• Suh Brinaa 3 weeks ago

    When skeletons spawn in the nether they have a chance to turn into a wither skeleton

  • Sam Boon 3 weeks ago

    Damn beefs channel is so dead holy

  • Jason Hazel 3 weeks ago

    as long as there is already a mob in the chunk that isn’t stacked to 100, new spawns will just add to the existing stack. no need to worry about blazes getting stuck as long as there is a free spot in the mob stack

  • Ben Klein 3 weeks ago

    What about instead of removing the cactus farm all together, you make a giant mountain island and put the cactus farm inside of it? would be super cool and you could just build the mountain around the farm.

  • Patrick McNeel 3 weeks ago

    You can stack spawners!!!! For example, in your blaze farm, if you right click (place the block) an existing blaze spawner with another blaze spawner, they spawn at twice the rate. So, there is no need to have more than one spawner per farm. Hope you see this.

  • Leila Murphy 3 weeks ago

    Can you please fix the middle bock of the skelly spawner??? It’s supposed to be iron but it’s been coal for so long 😫😫😫

  • I almost got online with you beef, an hour and 40 minutes. BY A HAIR DX

  • RayquazaBoy89 Games 3 weeks ago

    Cmon guys beef deserves more than this

  • dark dragon 3 weeks ago

    Build a tree house so you can reach the nether portal that way

  • nateshar 3 weeks ago

    Play the forest with either poik band or solo, theres a full version now

  • sean ginger 3 weeks ago

    Good beef you don’t want etho mad for skipping out on the corners hehehe

  • Nikhil Clainsky 3 weeks ago

    Make a tree farm

  • RayquazaBoy89 Games 3 weeks ago

    U probably should use /fly, but not always

  • Smidge204 3 weeks ago

    You should be able to smelt the gold swords into nuggets. Not sure if it’s worth the effort, but it can be done.

  • Hockey Legends 3 weeks ago

    Hey beef is it possible to make a map so you have a birds eye view of all the islands??

  • Aze XI The Last King 3 weeks ago

    Full release of The Forest

  • humane monkey303 3 weeks ago

    Beef u can always add more slime spawners in the cones of that room with the cactus on top

  • humane monkey303 3 weeks ago

    Woo free stuff as long as it’s not from a person lol

  • Caleb Clark 3 weeks ago

    What happened to Pixark??? You were getting more views for that than anything else other than Minecraft……..

  • Fire angel 3 weeks ago

    @VintageBeef if you type /nv you will get night vision i know you dont what to cheat but it might help

  • EL Diablo 3 weeks ago

    Where Pixark at beef i wanna see the finished tower

  • Ace Gaming 3 weeks ago

    Holy shit it’s at less than one thousand likes

  • Ace Gaming 3 weeks ago

    Such a dead channel at certain times

  • Lawne 3 weeks ago

    Pig spawners spawn pigs in the overworld and zombie pigmen in the nether. Skeleton spawners spawn skeletons in the overworld and nether skeletons in the nether.

  • Ember 129 3 weeks ago

    Baby Blaze: “Where do baby blazes come from?”

    Dad Blaze: “Well son, they come from the giant beehive in the sky”

  • Mc Brocke 3 weeks ago

    For the blaze spawners put enchanting table above the hopper so that you can get more xp

  • Dustin Hughes 3 weeks ago

    Etho would be that you filed the corners on the portal.

  • Muhd Amerudin 3 weeks ago

    Im waiting conan exile 😌

  • EllArdy 3 weeks ago

    Beef, Blaze and Pigman Spawners are made necessarily for XP, because Pigman dont drop good items only gold nuggets and swords. While IG’s, Slime, Or Magma Cube’s and Cow’s and farm animals are for the items. Enderman are also used for XP. Keep Up the good work. Skeletons or Zombies can be used for XP or Items your choice! But i suggest making zombies as an XP farm because it only drops rotten flesh

  • dangercopter 3 weeks ago

    Mister Vintage, perhaps you could place a piston above the blaze-killing section to stop them from popping up, and control blazeflow? Something simple like a sticky piston lever combo…

  • robert jones 3 weeks ago

    More Ylands multiplayer and I’ll subscribe

  • calp0l junkie 3 weeks ago

    To kill mobs faster put Sweeping Edge on your sword Beef…

  • JuanGamer640 3 weeks ago

    New sub

  • repapeti 3 weeks ago

    0:09 MineSaga, where Kanye’s daughter meets him.

  • Joel Hudson 3 weeks ago

    Beef, you have Nether been? (Me too)

  • MrWizards1974 3 weeks ago

    Wow I guess you don’t read your comments much anymore beefy. I have only told you like 12 times in the comments to go to the nether to get free spawners.

  • Lachlan Rocks 3 weeks ago

    u should start posting gta 5 online videos again i miss the gta 5 video

  • TheLoon508 3 weeks ago

    can you use witch water below the skeleton so you get wither skeletons

  • MrXcman92 3 weeks ago

    Listen at .25 speed. Beef sounds drunk.

  • gerrie stander 3 weeks ago

    You can smelt the golden swards to make nuggets

  • Imthefake 3 weeks ago

    with the blaze you could place a pressure plate thet activates a piston that blocks them when you are there

  • sam bogaert 3 weeks ago

    The forest has 2 new ending brong back the poijkband!

  • Benjamin Bazi 2 weeks ago

    Are sill making vlogs?

  • shane glass 2 weeks ago

    I was half expecting beef to sing all the way up at one point😐😂

  • YTidoberg 2 weeks ago

    damn why u didnt showed my channel name 😀

  • Miusosoup Fundose 2 weeks ago

    How i can join Hermicraft server

  • polyee- lol 2 weeks ago

    play sev tech ages

  • Benjamin Smits 2 weeks ago

    Pig spawners in nether make zombie pigman, and skeleton spawners in the nether make wither skeletons.

  • Jacob Taylor 2 weeks ago

    Why can doc fly in his game but not beef?

  • Owen Lo 2 weeks ago

    Why there are no spawners in mine?

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