• Luke TLLM 2 weeks ago

    I am your biggest FAN!!!!!!!!!!

  • Luke TLLM 2 weeks ago

    Me:Mom , dad………..CAN BUY ME A NEW PHONE!!!!!!!????????

  • The Ice Type Trainer Josh 2 weeks ago

    What do you make your intro with

  • TheKazkasTM 2 weeks ago

    How download it??

  • electrogamerfiver 360 2 weeks ago


  • raven arila 2 weeks ago

    to tame a parrot give it a cookie

  • DisXteR 2 weeks ago

    use tame just some seed

  • Cameron Duval 2 weeks ago

    It’s not the final… They are going to have an update where they texture everything

  • firestormagamer YT 2 weeks ago


  • Stefanie Powers 2 weeks ago

    How you take parrots::::with cookies and I think if they didn’t add it in for the last update they can probably sit on your shoulder well two I think can idk if they added it in the last update so yeah bye

  • cupcakecake cookie yum 2 weeks ago


  • Double trouble 2 weeks ago


  • Dylan Mcmahon 2 weeks ago

    To tame it fuse seeds

  • Alberto Mai 2 weeks ago

    you tame them with cookies

  • Vaughn Pineda 2 weeks ago

    tame them with cookies

  • Puppy_Luna Minecraft 2 weeks ago

    14:15 Parrot; no no *shakes head* XD how could someone miss that?

  • Leonarde Peña 2 weeks ago

    the parrots can dance put a music and play it they will dance dont tame them cookies im warning you

  • Leonarde Peña 2 weeks ago

    (• _•)
    take my cookie 😀

  • Gamer Craft103 2 weeks ago

    use pumpkin seed to tame the parrots!

  • Ivan Bordeos 2 weeks ago

    This Video Make Me IId94Je139K(Jealous) i dislike that video. 😢

  • Hector Padilla 2 weeks ago

    That lisp tho

  • Jaydon Lopez 2 weeks ago

    You need cookies to tame parrots

  • Jaydon Lopez 2 weeks ago

    Sorry it is seeds to tame parrots… Cookies give them poisoning

  • Dylan Deckard 2 weeks ago

    Use seeds wheat seeds

  • Donna Johnston 2 weeks ago


  • Wiwik Wanitaningsih 2 weeks ago

    Baru tau bro

  • yosafat gg 2 weeks ago

    I want banner stained glass and armor stand

  • yosafat gg 2 weeks ago

    You can make banner picture brick by crafting with brick

  • yosafat gg 2 weeks ago

    parrot can dance with music disc the red one on judeboxe

  • Tammy Wong 2 weeks ago

    I didn’t get the new update,I already update it 1.2 but I didn’t get new stuff.

  • CRAZY CHEEZ 2 weeks ago

    what country dose aa12 live in cause the update hasn’t came for me yet!!!

  • Eajay Bathan 2 weeks ago

    AA12 where do you download your mcpe version?

  • Ayeeza Gamer 2 weeks ago

    Best upadate😍😍😘😘

  • MEGA PEKKA 2 weeks ago


  • Mario Enriquez 2 weeks ago

    Use seeds to tame parrots kids (and AA12)

  • Killerboy3408 and Killerboy3407 Killerboy3406 2 weeks ago

    Please sub to me I will sub back😢😢😢

  • Nicholas Rafael Gunawan 2 weeks ago
  • Nicholas Rafael Gunawan 2 weeks ago


  • seth soliman 2 weeks ago

    I know Cookie

  • GamingWith Kyra 2 weeks ago

    I have that version too

  • Fiona_Is_Back 707 2 weeks ago

    when Herobrine

  • Miggy Casao 2 weeks ago

    when you feed it cookie it will have poison

  • Red Panda 2 weeks ago

    I hope you guys slap and take a knife and kill that like button until the like button will turning into blue so subscribe to AA12 too.

  • Helen Carew 2 weeks ago

    you tame parrots with norm seeds

  • TonyTrix10 _ 2 weeks ago

    how to get license

  • greenz ninja 2 weeks ago

    AA12 you have missed shield

  • MR. FTFIS TV 2 weeks ago


  • MR. FTFIS TV 2 weeks ago


  • MR. FTFIS TV 2 weeks ago


  • Kyzoblade 2 weeks ago


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