch. Was soo. Salty after losing the Losers Bracket.

  • Snow AceEX 1 week ago

    Everyone go watch Alia’s Stream of the Day Tournament. This guy is just Salty

  • Dumb Things 1 week ago

    Jolly skarmory plz

  • Alex the Underground king 1 week ago

    Kenny quite Pixelmon

  • Godly Person 1 week ago

    It was hella laggy

  • Venomous Vids 1 week ago

    Bring raquaza back

  • 1,000 subscribers without videos 1 week ago

    Every one look at my description

  • Jacinta Hall 1 week ago

    Lachy, try switching to tpg unlimited!

  • Proper Asians 1 week ago

    Mega tyranitar?

  • Evee& Pika-chu 1 week ago

    I hope every time he says litty I just pray he says litty titty. But he never does😐

  • Coolguy 298 1 week ago

    Bro altraria is not a legendary that was a shiny

  • Jack Stam 1 week ago


  • Jack Stam 1 week ago

    Damn his FPS or some sort of lag was happening most of the vid

  • Hyper J Gaming 1 week ago

    Recognizes shiny mega pinsir but not shiny mega altaria

  • Amber Wilson 1 week ago

    Missed shiny hip hop face palm 🤦‍♂️

  • Sloth Maniac 1 week ago

    Heracross is power I soloed the elite four heart gold soul silver including champ. Build it right

  • Nora Ouk 6 days ago

    What’s the music on 50:22

  • Sam Hutchens 6 days ago

    Keep sparkz, rk9 and puff and ask for set party 75 will help with a lot of moves

  • Fire Demon 6 days ago

    Get a name Kangaroo and name it Australia is my city

  • Philip Hall 6 days ago

    you should do battles against people then the winner gets to pick 1 to 6 and gets that pokemon, loser can mix them up before they are picked!

  • Lukas Lindberg 6 days ago

    you missed the shiny mega mewteow😝

  • NachoSupreme _ 6 days ago

    u missed pokeloot at 40:40 or somewhere in that time area

  • the centrality kids 529 6 days ago

    Shuckle power swap

  • Alejandro playz 6 days ago

    Articuno zapdos and moltres are hispanic Artic uno Zap dos Mol tres

  • Venomthesnake//VenomTS 6 days ago

    Sub i guess

  • Derek Corsner 6 days ago

    Pause at 12:53 you will not regret

  • Derek Corsner 6 days ago

    I really hope he runs spikes and toxic spikes skarmaroy no way any of these other guys are smart enough to run Defog or rapid spin

  • Derek Corsner 6 days ago

    Just run full stall lol he would win

  • Nathan Hach 6 days ago


  • JagÄrEnFetSvenne 6 days ago

    You know smeargs Can learn any move

  • Gordon Lou 6 days ago

    Shuckle is meta if it has max ivs and the right max Evs (I forgot which ones), and it’s holding I think a metronome, it’s a double battle, if the teammate being a Pokemon that can use helping hand and whatnot and you’re up against lv1 pokemons, then use rollout and do the most damage in the game, not sure if it works in pixelmon

  • Let's play Pancakes 5 days ago

    Is he against the wiggly tufffffff jeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzz

  • H2O_Tony _ 5 days ago


  • Ashton Teo 5 days ago

    Mega Ampharos???

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