A new episode of our Minecraft Pokemon Mod Pixelmon Island SMP!


  • XxFlightxX 5 months ago

    yall should really get new youtubers or up and comers to join the series like pixelmon and h2m instead of all these bigger youtubers that quit every season. lachlan in h4m, mitch (everything), ali-a, and others shouldnt even be invited anymore

  • Ethan Toast 5 months ago

    That was a fast series

  • Vishwam c.k 5 months ago

    do fortnite plsssssssssssss

  • Conor Dodd 5 months ago

    Fire blast on houndoom

  • Pranay Arora 5 months ago


  • Oliver Shaw 5 months ago

    I swear vikk has a choice item in his chest

  • leo Oduor 5 months ago

    Vikk is so sexist no female pokemon what a cunt😣

  • Thaarugan Manoharan 5 months ago

    vik get over heat on the houndoom it may have less accuracy but the power is worth it

  • Parkzy 2 5 months ago

    Wheres the stealth rocks

  • French Fries 5 months ago

    32:33 pidgey level 37???

  • Asif Hussain 5 months ago

    your not giving enough special attack on houndoom

  • C4h Almarzooqi 5 months ago

    Wut you know about mr steal your TM

  • Blue lightning 5 months ago

    lachlan is going to win because vick doesn’t even have speed evs on half of his pokémon

  • SniperGuard [ Playz 5 months ago

    Mitch has focus blast everyone like this

  • neo mc2 restoner 5 months ago

    Vick try getting mined reder on alakazam and sub to me

  • woooah skkrt 5 months ago

    Your stern chat is so dumb, close combat is not meant to be a solo move. Heracross’ tanking ability is completely nullified with one move and will get taken out by any effective move

  • Jack Hellerer 5 months ago

    Bill tomorrow is my birthday can u say happy birthday jack ok tomorrow’s video

  • GTA Gaming 5 months ago

    Get your orb full

  • Arsalaan Mahmoood 5 months ago

    Choice scarf on alakzaam

  • Cat_are_cool 5 months ago

    What happened to the og bois like will

  • Tim Klaassen 5 months ago

    When is the tournament starting?

  • Preneshan Reddy 5 months ago

    Nasty Plot on Houndoom if he can get it off he sweeps just like calm mind on alakazam

  • Preneshan Reddy 5 months ago

    Also if Houndoom is immune to physic and takes half dam from ghost but weak to fighting ground rock water and fairy

  • Joshua Brown 5 months ago


  • Motocross85 5 months ago

    Get a level 100, so quiff doesnt 1shot all your pokemon again

  • YT JABES 5 months ago

    Whose better medichamp or Heracross???

  • sebastian peake 5 months ago

    teach houndoom hyper beam or solar beam

  • Fernando Ocampo 5 months ago

    Vikk why don’t u have side have a team of what ev’s u need and have a duel and u will get ev’s faster

  • Animatic games 5 months ago

    vikk when they add gen 4 catch darkrai he is one of the best dark type

  • jonny henderson 5 months ago

    I love you vik ive been subbed since 500k

  • angel 5 months ago

    You should ban wiki use during the tournament or at least put a time limit on your turn Just to keep things more interesting and more Pokemon-esk if that makes sense

  • Alza Msd 5 months ago


  • Jonathan Aig 5 months ago

    yoo hoo

  • Andrew Keovorabouth 5 months ago

    Vikk if you get a mewtwo get a pokemon editor its what frostdaye had and put mind reader and guillotine on your mewtwo and here’s why mind reader makes it so your next attack never misses and what guillotine does it has a 30% accuracy to hit and do one hit KO so when you use mind reader and guillotine it kills them everytime and never missses and get sleep powder and dream eater these are the best combo on any pokemon only if you have a pokemon editor.

  • Alyson Brown 5 months ago

    Teach houndoom solar beam

  • Jonathan Aig 5 months ago

    when i is the stream on sunday

  • Daniel Spaven 5 months ago

    Vick your gonna reck

  • scrub mcnub 5 months ago

    Medic Ham, Alrighty then.

  • Liam Thomas 5 months ago

    Why do people say to use thunder fang on houndoom surely a special attack thunder move would be more effective?

  • BigJuicyBear 98 5 months ago

    Vikk actually willing to trade a masterball for two TM’s… this just proves how dumb/retarded a trainer he is in pixelmon…

  • scrub mcnub 5 months ago

    Bruv you did not just sell swords dance for shadow ball.

  • F Master212121 5 months ago

    Yo vik has Ali been on the server

  • Kevin Dufour 5 months ago

    brick break

  • Kevin Dufour 5 months ago

    try using rare candys

  • Kevin Dufour 5 months ago

    do drain punch

  • Kevin Dufour 5 months ago

    use the megastone

  • Kiara Blaylock 5 months ago

    When he actually reads your comments and does what you asked. Thanks for moving the Pixelmon logo, Vik ❤️

  • xXgolden_arrowXx 5 months ago


  • Best music playlists youtube 5 months ago

    Pls Learn types, Bug kills Psychic, so does Dark, therefor you don’t need Dark type moves on Heracross. Play showdown in your spare time, helps so much.

  • Best music playlists youtube 5 months ago

    When you skip 10 minutes of “power leveling” and he literally doesn’t get a level.

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