Minecraft Skyblock season 2! This season we go for a more streamlined


  • Why da fuc My pee pee hard 1 week ago

    How can you say you’re hip if you use an MC hammer reference😭

  • Chess Tauren 1 week ago

    Beef, please play Witcher 3… You loved Kingdom Come, so you’ll absolutely love Witcher 3

  • Arkus _Playz 1 week ago

    Beef can you name your minion Sirloin Steak, like if you agree

  • yrelyk 1 week ago

    I am not a programmer but I am willing to bet that MineSaga has some code that goes like this: if=VintageBeef(givemoregreatthings)

  • Ion Meth 1 week ago

    beef, from what i can see, you can put all the swords on your bar, like 9 swords and wack the endermage and you can not worry about the swappping items

  • BlingBoss KOGMC 1 week ago

    Do /kits and click on legendary for treasure kit. U get 20 legedary Kees and lots of cool blocks!

  • Darren Ridor 1 week ago

    Minions don’t load spawners. They are for loading a farm like your cactus farm from last season but I think that is broken right now.

  • EndersHost 1 week ago

    Just have the hopper go In to a droper that is set set up with a repeating pulse that turns on when it has items in it

  • Sarim Sohail 1 week ago

    Move the golem spawner upwards by 2 blocks it will improve the rates because it will take the golems out of the spawner range which will allow more golems to spawn rapidly

  • Mellow 1 week ago

    Could you not have just shift q to drop stuff out you inventory instead of drag and drop?? or have they taken that out of the game??

  • Teddy 1 week ago

    It should totally be named Filet Mignon/Minion.

  • Levi Werner - Unexpectedly Random 1 week ago

    Hey Beef, Can you go back and finish Ni No Kuni 2? We were left with quite the cliffhanger…. 🙂

  • FaithfulMC 1 week ago

    No way their real slogan is “everything is easier on a mac” that is the dumbest slogan I have ever heard. Most things are way harder on a mac. If you’re Minesaga, please for the love of god, adopt one of beefs’ slogans, they are better.

  • Pluff Daddy 1 week ago

    What you should do is nake your blaze grinder near your ig so you can be next to you ig and also next to your blaze making both spawners spawn in

  • lordchaos52 1 week ago

    Thanks for the end portals beef. They bumped my island to finally be over 10k so they were well needed

  • Brandon M 1 week ago

    Should make these hour long episodes

  • Nero Zashi 1 week ago

    VintageBeef You only want Blaze Spawners for XP and IronGolems for Money just to let ya know dude 😀
    and go Nutz and get as meny Minions as Possible 😀
    PS: Awesome Episode 😀

  • Ayden Manson 1 week ago

    Vintagebeef play memories of mars

  • ashley cheung 1 week ago

    BEEEEEF! Have you seen the new last of us 2 gameplay trailer?!!?!?!?!?

  • Nyphestotel 1 week ago

    got Treasure kit today too))

  • CircleRunners 1 week ago

    veinminer jokes at it again xD

  • Zinba 1 week ago

    Minions don’t chunk load spawners.

  • humane monkey303 1 week ago

    Lol beef use the explosive pick too lmao

  • humane monkey303 1 week ago

    Beef if u push items into the chunk will they be collected

  • humane monkey303 1 week ago

    BEEF I would suggest placing minons on the cornerish edges so they might be able to keep more then one active unless they have a good operating range

  • Håkon K 1 week ago

    Minions dont activate spawners, they just load the chunk

  • Dielie MCR 1 week ago

    You finally got your minion. Good one hey maybe i’ll try it again some time.

  • Richard Rudman 1 week ago

    He was a level one minion, now he is level two.

  • LC Silk 1 week ago

    There is veinminer bro lmfao it’s called Fastplace also make your spawn minions kill your creeper/ skeletons etc they give xp for exp shop and you’ll get rich easily. Np for the advice.

  • Hallideadly est 1 week ago

    water on the floor of your IG spawner to wash the golems toward the hopper, no more chunk worries

  • Ramian Smith 1 week ago

    ” Believe or not I have a hard time putting it in the middle”
    – VintageBeef

  • ParadoxedHope 1 week ago

    Would it work to link the fuel section of a furnace to draw out and burn the bows?

  • Yesits Kam 1 week ago

    I like the purple

  • L Jay 1 week ago

    Your platforms look like that game Don’t Break the Ice. 🙂

  • BangDroid 1 week ago

    Excited Beef is excited.

    love it!

  • PlatypusVomit 6 days ago

    Beef, the EnderMage can fall off your island. Mine swapped my sword for a multipick as I clicked to attack, and i mined a 3×3 hole in the floor, letting him fall into the void. If that happens, don’t TP away from your island until his gubbins appear in your inventory. He dies in the void and you get the stuff anyway, but it can take up to 15 mins for the stuff to appear and if you TP away you won’t get it.

  • G4m3r K1tty3 6 days ago

    He can’t load spawners beef. You can make a cobble gen and set him up to mine…then set the void you have next to him and link him to that. Sells everything in it and you’ll get lil bits of xp

  • CrafterMan 135 6 days ago

    Episode 4 and he already has a minion

  • Kingdom's Rebellion 6 days ago

    Wish u did more of these bids and less conan

  • MISTERAMD 6 days ago

    Love the series Beef!

  • AbsolutePicks 6 days ago

    He never wonders why end portals sell for so much and so fast. Why not make an end portal?

  • Milk Shake99 6 days ago

    16:10 I like that *hmm*

  • Kryocore Gaming 6 days ago

    You should think about moving the lava up one block, it works better to only have golems heads burning. Less items burned.

  • Etcchi 6 days ago

    Something to consider with the tier 1-3 hoppers. They will pick up items anywhere within the chunk. Including any height. The t1 or t2 hoppers are great for a item elevator. Not that this is very useful with autosell things xD but just something to consider

  • Jer ome 6 days ago

    Beef, you should play Jurassic world evolution!

  • Muhammad Saeed Thomas 5 days ago

    whatever happened to life in the woods renaissance i was just watching it its completely sensational u randomly stopped at ep 71 when it was getting real good and i was shook bcz it was literally my fav thing to watch on youtube ???????…… :(…

  • Enrique mas 5 days ago

    Give the minion pauseunpause’s head and give another minion ethos’s head we need team Canada back

  • Drew Thomas 5 days ago

    I think you should call your minion MINI-BEE, lol

  • Anthony Wetzel 5 days ago

    I dont know if youve seen other comments beef, but minions do not activate spawners. They only keep the chunks loaded and can mine blocks/kill mobs.

  • Prepared Elite 5 days ago

    Guys there was a game called ni no kuni 2 witch was a JRPG hack n’ slash, a real time strategy, a dungeon raider and a civilization building game all roled into one with an added bonus of beautiful animation. Unfortunately just like other seires Vintagebeef has started he never finished because of low views. So if you’d please check out the seires and like the videos maybe he will start playing it again.

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