A new episode of our Minecraft Pokemon Mod Pixelmon Island SMP!


  • Thedutchboy 14 3 weeks ago

    Flygon had No mega vik

  • Solomon Gorringe 3 weeks ago

    you should do any pokemon allowed gens 1,2,3 and amount of legendaries and any megas

  • David Maradona 3 weeks ago

    Vikk you can get greninja if you had frokie and your ability thing to get ash greninja

  • ImpaledOsprey88 -Minecraft 3 weeks ago

    Lol i mean put rest on milotic or sleep talk and the ability are useless

  • Stig-lennart Vadetun 3 weeks ago

    Helo ajm koming from sviden

  • Stig-lennart Vadetun 3 weeks ago

    Ajm 9 ers old

  • Marius Ruud 3 weeks ago

    Rename your flygon to flydon

  • Tajmeet Sethi 3 weeks ago


  • Ocidious 3 weeks ago

    How about the next series to be a modded 7 days to die?

  • Haritos Giannakos 3 weeks ago

    get hydro pump on milotic and put the wide lens on him!

  • Thomas Horne 3 weeks ago

    Vikk, try to get return on snorlax and make sure he has max happiness. Replace it with body slam. Replace focus blast with dazzling gleam on alakazam. Have ice beam instead of sleep talk on milotic and try to get a flame orb on it. The rest is fine

  • Ruth Gallagher 3 weeks ago

    wild charge-snorlax

  • Nhovl 7 3 weeks ago

    How boring

  • the golden mine player 3 weeks ago

    You missed a shiny in last episode it was shiny slowbro

  • Ferrehvv 3 weeks ago

    How did he not get a shiny

  • Thunder Ry 3 weeks ago

    This months meme, elf on the shelf

  • Mdayaan Ayaan 3 weeks ago

    mega aggron

  • SEAgraves 99 3 weeks ago

    Play smite with the sidemen and lachlan

  • Asif Hussain 3 weeks ago

    vikk side had rest

  • MysticMateo 7 3 weeks ago

    Hey Vikk! I loved this series of pixelmon and hope to see one some time soon, with more events, bosses and gyms and less grind but more fun Pokémon stuff and tings. Can there be teams of 3 for the next How To Minecraft, You + The Maddest Lads = Best Series Ever!!!

  • Oscar Heath 3 weeks ago

    Scope lens on zapdos to 100 accuracy thunder shot

  • Leo cao 3 weeks ago

    How you get mods??

  • Nic Koh 3 weeks ago

    isn’t the meme for this month

    Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.

  • Zaheda Shaik 3 weeks ago

    use mega ampharos instead of zapdos

  • vaishnav ranjith 3 weeks ago

    Teach your milotic psychic. And put Hyperbeam on DAT Boi

  • ArabsCamel 3 weeks ago

    I didn’t know I was watching a bunch of prestons.

  • Bradley Stirton 3 weeks ago

    Vikk trade your masterball for 2tms/ items you want

  • Peter Trainor 3 weeks ago

    Ket the electric move on dat boi

  • Rainage 3 weeks ago

    aggron ability capsule

  • Harlem roblox 3 weeks ago

    can you do the minecraft story mode season 2 episode 3 please

  • Tom Brady 3 weeks ago

    Loving the Kingdom Hearts soundtrack popping up every now and then

  • Gus Howland 3 weeks ago

    vikk wat link for the soundcloud music. I want it soooo bad

  • Culley Harrington 3 weeks ago

    get a priority move

  • zapdos seems so shite

  • Aahan Mehta 3 weeks ago


  • Millwall Vicious 3 weeks ago

    Hyper beam for snorlax

  • Patrick o connor 3 weeks ago

    Save master ball to trade someone with a banger of a poke

  • Swithen D' Souza 3 weeks ago

    Vik litterally make a faction series with evryone on the server

  • Francesko Tafani 3 weeks ago

    You need to put Rest on Milotic still!

  • Suryansh Singh 3 weeks ago

    Get rid of roost on zapdos, as he doesn’t have an attacking flying move on zapdos

  • Ryan Hammond 3 weeks ago

    A season of 21 episodes…. honestly u are so fucking lazy, just doing it for the money

  • Alain Z. 3 weeks ago

    mega aggron

  • Patrick Mills 3 weeks ago


  • Elite_Assault 3 weeks ago

    Also PM Me For Factions Servers And Skyblock Really Looking Forward

  • Elite_Assault 3 weeks ago

    Sooo Fucking Laggy

  • SilkyPedo 3 weeks ago

    Vikk u want magic guard on alakazam because then if you put a life orb on alakazam his moves get a 30% damage boost with out the 10% recoil

  • הזין הזבלול 3 weeks ago

    isnt pixlemon closed? if it isnt can anyone please tell me how to get into it? i love this game

  • Iacopo Eduardo Testoni Scoletta 3 weeks ago

    U r normie meme swagstaronehundrdandtwntytree

  • Matt Shepherd 3 weeks ago

    Get Behz or Simon in on the 7dtd series.

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