• Manvir Virk 2 weeks ago

    Onestly you should play fortnite BR its good

  • zSteve 1 2 weeks ago


  • adithya am 2 weeks ago

    i love your logo…and voice

  • VeziusTheThird 2 weeks ago

    the pyramid one is actually kinda cool. also it is modeled after the brick pyramids that were removed

  • leotheblazeo Minecraft 2 weeks ago

    Bedrock water

  • ThaLigua999 2 weeks ago

    Java water

  • Paarden fans 2 weeks ago

    Bedrock water

  • Stijn Saman 2 weeks ago

    Java waterrrrrr

  • tangent soda 2 weeks ago

    fortnite addon ha nice i made a mod 😛

  • farrukh shah 2 weeks ago

    Try and dig to bedrock while only using creepers to blow the ground up but you can place blocks. 😉😉😉😃

  • 2M Gaming 2 weeks ago

    Make a video of you playing Minecraft on Pocket Edition. You have to: 1. Collect a grand total of 32 Iron (on ingot form), 2. Make a Diamond sword and Diamond pickaxe, 3. Get a Ghast tear. I think that is a real challenge.

  • derpdab Sixforfic 2 weeks ago

    Java water U CAN SEE STUFF

  • Pallalero 2 weeks ago

    Oceans that dont lag please (1.13 snapshots)

  • Borington 2 weeks ago

    “Java water” sounds like a terrible coffee.

  • Endie Candy 2 weeks ago

    Do a challenge were you have to only break blocks with a iron pickaxe (get the pickaxe before the challenge starts) and place only wooden planks to get a total of 1 stack of coal, and 10 iron. If the pickaxe broke, then game over.

  • PiePiE GAMING 2 weeks ago


  • TWB92 2 weeks ago

    this is what we feared

  • igmited bomb 2 weeks ago

    Tyler help! fortnite Is so addicting. I haven’t played mc in 3 weeks not kidding. I’ve always be big on mc my hold life but now fortnite has been taking over my brain. Help!

  • Geometry Dash OrcaHedron 2 weeks ago

    Community Challenge: do _/effect @p 8 1000000 128 true_ and get one block of obsidian. You are allowed to start with 10 cobblestone slabs

  • GD Shadowcast - Pixel gun and more! 2 weeks ago

    I ran into a cash Inc ad with Donald Trump.

  • Marcus Chhoa 2 weeks ago

    10:30 Tyler you failed the challenge again! That wood block wasn’t directly below you!!!

  • Daniyar Ali 2 weeks ago

    challenge: load up a superflat with no villages. There are 2 layers of logs, 10 of stone, 3 of iron ore, and 4 of diamond.
    try to get the advancement cover me in diamonds in under 2 min 18 sec (my time)

  • DanTDM 2 weeks ago

    Plz play unreal Fortnite!!

  • Chloe DickSON 2 weeks ago

    No fornite is better than minecraft

  • TheRedLoro 2 weeks ago

    I like java water better because you can actually the the individual pixels in the texture and additionally the bedrock water in swamp biomes looks too dark.

  • craftnut 2 weeks ago


  • Physco Girl 2 weeks ago


  • Frostbite 2 weeks ago

    The thumbnail and title made me *sick….*

  • Brad Shelton 2 weeks ago

    thank you for being a youtuber logdotzip

  • igmited bomb 2 weeks ago

    Tyler help!fortnite Is so addicting. I haven’t played mc in 3 weeks not kidding.I’ve always be big on mc my hold life but now fortnite has been taking over my brain.

  • God of Gaming 2001 2 weeks ago

    Build a house completely out of glass while surviving one night on the hardest setting there is.

  • The xopokeox Warrior 2 weeks ago

    Here’s a challenge: mine 1 diamond ore without breaking trees

  • NoHaxJust _A_Bear 2 weeks ago


  • pokemon projekt cz and rockruff gaming 2 weeks ago

    This better have sea pickles

  • Jasonwirth12 2 weeks ago

    Challenge: Kill the Enderdragon by only throwing snowballs into it.

  • Ravenpotter 2 weeks ago

    Fortnite is taking over. Im terrified XD

  • Ravenpotter 2 weeks ago


  • Ravenpotter 2 weeks ago

    I love how your trying to be hip with the kids cause your having dabing, fortnite, and memes. Lololol
    Your amaizng! Yeet

  • Super Mining Bro 2 weeks ago

    Challenge: You have have to get a full set of iron armor, and place it on an armor stand before 3 days have passed. If you don’t do it in time, you fail. But wait! Theres more. The actual CHALLENGE part, is you have to get ALL the iron with a GOLDEN PICKAXE, and use a GOLDEN SWORD as a weapon. You can mine more gold to make other gold tools and repair your old ones but if your original gold tools break, you also fail. (Oh yeah, by the way… Incase you didn’t notice yet, your intended to give yourself the gold sword and pickaxe with creative mode, then switch to survival mode in a deep ravine, with a couple torches and some food.) Good luck!

  • ZnrG_Gaming 2 weeks ago

    Lol did anyone notice in MCPE / Bedrock Ed there’s a new command called /crash 😹😹😹 it does what you think

  • chuckchuk 2 weeks ago

    Nice Sky + Dunkey inclusion haha.

  • Joshimus Prime14 2 weeks ago

    Defeat the ender dragon using only armor, sword, snowballs, grapples, and blocks. It’s possible but very hard

  • Jen Yanez 2 weeks ago

    hey, Tyler try this challenge, you have to build a Nether portal BUT you have to play the game on HARDCORE MODE ONLY

  • The Walking Crafters 2 weeks ago

    Java water

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