• CreepersEdge - Minecraft 5 months ago

    This was pre recorded and was all i could get out today before my power went

  • The Last Knight 5 months ago

    10:07 Auto Armour!!!!

  • William Karlsson 5 months ago

    13:15 you missed the green taco! Its called fiber btw

  • do you use a custom texture pack if so what is it

  • My Opinion 5 months ago

    Could you link the mods in the description?

  • Teddy 3293 5 months ago

    please put out the mod pack you using

  • RedstoneDerp 5 months ago

    hey ryan the blue flower was in the chest

  • JasonXDs 5 months ago

    RIP Factions 😞

  • DangasTv 5 months ago

    anyone know what mods are in this

  • ItzYoBoyPreston PRESTON FAN 5 months ago

    break your protal . they can use your portal to tp your base no jk

  • Jacqueline Reuter 5 months ago

    The green think is fiber glas in german

  • Jack Bugden 5 months ago


  • Elliot nils gustav Nordström 5 months ago

    We dont have food, than you ate a steak with only one hunger thing off.

  • Ashton Benning 5 months ago

    Play skeleton realm next map <3

  • Lewis Wisker 5 months ago

    the green tangy thing was on page 11 lol

  • Tron Wolf 5 months ago

    Hi CreepersEdge in from Sweden and i really love your channel and your content 🙂

  • George Zhang 5 months ago

    You should use the parachute when your in the helicopter over enemy base and have your team members para drop in

  • MineTrackGames 5 months ago

    Make tinker tools ,there OP.you can get up to 40 damage on a sword

  • Wolf YT 5 months ago

    What is the IP of this server?

  • Jacqui Hammonds 5 months ago

    Com on you always ame for 2k how abou 4k

  • Vivelle 5 months ago

    Hint: Use the Obsidian chest (iron chests mod) is immune to TNT, crystal chests show all items stored (diamond/crystal and obsidian store the same amount of items)
    Suggested additional mods:
    Ender storage, adds modified version of the ender-chest and a tank which can be colour coded and links across dimensions (ie put lava in to tank placed in nether, collect lava from tank placed in the overworld at the same time)
    Chest Transporter, Allows you to grab/pickup your chest(s) and crawl away with it 😛 (has slowness effect while the chest is in inventory but keeps the stored inventory, accessible when you place it back down)
    Bagginses, configurable bags(chests) which you carry in inventory, great for mining and can be filtered for certain items, i.e. not to collect cobblestone etc(Portable mass storage).
    Chisel, adds a massive range of custom textured vanilla and mod blocks. Awesome for build customized bases.
    Read wiki for more info on each.

  • CoolerHoTMan 5 months ago

    its fiberglass

  • CoolerHoTMan 5 months ago

    creepers edge the mods spawns those in villages

  • Joaquin Adona- Gaming,vlogs and other stuff 5 months ago

    Like the vid keep it up pls make it to 100+ episodes I always say this to your vid but do it😄

  • NChan Gaming 5 months ago

    release the modpack pls

  • gerbu 5 months ago

    You should do heart canisters if there is those


  • OhTekkers sicat 5 months ago

    creeperedge can you buy me minecraft xD

  • Mark Ellsmore 5 months ago

    what happened to daily facs today?

  • Joaquin Karl Quizon 5 months ago

    Are you and raven team????

  • The Legend Scumbug 5 months ago

    pls tell me intro song i love that so bad

  • Ching Han WU 5 months ago


  • אראל עמוס 5 months ago

    Load the Barret 50. Cal with Explosive Bullets

  • Emil Bengtsson 5 months ago

    Do you have an email Creepersedge-Minecraft

  • Kealo 5 months ago

    The click bait… It hurts! Why??

    Btw I love these modded MC episodes 😀

  • Itz_Kevin 23 5 months ago

    Ryan tell Raven to record modded factions or live stream it 🙂

  • Stein Roger Sordal 5 months ago

    I hope it goes well with Ryan

  • Bechara Bou Abdo 5 months ago

    insane video series keep going the idea of the modern factions wars is awesome

  • Bechara Bou Abdo 5 months ago

    can you put a list of the mods you are using

  • Master 12345 5 months ago


  • ConorRyan Gaming 5 months ago

    Rip Ireland storm Ophelia op tree fell on my line fixed now though

  • nicky P 5 months ago

    Please make a
    Live stream on this and make these videos longer I can’t get enough 😀

  • Bradley Griffiths 5 months ago

    Make a hang glider!

  • TheTrollKing 563 5 months ago

    Wow I’m comment 456 cool least number comment I have ever been

  • Himawari 5 months ago

    Great VID

  • DEATH 117 5 months ago

    I will be expecting my nuggets tomorrow mornin’

  • Abdul 12 5 months ago

    obsidian chests would be stronger than the crystal chests

  • jaan ninjabatman 5 months ago

    anyone knows the mods?

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