• Lukas Jauk 2 weeks ago

    The amount of cringe there is xD just get the real fortnite it doesnt cost anythingxDDDDDDDD

  • Isaiah Porchea 2 weeks ago

    Sharky should join next time

  • Sonia Burgos 2 weeks ago

    Parkour and blocks

  • little nate 2 weeks ago

    In the little club I would like to see them all play with u guys plz

  • Johnny Burnham 2 weeks ago


  • CharlesandMelissa575 2 weeks ago

    That was awesome

  • SAPHYRE VAN LOO 2 weeks ago

    U should add parkcore to make it more difficult

  • Don't mind The search bar: The rainbow doge 2 weeks ago

    *lol click my icon to see what logan did if you don’t know*

  • Christine Perez 2 weeks ago

    You should add defenses to it and it will be hard, but fun

  • Ryan Lee 2 weeks ago

    Please put gards in the buildings and put the whole little club in the game

  • Danica Farmer 2 weeks ago

    Ropo can you do the old outro when you guys say let’s do this minevengers I miss that outro please

  • ShawnMichael B.Sergio 2 weeks ago

    Make ich one ove you invisible

  • Markluie Herman 2 weeks ago

    Hey RoPo maybe… you could bring some or all the little club to play Minecraft Fortnite and its gonna get harder because the more people play the harder the game will get… By The Way when are you gonna start the ninjago series again?

  • omar bagaber 2 weeks ago

    There are four towers with beacons, each member has to go to each tower and steal a block then has to go back to his tower without dying and cover a beacon with a block. First to cover all the beacons wins. (This is my idea on how to make it harder)

  • Jayanth Ramouthar 2 weeks ago

    What happened to the great escape series???

  • Leonard Church 2 weeks ago

    Ropo ro you going to finish the Lego Ninjago series I have one question to ask you what ro you going to do for the sacrifice of zane you do know who zane this right

  • Abdullah Ahmed 2 weeks ago

    little ropo you all ready had wepons

  • Logan Power 2 weeks ago

    How wins gets a snipr

  • pizza pizza pie 2 weeks ago

    do teams

  • Carl Justine Santos - 2018 2 weeks ago

    Baby Duck!

  • Jay Jay 2 weeks ago

    Is tiny turtle ok he dident post a video in a while

  • Danielle Rickel 2 weeks ago

    Add guns that do like no damage

  • Danielle Rickel 2 weeks ago

    And add less guns

  • Hambone 5608 2 weeks ago

    I haven’t watched u in a while sorry it’s been 1 year I haven’t seen ur last birthday late happy birthday I’m sorry so much I love u caz of ur really good vids I can still remember when u posted a video when iron man got captured good luck on YouTube your doing really good

  • Hambone 5608 2 weeks ago

    By the way in fort nite u don’t respawn

  • Hambone 5608 2 weeks ago

    Get the real fortnite it’s free on ps4 Xbox 1 and pc that’s what it’s free on

  • The Almighty DGK DemonKing 2 weeks ago

    Lol Why

  • Little Rossie 2 weeks ago

    ROPO!!!!!! 😎😎😎

  • Shervon Charlemagne 2 weeks ago

    Port of the beacon

  • Alex Tv 2 weeks ago


  • gemma collins 2 weeks ago

    I love you ropo

  • noblewarriorgaming 2 weeks ago

    Fortnite sucks like min ecraft

  • David Nartey 2 weeks ago


  • Rachelle Rua 2 weeks ago

    i play fortnite

  • Sofiane Berkani 2 weeks ago

    My brother plaise forthnicht
    Y not nonono……..

  • Cjdj 307 2 weeks ago

    ll and tt

  • alison dingwall 2 weeks ago

    Doo it online plees

  • moose army moosecraft 2 weeks ago


  • gabriel spenner 2 weeks ago

    what mod

  • SupremeLordCJ 2 weeks ago

    Now you just reaching for views

  • De'Arius Smith 2 weeks ago

    Bring in more people and turn off the light who turns it on first win

  • David Savage 2 weeks ago

    go ropo

  • Aydal40 Am so agent 2 weeks ago

    I can play fortnite in my Xbox 1 that I got for Christmas but am not live

  • Emmoni Salazar 2 weeks ago

    Why is there a flying bus?

  • Terminator X9000 2 weeks ago

    Do you even know rules of Fortnite? Rule 1 In Fortnite you’re not supposed to come back alive when you die. Rule 2 You’re supposed to drop loot when die. Rule 3 after dying you’re supposed to spectate your friends or enemies and finally Rule 4 In Fortnite there is supposed to have a storm coming in to kill you all. You’re missing all of these. Why don’t you guys the real Fortnite Battle Royale then maybe you’ll know the rules.

  • Victoria Mendoza 2 weeks ago

    If u want it to be more like fornite u can’t respawn

  • Carter Meyer 2 weeks ago

    Do everyone from the little club

  • Mckenzie O'Connor 2 weeks ago

    Ropo is the best

  • KIm Anh Tong 2 weeks ago

    Way to go almost at 1 millon subs keep it up

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