Fractures – A Minecraft Movie (2018) – Trailer

The end


  • Music Factory 3 months ago

    A heartwarming thank you goes to *Rainimator* for collaborating with us on this project. Special thanks to the composer and voices by Amelia Mader and Anthony Smith!
    If you haven’t already, go to our YouTube channel and check out all of our latest music and download this track!

    YouTube Channel: **
    Website: **

    *_Tell us, would you enjoy watching a Rainimator animation series?_*

  • Bryce Eichelkraut 3 months ago

    can’t wait for your next vid

  • Marcus Lee 3 months ago

    what happened between you and cube works?

  • DiamondWolf3699 Rain 3 months ago

    Why Is Zeganirn White?

  • CY Lam 3 months ago

    Hm…. I think that is the second King pig that rules the netherworld.
    Well I just want to know what will happen to rain and his friend.the friend is the girl who kill by rain and rain kill her.
    Lol double kill

  • CARLO PABUSTAN 3 months ago

    OMG im so psyched about this! rainimator are one of my fav animators 😀

  • Prather Godzilla 3 months ago

    Yes! Finally I knew the bad guys would not win but rain is dead 🙁 if you don’t know who rain is he was the guy in the blue shirt

  • Duck123PlaysMC 3 months ago

    Well I guess that means rain is dead he wasn’t in the trailer at all

  • Fairul Hazim Mustafa 3 months ago


  • Mikyla Vaquilar 3 months ago

    Pls. Let Rainimator alive and pls. Make another music video for the girl and boy who died, I was so sad when I watched that part at ” Just so you know” I really hope their is a Happy ending🙏🙏🙏

  • [GS] Geostone 3 months ago

    Rain may still be alive but I think he fused with the pig king look at his eye.

  • Savage Panda Life Savage 3 months ago

    OMG cannot wait

  • Savage Panda Life Savage 3 months ago

    how did the pinking survive

  • KANEKI 200997 3 months ago


  • Eleanna Grevia 3 months ago

    i love you

  • BigBoi Craft 3 months ago


  • 2SISTERS SURVIVAL 3 months ago


  • Creeperkiller 101 3 months ago


  • Luner Sky 3 months ago

    Omg I want to see that

  • Mar3koisepic123 3 months ago


  • Taha 7484 3 months ago

    wow nice 🙂

  • 하늘돌이 TV 3 months ago


  • Rocky Htoo 3 months ago

    That is the best trailer ever I can’t wait

  • dean said 3 months ago

    Hey Rainimator can you just bring yourself just in this movie plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz?

  • Prime Stardax 3 months ago

    This is Movie at the 2018

  • Prime Stardax 3 months ago

    Just down put too much music at the movie

  • shiro gaming indo 3 months ago

    I like the guys mask(idont know he’s name probaly) bechaus that is acool mask

  • Galang Wa 3 months ago

    I can’t wait for it!!!!

  • Rangga Saputra 3 months ago


  • zivko vujinovic 3 months ago

    Watch is a Rai

  • MrRed Cube 3 months ago

    hes right abigail and rain died but the F**king king clutton got ressurected no offense

  • Austin Van Willigen 3 months ago

    So yah they took some seans from the #2 but this is awsome

  • Michael Howell 3 months ago

    I just hope it comes out this month

  • Shadow Mintro 3 months ago

    I so Waiting this Movie

  • nur nadia 3 months ago

    I cant wait a new movie

  • dimgan 986 3 months ago

    Hello Rainimator will there be a continuation of the video which you posted 4 weeks ago under the name Just So You Know” – A Minecraft Original Music I was wondering what will happen next does not end with this story can be will bring them to life I’ll wait for a positive response

  • Rainimator 2.0 3 months ago

    WAIT A MINUTE is that rainimator’ chestplate but different color I’m sure of it

  • Nidhom Faiz 3 months ago

    bang mulainya kapan

  • Rosalyn Villena 3 months ago

    Will you make fractures

  • Rafka1120 3 months ago

    WTF This so byutifful

  • Andrei Orly 3 months ago

    Raininator are you gonna be alive in the next episode and also defense your pride

  • Latif Riyadi 3 months ago

    This animation not rainimator?

  • Alexander arquero 3 months ago

    Im so excited for this Pls rainimator

  • Daniele Cormio 3 months ago

    dude dose that mean there girl. and boy come back to live

  • LUCKYMAN 290 3 months ago

    1:04 This movie makes no sense, because he died in “Just so you Know”

  • Daisy Fabula 3 months ago

    Wheres rain

  • Chino Ilagan 3 months ago

    Yeah.Defeat Herobrine revenge

  • yskihn lairuj 3 months ago

    What happen to rain

  • Arihant Singh Nagpal 3 months ago

    herobine’s assistent’s sword looks like red chilli on stick

  • Satern games 3 months ago

    I cant wait until the movie is finished

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