• Muhammad Aminuddin 1 week ago

    I love your videos!

  • Flash-Flire 1 week ago

    > Python has respiration 3 in his helmet
    > Makes water breathing potions

  • German111 1 week ago

    You should have waited for Loyalty. It’s way better then Riptide!

  • ANDROSE GAMER COC 1 week ago

    Python you can get trident by looting sword please make looting sword and make your house more and please make mining series

  • ANDROSE GAMER COC 1 week ago

    Python you can get wolf and please make fishing pond

  • Xslayer 05 1 week ago

    Everything is awesome for python😂

  • THErepare man16 1 week ago

    you should name the town polonia.
    pronounced palo-nee-a
    cus with all those flowers theres going to be a TONN of pollon in the air

  • Skadvere X 1 week ago

    You sound like stampy but you run away cuz your a creeper and hes a cat

  • Xydwynn Reyes 1 week ago

    Python what if theres a zerg potion in minecraft

  • Low Gamer 1 week ago

    u can make a drowned farm by making a zombie spawner and drowning the zombies

  • Low Gamer 1 week ago

    python why arent u playing the advancement race thingy like other hermits?
    and u shud make a server of ur own like a patron one?

  • KING KONG 1 week ago

    Can you even get a wolf

  • Lynette Shaw 1 week ago


  • Vayder 13 1 week ago

    If they do seasons, they couldn’t have infinite worlds, as the sun would have to be on a cycle that would need some of the world to be in different seasons at specific times. Seems like the world may not be flat, after all!!!

  • Zolk04 1 week ago

    My town suggestions: (May become edited because I may add some later on)

    Plant pot park
    Venomville (because your a snake)

  • XFriend _YT 1 week ago

    Python the trident CAN be repaired but u need another trident

  • Embarasing Dad 1 week ago

    then…….. For the elytra launch….. what about water drips through blocks?

  • Owen's Model Railways 1 week ago

    Enchant some books to try and get the enchantment that returns the trident after you throw it. You will never loose it again.

  • Md Tamim 1 week ago

    thank you pithon I love your video

  • Md Tamim 1 week ago

    sorry python

  • 李郡祐 1 week ago

    Your videos are a little bit long , can make it shorter .

  • Laimis Skorodumovas 1 week ago

    Underwater houses is very nice idea. Are you going to build a underwater house? And what things your going to do with trident? Oh and you can jump into air from water with trident try it. It works for my version of minecraft.

  • Jack Bindman Cohen 1 week ago

    Best series ever 😀👍

  • Jack Bindman Cohen 1 week ago

    In the underwater base, you should take over a monument so that you can make a guardian farm! 😀

  • Owen van Bruchem 1 week ago

    You have better luck from one with a tridant but than if he drops the one “he used” it has les durability

  • Owen van Bruchem 1 week ago

    The first drowned i killed droped a tridant i was so freaking happy tha i trew it at a gast whitout thinking and i trew it in the lava :'(

  • Abel González 1 week ago

    Piton ajajjaajajjajaja pitote ajajajajjaajaj pito

  • Emma Hodgson 1 week ago

    Just wanted to say thankyou for the good language in your series! My 5 year old is slightly obsessed with minecraft and other youtubers have taught him rude words but so far you are great he just says get wrecked at everything haha thank you for creating a survival series i can let him watch without worrying 🙂

  • Simple Animator4 1 week ago


  • CrazySaxon 1 week ago

    You need to use the map before you find another one or it’s just going to be the same

  • Daniel P 1 week ago

    I am a ps4 fortnite and overwatch gamer, but I really enjoy your minecraft gameplays.

  • JACK KIN 1 week ago


  • JACK KIN 1 week ago

    Good =óc chó

  • Francisdoes pixelgun 1 week ago

    Lol thx phyton

  • Francisdoes pixelgun 1 week ago

    So you can only find treasure with a map?

  • Ricky Dunne 1 week ago

    Hey python any tips on raiding a monument or surviving the guardians

  • Natalia Lam 1 week ago

    When u get level 30 keep going

  • Prime 252 1 week ago

    what features do you want added

  • TheBlackManiac 1 week ago

    Python you should make a music shop

  • XBlader 43 /XB 1 week ago

    Plz name the town “Oak Heights”

  • Fernando Rodriguez 1 week ago

    You missed a trident

  • Fernando Rodriguez 1 week ago

    10:15 stuck on the wall

  • Fanalama 1 week ago

    30k achieved!!! Uhm 50k club now starting! #50k #April2018

  • Americanbadashh 1 week ago

    So fish have an AI issue where if they have access to waterfalls they’ll climb them and often beach themselves at the top, resulting in a dead fish. You might want a small flat pound for them or else you might be replacing them often

  • DeansRealm 1 week ago

    Shoulda got loyalty…

  • Mr Black Panther MBP 1 week ago

    The update didn’t come to my Minecraft game

  • Dustins Mom 1 week ago

    Ep 18999999999999999999

  • Hur Nur 1 week ago

    Can you get a dog and make him a doggy mansion?

  • Francisdoes pixelgun 1 week ago

    The dronwed mob can obtain a trident I guess yaw all know about that

  • missy mydog 1 week ago

    pythonMC turn the nuggets into gold or iron ingots that way it saves space hope you do this in the future.

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