• XalerBrine // Minecrafter & Gamer 1 month ago

    You should do mc bedrock series in the future

  • TEC HUNTER_FC 1 month ago

    You can get seed by bonemeal the grass block and break the grass on it wels

  • Error 404 1 month ago

    The clay tools are from the Balanced Clay Tools, which was created specifically for this modpack.
    Also, Wels, you could have commited suicide, and went to the achievements island, where you can get the panic chest with some emergency items, including some saplings.

  • Zac packman 1 month ago

    well id tell u about the item frame but i dont think a billon ppls have allready told u its a all wood recipy….

  • xLaZKaZx 1 month ago

    8:53 *needs to craft more crafting tables so goes to the one where the chest is when he is literally surrounded by crafting tables*

  • Nattapath Saetan 1 month ago

    You could save 1 grass block and make it spread and use bone meal and break grass for seeds

  • P hantom 1 month ago

    Dont forget to do /sethome. Incase you fall off remeber /home saves lives XD

  • Unknown18x Unknownx 1 month ago

    I hope you keep only one series , to much random worlds , it’s stressing to watch different videos, i love your videos tho thanks keep the great work 👍

  • Han Oldeman 1 month ago

    curse dirt spreads so you can just build a dirt stair down for the curse dirt to spread onto and that way get curse dirt in your new mob farm!

  • HHTR Gaming 1 month ago


  • HHTR Gaming 1 month ago

    do the challenges to get resoures the back ones are the starters

  • Piotr Skamruk 1 month ago

    bravo! bravo!
    that was the dumbest start of this map i ever seen 😀
    even more dumbest than one done by stomp the bean and he set the bar quite high 😀
    just please look on recipe for item frame…

  • Charlotte Drolet 1 month ago

    Wels, Check the whole main island for quest and rewards. You might find your answer there! You only looked at the first corner of the island.

  • P Pinecone 1 month ago

    To get seeds, bone meal grass to get the grass grown on top. You can break it to get a chance to get seeds.

  • Rajan Garg 1 month ago

    Hey wels are you not doing ftb horizons 3 anymore

  • H Duke 1 month ago

    Agggghhgh! No saplings? Rage quite……

  • Cypress Blanchard 1 month ago

    Use the pasture seeds on dirt then it turns into dirt grass the grass spawns on top of it

  • Billy Dove 1 month ago

    WelsKnight to get seeds use the pasture seeds on dirt to make grass blocks, then bone meal the grass to get the tall grass and break them to get a chance of seeds (the bone meal on grass blocks to get tall grass is a vanilla mechanic) also aboug the cursed earth you could use regular dirt to spread it and make a stair case leading down to where the new mob farm is gonna be

  • Charlie Keigwin 1 month ago

    You can make two water bucket with a bucket and a water bucket in a crafting table.

  • iRektYou Boom 4 weeks ago

    How i activate the vein miner?

  • FallingBubbles 4 weeks ago

    Get seeds from the 9 x dirt with the pasture seed turning them into grass. Then use bonemeal on the grass to get grass plants on the grass blocks. Break the grass plants to get seeds and flowers for dyes. Hope this helps. And put the furnace rf generator block thingy on the battery block for the quest island whth the furnaces arround it on the y axis around it vertiaclly in one verticle slice to charge the battery to 30000000 rf to complete the quest. Hopefully this helps . Great video cant wait for more. Dm me if you need more help

  • Fantastic Gamer 4 weeks ago

    just expant the farm

  • Ankhayra TV 4 weeks ago

    Looking forward to the next episodes to see what the modpack is really about. It was mostly general preparations this time.

  • Amelia Piper 4 weeks ago

    “Are there seeds? Pasture seeds just make things grass…”

    …which you then bonemeal to get tall grass, which you knock down to get seeds…

  • That0meGuy 4 weeks ago

    Nice vid! I love this series
    +1 subscriber 😀

  • 'Asloyd ' 4 weeks ago

    What version of the pack are u running? 2.0.0 Release or the beta 2.1.1.

  • Diy'n'stuff 4 weeks ago

    Your are the luckiest man in minecraft ive ever seen 16:15

  • 'Asloyd ' 4 weeks ago

    Please whatch playthtough vids of other youtubers, u have no idea how simple and easy is to progess in this modpack

  • Samuel Pavlus 4 weeks ago

    The music in your videos is amazing !

  • Ricky Singh 4 weeks ago

    Please make a series like hermitskies

  • Oliver3823 4 weeks ago

    16:17 my heart froze for a moment lol

  • Raymond Yung 4 weeks ago

    You basic “seed” material the the very first two rewards which you can hand-in already!
    (you walk thur most of them but missed the easiest one…..)

  • Pentox 4 weeks ago

    26:32 It’s literally RIGHT BELOW MAX FRAMERATE. *Faceplam*

  • xEveelutionsx xx 4 weeks ago

    Apple trees?

  • Sierra Whiskey 4 weeks ago

    Wels – great beginning. It will be interesting to see how the series goes/grows.
    Quick question (and I’m sorry – I know you probably get asked this type of question all the time), how will this series impact the other series? What’s active and what’s inactive (HermitSkies, Horizon, Ark with Wifey)? Thanks Wels!

  • Razor Wolf 4 weeks ago

    We need to collabe bro big fan of skyblocks

  • aaraMXKH 4 weeks ago

    Wels you actually irritated me by not researching the item frame recipe grrr

  • Marsha Krebs 4 weeks ago

    In the top right corner there is a timer to tell how long he has been playing

  • The Hatebringer 4 weeks ago

    Hey wells if you make some drawers and turn them in you can get your iron

  • Anhurs Runeseeker 4 weeks ago

    Welsknight the fight quest is to make Drawers and it gives u iron and redstone as part of your first rewards also u can repeat quests if needed

  • Autronic 4 weeks ago


  • cobweb39 4 weeks ago

    just brizly bridge!

  • Salted Lime 4 weeks ago

    Wels you make a platform out of dirt use the pasture seed on said dirt then bone meal to get grass then you break them to get a seed

    and for item frame the recipe was changed you need to put sticks around a plank

  • Jordan Mcauley 4 weeks ago

    Hey wels, use the pasture seed on dirt to turn it into grass then bonemeal grass as normal

  • Keaton Clay 4 weeks ago

    This is going to be a good series Welsknight

  • Astrorious 4 weeks ago

    Hey Wels, you can get seeds with bonemeal and grass

  • Mirrusky 4 weeks ago

    I totally love your videos, I watch them all.

  • Jack Aitken 4 weeks ago

    Bonemeal a grass block and break it until you get wheat seeds

  • Jeremy Flowers 4 weeks ago

    never watched any of your videos before. i have to say though i like your video layout and chill background music. i will definitely return

  • cybrshdw 4 weeks ago

    Also vector plates for the mob farm might be a solution

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