• Westley Robinson 1 week ago

    If you die in this world you lose/drop all your stuff

  • Westley Robinson 1 week ago

    The best place to build a house is on flat land and I’ll get you outta there friend I’m your biggest fan you’ll ever have

  • Meera Gupta 1 week ago

    You should bui”d the house were 🥞 family was

  • Meera Gupta 1 week ago

    Pancakes familly

  • Cassandra Jones 1 week ago

    to late i allready told everyone

  • Cris Alvarez 1 week ago

    Build your house on a flat surface and please do part two!

  • lolbit 13 1 week ago

    Love your vids

  • funtim. freddy puppet 1 week ago

    your in the woods

  • Connorplays 3312 1 week ago

    I would love to see a part too!!!😃

  • Serdan Ambross De Jesus 1 week ago

    Your in a forest you have to survive your in minecraft

  • Ben Ellis 1 week ago

    Your in minancraft

  • imagine yoshi 1 week ago


  • octavio aguilar 1 week ago

    Hi funtime freedy

  • Jon Rivera III 1 week ago

    hi freeddy I Leave a like en.. Joy ur videos bye😝

  • ice deer gamer 1 week ago

    I played Minecraft it was fun

  • ice deer gamer 1 week ago

    Run Freddy run ruuuuuuuuunnnn

  • Little Gamer9863 1 week ago

    Hey guys who plays Minecraft pocket edition?
    Who knew the seed:999 ?

  • stacey Brown 1 week ago

    use a one of thos big mushrooms

  • Amber Ash 1 week ago

    ep 2 !!!!!!!!

  • Amber Ash 1 week ago

    build a hous under water thats a terrable idea

  • Mangle 1 week ago

    chicken is good food LOL XD

  • Carmelita Dalaodao 1 week ago

    Wow I believe to you Freddy

  • SharpThe*GOTH*Fox 1 week ago

    6:33 “Ow..My ankles”
    8:45 “Ow..My ankles again”

  • Pawfect Eevee 1 week ago

    Build a tree house on the tree

  • Claire Bermejo 1 week ago

    You can’t eat raw it will poison you with hunger much faster

  • N Moh 1 week ago

    Hey everyone Freddy eight beef

  • N Moh 1 week ago

    Inside the fungi

  • fredis ramon 1 week ago

    I play minecraft pe

  • Kathy Oertelt 1 week ago

    On the mountains

  • dogman best dog 1 week ago

    It is minecraft

  • dogman best dog 1 week ago

    Freddy you should kiss foxy

  • guavagame jr 1 week ago

    You’re in Minecraft

  • vickie linderman 1 week ago

    Fhhdhshhsvzi I dhshxv sap

  • KittycatTavian 1 week ago

    Hav a cat

  • FlameMajesty Minecraft and more 1 week ago

    Friends? Friends…

  • sophia Alfaro 1 week ago

    yes you should build a house

  • Cindy H.O. 1 week ago

    Nike is foxy en Jack is Bonnie en Jordy is Freddy
    OK fnaf uas

  • Jen Schares 1 week ago

    bilb your haws in a vilij

  • KittenGamer Gaming&More 1 week ago

    Build A House Plzz!

  • Dylan Magana 1 week ago


  • bonnie fan 1246 1 week ago

    You are my favorite​ after bonnie

  • Albert Castro 1 week ago

    Build a house in a open area ok

  • Amber Gianfortuna 1 week ago

    freddy i think you Shode bild your Next house under grownde.

  • Emalee Dixon 1 week ago

    Freddy is mean and he is a noob

  • Serdan Ambross De Jesus 1 week ago

    And biuld one

  • Hoor Mahmood 1 week ago

    Freddy y do you have lolbit # foxy and lolbit kes

  • Hoor Mahmood 1 week ago


  • dragonlord 303 mota 1 week ago

    Noooo freddy use the axs because in your tipe of minecraft the axs is better the swords and pickaxs i haf it toooooo soo you noob i dont no that nooooooooooooooooooooooooob lol jk but foxy is better sorry

  • juana baez 1 week ago

    i always survive under ground

  • Blake Walter 1 week ago

    You eat beef

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