I just don’t even know… what where they doing? LOL
👍 Please


  • Ken Gamer 1 week ago

    Yay i just subscribed and your hilarious gameplay geat job

  • Iam AiR 1 week ago

    if i could get a dollar everytime you say “wassup baby” pretty sure i own mojang now.

  • Mr Funny 1 week ago

    Kenny!! U have sinned for using the infamous clickbait arrow!!

  • Thinkan Gadgets 1 week ago

    do an ASMR video

  • Sean Wong 1 week ago

    I’m quite early

  • CJ Games 1 week ago

    Spotted this with my ee-gel eye. Shoulda hit the sub bell.
    Would’ve been here early enough to write something clever..

  • MLBB Øriginal FantomTB 1 week ago

    Hi Ken Ken Can You Fly like a egle for Us?

  • Peyton Moore 1 week ago

    Hi senpai

  • IBirzls 1 week ago

    You found your self

  • coollittlegamer 1 week ago

    Pls tell what texture pack is this

  • RedSn00w 1 week ago

    Aye I think I hit the like button

  • Fastest Seeker62 1 week ago

    Kenny what texture pack do u use?

  • ya all know that kenny bullied preston when he was 16 welp hes a bad boi

  • MrC the Plant 1 week ago

    You guys are NUTS. Gucci …. I’ll need to watch again and count how many onomatopoeia were dropped this video.

  • Izak Schoombie 1 week ago


  • Izak Schoombie 1 week ago

    200 likes and 1 dislike

    I mean why the dislike?

  • СтинФайл :D 1 week ago


  • hippix 1 week ago

    Bitzel’s hand in the thumbnail

  • CallMeBlue 1 week ago

    Gets 3 stacks of arrows …

    Doesn’t get the bow in the chest

  • TheAmasianOne 1 week ago

    HOW DID I MISS THIS?……… My life is ruined now.

  • Zavix 1 week ago


  • DankMagic 1 week ago


  • Erlend Strand 1 week ago

    Have any of you seen it??? The diamond, stone, gapple and pearl are 128x but the potions and the golden sword are 32x

    Ur a weiiiirrrddd man Kennybro

  • GametoDEATH/Salaar 1 week ago

    Pax 11 was the pack he used in the video 🙂

  • Nightmaremoon54 1 week ago

    Ly Kenny <3

  • Rayz0rb1ade 1 week ago

    Kenny’s comment section:
    10% Constructive comments
    1% hate
    9% compliments to Kenny
    80% “Texture Pack?”

  • I'm Nightstep 1 week ago

    Smr is bae

  • N00bly2003 .-. 1 week ago

    More uncut

  • GestaNonVerba 1 week ago

    “I don’t think you understand how much all I gave” – Kenny 2k17

  • PhattyMo 1 week ago

    Justin’s motivational book,one page,all caps: “DON’T BE AN ANTIBIOTIC!”

  • Night Rider 1 week ago

    I walked into an Apple store and farted; one of the workers then told me to leave but i said it’s not my fault you don’t have windows.

  • Kitten love 1 week ago

    Hey Kenny you are bae

  • Mason Crosby 1 week ago


  • Simeon Duan 1 week ago

    Why u call it a tarp instead of a trap

  • Maximus Parmentier 1 week ago

    Gucci gang Gucci gang

  • Maxwell Seltzer 1 week ago

    cut that of your recording our SON kek kek kek

  • skidooqueen 143 1 week ago

    Love it! GG

  • Manny The Gamer 1 week ago

    who thinks kenny should teach pvp in a video like so he can see

  • AxaAlex 7 1 week ago

    This is a test. How did you respond to this when this happened and I really want to say that you

    *Read more*

  • Mrhyx Gaming 1 week ago

    nice video kenny

  • RazorLeaf05 Does Mc and more 1 week ago

    For some uncut dick

  • RazorLeaf05 Does Mc and more 1 week ago

    The dicks??

  • RazorLeaf05 Does Mc and more 1 week ago

    You gave him the dicks?

  • RockZtarzGaming -Minecraft & Vlogz 1 week ago

    600th like pls prize… (Minecraft Premium for Christmas)

    Read More…

  • Frederik Skov 1 week ago

    :DDD lololololol

  • EnigmaKA 1 week ago

    When you realize Kenny has been watching a lot of Technoblade lately 😂

  • xItzAceShinx X12 1 week ago

    Good thing he hasent played with me he will get so mad at me XD ign:LeanDipper

  • cool girl bendy and the ink mashen 1 week ago

    I love Minecraft

  • Sage Zeeuw 1 week ago

    U laugh like my grandpa xD!! Ily keep up da good work!!! <3

  • Purple Robot 1 week ago


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