• MooseCraft 4 months ago

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  • Derrick Edwards 4 months ago

    Blue Steve weakness is prismer he can only speak sign’s

  • Tonya Russ 4 months ago

    Why are sheep randomly spawning

  • Gretchen Perez 4 months ago

    U are soooo cool

  • Hamza Hasan Butt 4 months ago

    I can’t see him where plz help

  • Despair Hope 4 months ago

    blue Steve using power tool the using banish

  • gamer Dragon 4 months ago

    I sho him when you and shark was building with wood up Blou Steve stand on one of the trees

  • Isis Quinonez 4 months ago

    Try to get lava

  • Lion Warriar 4 months ago

    i saw him

  • Lion Warriar 4 months ago

    lava and if see him upgraded bow and arows

  • Rabe Ocampo 4 months ago

    i know some seed that you can see a cross the seed is seed

  • gaming with deegan stang 4 months ago

    To get rid of thim is to put it on peaceful

  • Qlowdde Tuano 4 months ago

    I know a secret i saw BLACK steve

  • Qlowdde Tuano 4 months ago

    White steve too

  • Katlego Setai 4 months ago

    Blue Steve will need your help if you trap him

  • Katlego Setai 4 months ago

    Sabre did that and he built something I am not going to spoil it

  • Nikolai Dacapias 4 months ago


  • ITSHandsomeand Pretty 4 months ago

    well i know its cyclone all of the steves!

  • Niciel Macasaet 4 months ago

    Anywhere blue steve goes water follows him

  • TheNewOne Gamer 4 months ago

    i saw white stevenew

  • Niciel Macasaet 4 months ago

    And blue steve is at creative mode

  • Rachel Hade 4 months ago

    Turn into crative and get some lava

  • liam Kiraly 4 months ago

    Whit lava

  • TheNewOne Gamer 4 months ago


  • Biscuits Haze 4 months ago

    No way I saw some water coming out the side off the mountain at the start off the video

  • Roselle Garcia 4 months ago

    Dont watch scary

  • Roselle Garcia 4 months ago

    Red steve

  • Can's Gaming Channel 4 months ago

    Blue Steve’s block could diamond block

  • Leonardo Kurniawan 4 months ago

    Use justice league mod

  • GrandPa GT 4 months ago

    green steve-Emerald
    red steve-Redstone
    Blue steve-Water
    Yellow steve-Gold

    what is next?

  • Xuan Trong 4 months ago


  • Yakoob YoYo 4 months ago

    Pls watch my video and subscribe

  • FlamenGst- Minecraft 4 months ago

    spawn all steves

  • Lhanz Estabillo 4 months ago

    omg mose i found gold steve!! mybe you ganna foun gold steve too

  • gaynor greene 4 months ago

    you could try to turn all the water into obsidian but if you encounter him do it while he is in the water

  • SCOTT_ Raids 4 months ago

    HE is made of water… if its not obvious, then ill tell you. Put him into lava that will turn him completely into stone

  • #Chelsea CHEW 4 months ago

    Did you guys see the blue Steve in the water I did.

  • SCOTT_ Raids 4 months ago

    Think about it. If you put water and lava together, it creates cobble stone or obsidian…. so turn him stone solid

  • SCOTT_ Raids 4 months ago

    By using lava

  • SCOTT_ Raids 4 months ago

    Just hope there is no obsidian…. i tried other Steve’s. Ther is even a bedrock steve

  • Taevion One 4 months ago


  • SCOTT_ Raids 4 months ago

    And my theory is already in the video

  • SCOTT_ Raids 4 months ago


  • khfy lol6466 4 months ago

    I love you

  • Articuno 900 4 months ago

    Tell sabre because he knows how to trap him get a block of lapis in the middle of somewhere then sourond him with prismarin block

  • King Gaming 4 months ago

    The steps to get away from BS ( Blue Steve) :
    Step1:Get away from water
    Step2:Make sure you have. water breathing and night vision poitions.
    Step3:Also get away from snow or ice.
    Step4:Have a aqua infinity helmet, equipped.
    Step5:be sure to be prepared

  • souljah Mahauariki 4 months ago

    You gotta just fight them if that does not work then delete the world

  • Ben Buttle 4 months ago

    Get buckets of lava or trap him in the water temple

  • Gabrielle Santiago 4 months ago

    Moose blue steve has bin an les

  • Karamatallah Ranjbar 4 months ago

    The strongest steve is rainbow steve it is mix steve

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