• Jennifer Violante 3 weeks ago

    i wish you guys can do a video were ballora & baby turns human at he same time and love your cannel 😉 i watch your cannel everyday!!!!!!!!

  • FNAFMASTER2465334 PS A PRO 3 weeks ago

    Is these things like chairs toilets tables tosters and friges

  • Julia Martinez 3 weeks ago

    Hey when can we see errand

  • Mr. Gaming 3 weeks ago

    Again 105th

  • Lia Morgan 3 weeks ago

    popularmmos linked this on his newest video!!

  • Mujihad Shakur 3 weeks ago

    GUYs like my thing if u want foxy kids to be in the next live stream

  • Icey The Last Ice Dragon Alive 3 weeks ago

    Finally i love this channal and videos

  • meme man! 3 weeks ago

    yay more cringe for the 5 year olds

  • Aleesha Fox 3 weeks ago

    I with foxy jr mangle needs to be in trouble she is kinda annoying to me. Just my opinion

    Edit:DONT HATE

  • the 3 reindeer 3 weeks ago

    I would like see a video that has all of them being human!

  • Allyson Safran 3 weeks ago

    i like how foxy says: its been a while

  • Abdul Hassn 3 weeks ago

    I don’t wanna be rude but when you say you guys all week I know how to kill jump scare you killed anyone

  • Abdul Hassn 3 weeks ago

    I agree with you foxyJj I wish I had that

  • Branden Hart 3 weeks ago

    Animotromics turning into humans are an abomination. LOL

  • star taburnok 3 weeks ago

    More bonnie colab😀

  • Ashlee Vigil 3 weeks ago

    Me:Hi mangle
    Mangle: Hi

  • Khary Johns 3 weeks ago

    Love you mangle

  • Digital Gaming 3 weeks ago

    Holy lonely pony eating macaroni!!! Did Funtime foxy jr. get a hair cut?

  • All Plush videos 3 weeks ago

    The FNAF mystery goes on…make sure Scott Cauthon knows that…

  • All Plush videos 3 weeks ago

    Creepy, Scott doesn’t show his secrets

  • BrieLLe G aj 3 weeks ago


  • MinecraftPro - MINECRAFT, ROBLOX AND MORE 3 weeks ago

    U uploaded the second I fell asleep I knew u uploaded though so I woke up

  • fnaf fan 0164 3 weeks ago

    Mangle if you weren’t so stubborn this wouldn’t have happen to ft.foxy and listen to her!

  • Storm Keeley 3 weeks ago

    Love u

  • Marquise Pixley 3 weeks ago

    Can you girls do more videos with lefty

  • Natacha Mally 3 weeks ago

    do foxy marries lobit but balloon boy comes with foxy jr and mangle and lefty

  • Wayne Ui 3 weeks ago

    I want to see Funtime foxy kids to see his Mom

  • ZethTOM 3 weeks ago

    Make foxy go in the human thing and see if its a boy or a girl but say its for fluffier tails

  • asma Jedir 3 weeks ago

    I fell asleep

  • Lukebb04 3 weeks ago

    Ooooow… Dysphoria 2?

  • cody victor mendoza 3 weeks ago

    Puppet is confirmed to be a girl

  • Nightmare monster Bendy 3 weeks ago

    Terraria play please


  • Toy Circus Baby 3 weeks ago

    umm… why is horror day care on Minecraft five nights at Freddy’s ?

  • Professor Smith 3 weeks ago

    Hey dude,these videos are awesome👍🏻😎

  • Noisy Ninja 3 weeks ago

    whos their mum is it lolbit?

  • Madalin Edwards 3 weeks ago

    you should do a vid when foxy go to old pizza place with ft suit on

  • L Doge Gaming 2 weeks ago

    Do a vision called funtime foxy kills someone. Also funtime foxy is my favorite 🙂

  • gamingunicornz 2 weeks ago

    i have some video ideas… the voice takes over again?… baby and the voice destroy the pizzeria?… baby and foxy go on a date?… lolbit gets with spingtrap…. the animitronics get stuck in the basement?… the voice gets a body?… hope you enjoy my ideas and do them

  • Brad Tanner 2 weeks ago

    I thougt that Mangle new….

  • Joshua Woo 2 weeks ago

    Do a video with lefty

  • Joshua Woo 2 weeks ago

    I really want to see what lefty looked like when he was human

  • Erin Boehm 2 weeks ago


  • Erin Boehm 2 weeks ago


  • CD -GO! 2 weeks ago


  • Lolbit The Fox 2 weeks ago

    Mangle is becoming very disrespectful. and kinda mean and dumb

  • Wolfing Demon 2 weeks ago

    Successful Diarehha! Lol

  • Shadow killer 2 weeks ago

    Mangle an funtime foxy turn human plz

  • JDMT00 2 weeks ago

    I love fun time foxy be I love foxy

  • JDMT00 2 weeks ago

    You Guy are the best!

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