• Dragon Funtime Foxy 3 weeks ago

    Taw fawxey saw ja
    Mai neymeh ish Dregohn fawxey
    Aim jur sestahh

  • Heather Boyd 3 weeks ago

    Freddy 2+2=4 you don’t you need to go to math and not say fish!!! And Freddy I think foxy should be there when you’re with the whole day because it’s just more safety for your lies and I don’t think you should be electrocuted buy a nerd!@_@

  • Taila Fox 3 weeks ago

    Freddy can you friend me on ROBLOX?

  • Taila Fox 3 weeks ago

    My user: incenaroarandlitten

  • Sanik The Dank Hog 3 weeks ago

    When are you and the fnaf gang going to play fnaf zone you need to play fnaf zone

  • Layton Woods 3 weeks ago

    love you fun time Freddie

  • fredbear adventures the coolest 3 weeks ago

    Im baldi

  • Sarah Green 3 weeks ago

    Can you do a granny episode with Funtime Freddy Funtime foxy and baby please

  • Sarah Green 3 weeks ago

    Granny horror game

  • Lamarion Harris Franklin 3 weeks ago

    Im your Fan Funtime Freddy and Funtime Foxy

  • Lamarion Harris Franklin 3 weeks ago

    I LIke Your Video

  • TOY Foxy 3 weeks ago


  • sprial's anime nerd 3 weeks ago


  • Roxo 9000 3 weeks ago

    Baldi’s voice is so funny

  • Shadow Bonnie 9575 Cruz 3 weeks ago

    No he does not no he doesn’t have to be foxy doesn’t have to be here till Brandon

  • Tariel Grigolia 3 weeks ago

    do a video exactly like this but invite baby puppet and foxy and make it a challenge where you need to escape and all their POVs will be in each channel

  • Chelsea Davis 3 weeks ago

    2×2 is 4 silly

  • Vulpitza Lelz 3 weeks ago


  • Funtime Squad 3 weeks ago


  • Aoife :3 3 weeks ago

    G E T O U T W H I L E Y O U S T I L L C A N

  • Pennywise 3 weeks ago

    Education and learning =)

  • Mark Pipper 3 weeks ago

    Cool video is really awesome

  • Dr.12 3 weeks ago


  • Funtime Baby 3 weeks ago

    Baby lolbit is my brother

  • Funtime Baby 3 weeks ago

    He has a YouTube channel called baby lolbit

  • Rich Paquet 3 weeks ago

    Is this Freddy or foxy or both?

  • Black Ultra 3 weeks ago

    Please Make A Foxy X Freddy That Be Love LMAO

  • NEON AND GRAVER 3 weeks ago

    Freddy is the winner winner chicken dinner

  • Meme Boy 3 weeks ago

    16min video eight ads

  • Madi Ballard 3 weeks ago

    I love you so much your the best YouTuber ever

  • Lupe Trujillo 3 weeks ago

    I know the last one that you can’t do the anser is 0

  • Circus Baby 3 weeks ago

    Who else do you voice???

  • Desiree Robinson 3 weeks ago


  • I like warriors :3 3 weeks ago


  • Sasha kompilu265 3 weeks ago

    I wish foxy was in that video he’s going to be terrified lol😂😂😂😂

  • dyla1520 dyla1520 3 weeks ago

    I love Baldi’s voice! XD

  • pikachu gamer boy 3 weeks ago

    you funtime freddy

  • Steve Cowell 3 weeks ago

    Freddy you’re so dumb that’s Baldy from a horror game search up Baldy and education and learning

  • its cow craft 3 weeks ago

    I play that game,my name is heerdyse in Roblox

  • rainbow lovers 3 weeks ago

    Can you make everyone in the pizzeria see Baldi

  • DiamondDoom08 YT 3 weeks ago

    I am not Uncle Donald. I am a Pegasus called Cupcake Rainbow. Rise on my back, and I will show you the kingdom of love. 🙂

  • Playpikachuplay #1 3 weeks ago

    2×2=4 it’s easy!!!

  • jean williams 3 weeks ago

    Is soon as I saw thethumbnail I said wooooot

  • adrian bon the gamer 3 weeks ago

    290th comment yaaaaaassss

  • adrian bon the gamer 3 weeks ago

    great video

  • Skittles!!! :D 3 weeks ago

    Baldi sounds like Richard from Wassabi Productions!!!!!

    *ahh… memories*

  • Jacob Cieluch 3 weeks ago

    Yeah Freddy this is foxys channel

  • Stacie Wilssens 3 weeks ago

    Hey Freddy I can help you
    Voicing this one the guy with the roller ruler very good close my nose so yeah

  • Stacie Wilssens 3 weeks ago

    Did I mess up one word well I can the guy with the roller and I mess up a word again again repeat myself but guy with the roller because the guy, not voicing the right way so I can help you because I am more better than the person

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