I show you how to get some of the best Fortnite skins for Minecraft


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  • zoe Czuk 4 weeks ago

    Fortnight copped minecraft!!!!

  • Mambo Crafting 4 weeks ago

    Fortnite is bad. Its a boring game

  • dankememe DRINK BLEACH 4 weeks ago

    Can minecrafters find a way to ruin and cringify everything?

  • Botza2007 4 weeks ago

    I need help.
    A while ago u did a partial tutorial. I added crits to my game.
    But now in servers like hypixel splash potions are dark green and
    Xp bottles are black. And I want them tpback to default like blue xp bubbles.
    Please help me, I hate seeing dark in my game.
    Thank u for doing it, if u do

  • Jstar bre alltid 4 weeks ago

    Where is Tilted XD

  • Panzer Shafter 4 weeks ago

    i cant run Fornite but i can run Minecraft with shaders…

  • Josh McEwen 4 weeks ago

    Fortnite in minecraft? Did you mean Minecraft Hunger Games?

  • DogezMC 4 weeks ago

    no. just no.

  • The OoFsTeR69 4 weeks ago

    The perfect game doesn’t exis. . .

  • The Studio K 3 weeks ago

    *_O V E R L O A D_*

  • Ray Urbina 3 weeks ago

    Fortnite in Minecraft= No
    Minecraft SuRviVAl Games= Yes

  • SwirvHatesYT 3 weeks ago

    Literally no one cares about Minecraft anymore!

  • the_building_wizard 3 weeks ago

    I think fortnite is like figit spiners its a trend and like all the trends this trend will disapire its not like i hate fortnite

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    OMGCRAFT – Fortnite Tips & Tutorials

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    I will leave now….

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    This guy intro never change since I died

  • Maradnus 3 weeks ago

    Another good one 🙂 keep it up Chad, i’m not into Fortnight at all but I like your vids!

  • Scott Stump 3 weeks ago

    He called it the Battle Royal bus :l

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  • Ryder Garcia 3 weeks ago

    Everything is more popular then Minecraft roblox took over and so did so many other games

  • Krispin Kügel 3 weeks ago

    Please review the Server wynncraft.com

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  • Justin Morne 3 weeks ago

    I havent even watched this guy a year ago and he still has the same intro 😅

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  • Derpy noob 3 weeks ago

    Their trying to get popular

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  • Anthony Chukwuemeke 3 weeks ago

    I hate fortnite now you

  • Anthony Chukwuemeke 3 weeks ago

    You’re the worst

  • Anthony Chukwuemeke 3 weeks ago

    Minecraft is better than fortnite

  • Anthony Chukwuemeke 3 weeks ago

    How there you offend minecraft

  • Anthony Chukwuemeke 3 weeks ago

    Never make a vid

  • Just Vlad 3 weeks ago

    u suck at this

  • Gal.Z 3 weeks ago

    i think we all know by now that because of hypixel battle royal… minecraft and fortnite should NEVER EVER join again

  • Chrixer 3 weeks ago

    You should have 1M subscribers

  • Mr.Tuber Rios 3 weeks ago

    Hey i can do a better job like can you do a whole map based on it no but I can yeah but Chad amazing video thanks for the building tutorial.

  • Abby G 3 weeks ago

    good job Chad! I love fortnite and Minecraft! you mashed both together like mashed potatoes and macaroni! I’m pure fan of this!

  • KingTaco1567 playzmcpe 3 weeks ago

    You called black glass clay

  • stop

  • just no

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  • Julian Holguin 3 weeks ago

    Every time when I would put the metal bars on a little reading thing it would pop up as a like or to make the special like armor

  • Julian Holguin 3 weeks ago

    Great vid though👍

  • Sunny He 3 weeks ago

    chad is cringe

  • Jack Walker 3 weeks ago

    when you want to believe that Minecraft is better than fortnite, so start click baiting fortnite into Minecraft

  • Boss Man1278 3 weeks ago

    It does n of Move

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    I never knew clay was transparent 🤨

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