• tbone 1 month ago

    I can think of nothing to say……

  • Mikasa Ackerman 1 month ago

    I remember spumwack in hermitcraft server not mindcrack.

  • Burgess Forge 1 month ago

    Man I’m sad now I can only play on Xbox 360 so the worlds are really small and I’ve never gotten to go into one of these and the one time I found one of these things it burnt down because it glitched into a pool of lava

  • Hurt arrow 1 month ago

    Play ark again

  • Hurt arrow 1 month ago

    Hey beef the mob you called the illiger is called the vindicator and the one that summons the little ghost is called a evoker.

  • DuelScreen 1 month ago

    Spumwack was on HermitCraft, not MindCrack.

  • Blugy 1 month ago

    Hey Beef, FYI those guys with the axes are the vindicators, the wizard-type ones are called evokers, and the little ghost spawned by the evoker is called a vex. Anywho, great vid!

  • Clarky 1 month ago

    Think Spumwack was Hermitcraft

  • 1shatzi 1 month ago

    Loved the episode with your guest invite him again.

  • Andrew Rossi 1 month ago

    they are all illagers but the ones with axes are Vindicators and the mage like ones are the Evokers.

  • znxster 1 month ago

    You might want to hunt the building again, some rooms can actually spawn without attachment to a corridor, sort of “hidden” rooms.

  • Mr?Nobody 1 month ago

    spumwack was from hermitcraft when sl1p was still there

  • Ben The Scoopist 1 month ago

    Subtitle to this episode: “Journey up the cloaca”

  • FoxyFuntime1 -Bowmanium Mapping- 1 month ago

    There are already Dislikes!?

  • I AM THE REAL 1 month ago

    Man, i wish beef would play more actual games, like life is strange or resident evil, more stuff that isn’t about crafting lol

  • weeeshywashy 1 month ago

    in the guys with torches there are lapis bloks

  • jojo sittrop 1 month ago

    well youtube is annyoing this vid has been posted 3/4 hours ago didnt got any notifacation

  • silvsilvsilv 1 month ago

    Spumwack was Hermitcraft, not Mindcrack.

  • Diffidentone 1 month ago

    Did Beef burn down the mansion by leaving the torch in the chicken? Not sure how that works but I do know wool should burn.

  • undead Otter 1 month ago

    there’s sometimes hidden rooms or hidden chests in the roof. the two villager wool statues have lapis blocks in their heads

  • Dylan Meldrum 1 month ago

    Spumwack was in hermitcraft

  • megan rickit 1 month ago

    Nice episode beef.

  • Jesse ordonez 1 month ago

    You missed a beef sign

  • humane monkey303 1 month ago

    Damn no selfie with the chicken!!

  • Onarass Craig 1 month ago

    Like how Beef thought of BTC. I used to watch his videos a lot at one point. Had a lot of fun playing on the BTC fan server several years ago.

  • Onarass Craig 1 month ago

    I was playing while the Lava rescue was going on in chat. Good times.

  • crazylilrocker 1 month ago

    I could have sworn there was a loot chest on the top level of woodland mansions

  • Sam Cro 1 month ago

    He’s wearing iron armor and when he gets hit he’s surprised! 😕

  • ann onn 1 month ago

    I tried MineSaga because of you, first time was OK, but now it’s >2 hours queue. “You are currently position 54 in the queue”.

  • Diecast God 1 month ago

    Keep up the good work iv totally under estimated this video making stuff lol

  • KingHezekiah LongLiveTheKing!!! 1 month ago

    You got really jipped on the loot and the amount of chest you found .

  • BaileyGTV 1 month ago

    All I could think about when you guys were talking about the trees and foliage growing through the building, was The Last Of Us. What an amazing game.

  • Cameron Gorden 1 month ago

    25:42 missed a sign

  • Chris Sala 1 month ago

    I miss the intros with the song New Friendly playing in it. The ones you used for Mindcrack. #BringTheIntrosBack

  • Healu1102 1 month ago

    The Vindicators have the axes and drop emeralds, the Evokers shoot spikes and drop the totem & the Vexes are the little flying evil things 😉

  • Healu1102 1 month ago

    Your mansion was kind of generated wonky and not all mansions are the same 😉

  • Cyberra 01 1 month ago

    That tree thing happens all the time in vanilla, too. I have several mansions that have had trees or terrain generate inside them. I even have one mansion with a _fossil_ on the second floor!

    The storage rooms with all the chests always have empty chests, just to taunt explorers.


    They’re all illagers. The ones with the axe are vindicators and the other ones are evokers. There can be multiple evokers per mansion and they all drop the totem of undying. The little flying bastards are called vexes. They die on their own after a while but they’re annoying as hell until they do.

    The animal statues have no hidden treasure.

    No, illagers do not respawn. They appear at world gen and after they’re killed they never come back, leaving the mansion for takeover.

  • Michael F. Walter 1 month ago

    Spumwack is The Minecraft Muse. IIRC he was part of HermitCraft for a while, but he did Minecraft a long time ago.

  • psychotyty94 1 month ago

    It’s so sad that Mindcrack has died. I used to watch all the videos religiously

  • Teddy 1 month ago

    Do more Hermitcraft!

  • BananaMan0124 1 month ago

    How come he can use hacks But when I use them I get banned

  • MISTERAMD 1 month ago

    16:58 Wood that have teeths. Cool! Nice attack of that Ill-villager..

  • Sputzee Dalcassian 1 month ago

    It took awhile for me to find a few mansions as well. the density of that forest area is thin, not sure i like that.

  • Constant Sorrow 1 month ago

    Spumwack was a Hermit

  • Pedr_ m8 1 month ago

    There is stuff in the wool things you just need to dig father

  • Elias Martinez 1 month ago

    They should make it so that you can recharge a totem of undying with a nether star that would be great and make them way more useful.

  • Marten Dittmann 1 month ago

    “Lets go right.”
    Goes left*

  • Edith Gonzalez 1 month ago

    Beef you never finished the life in the woods😤you should bring it back it was my favorite series and probably a lot of other people’s too

  • Benjikin 1 month ago

    The Woodland mansion that spawned in my world was halfway burnt down and on fire when I got to it

  • TheUltimateSquink 1 month ago

    Beef, bring the face cam back!

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