• Jacob Jones 2 weeks ago

    Well this is a shape.

  • Cynthia Schwab 2 weeks ago

    Have docm77 visit please.

  • ThunderMouse Mc 2 weeks ago

    You could use a day light sensor so if they will get stuck after some time they will fall and so the piston isn’t extended for a full day you can do something like this day light sensor -repeater – block- piston facing upwards under the block- repeater and connect it to the piston that will push the pig.

  • timbow slice 2 weeks ago

    Ya it’s a shape alright lmao

  • David Fails 2 weeks ago

    Beef, you could build a little Silo round the pig cooker and have the silo right beside the house, just surround the thing in either iron blocks or something else

  • Loke Lundgren 2 weeks ago

    You could probably use water instead of pistons (not water shooting out of dispensers)

  • Shiro Zidori 2 weeks ago

    Here’s some tips.

    1. Extend the amount of string, according to the amount of spawn blocks, example would be the grass, where the string was placed.
    It’s the reason why the string wasn’t able to remain suspended.
    Since you only had a single spawn block the string broke. Tripwire hooks require 4 blocks, 2 blocks of air between them is needed for the string alone, and the remaining 2 are for the hooks. if you want the string to be airborne, make sure the string has enough length to pull the hooks.
    Think of it as, Stressing out the thread, if a cord is too short, if it’s pulled, it’ll break easily. If it’s long, it’ll have some amount of density before ripping apart.

    2. Placing more grass blocks, with a high light level, will maximize spawn rates. Only for passive mob spawners though.

    3. Raise the level of lava blocks by 1, you’re giving the machine a possibility to lose profits from flying pork.
    Raising the lava, will also give the pigs sufficient time to burn.

    4. Holding a carrot, or using two trap doors on 2 open holes, will cause them to run on their own, due to path finding being odd.

    5. You don’t need to use sticky pistons with your current design, although your previous design, was good, your knowledge of Redstone tricked you though.
    Since we’re on the subject of pistons, you don’t have to use a pick to break them quickly, you can actually just punch them at the same speed as a pick, even with Efficiency 5.

    6. As you had seen, pistons do break string. a more user friendly working design would be to have the sticky pistons, move the grass blocks, when the pigs spawn on top of them, rather than moving the pigs themselves. Removing the floor, avoiding the String from being broken by using my first too above, and still dropping them to their designated area.

    Hope this helps.

  • The only time it works its most efficient, is when hes in the clutches of the trap; Only to fall into the lava.

  • Cyberra 01 2 weeks ago

    Pigs are 1 high by 2 long. Notch got the dimensions mixed up when he was creating the model and the resulting thing became the iconic Creeper. That’s why it looks the way it does. It was originally a pig model that had had its height and length reversed.

    Set up a button to trigger the pistons using a button at the bottom?

  • _littlemei_ 2 weeks ago

    i like the furnace one

  • Bharat Vaid 2 weeks ago

    So enthusiastic 1 sub

  • Jake's Channel 2 weeks ago

    Beef just pop in a emergency button that you can press when they spawn like that, lovin skyblock aswell!! It’s my fav series atm! ❤️

  • Puritan 74 2 weeks ago

    Hi Beef -I would just connect a button where you can reach it so you can manually activate the pistons when the pigs get stuck.

  • Seno Aji Nugroho 2 weeks ago

    Just hold carrot when its happen if its happen every time than its not working

  • Robert 2 weeks ago

    You could put a dropper hooked up on a daylight sensor thingy, and have it drop a cobblestone. Items activate tripwire hooks, i think! Try it.

  • Chokkan キーボー道 2 weeks ago

    That’s how Beef lost his family friendly image. 🙂

  • Edilia Rodrigues 2 weeks ago

    Take down the chicken farm is so usless

  • - Mechanoid - 2 weeks ago

    change the rotation of your contraption, the might keep spawning towards north.

  • Nero Zashi 2 weeks ago

    VintageBeef – Please use Fly, If you agree Like This Comment 😀

  • Gnosis 2 weeks ago

    That was a really weird answer to: Why don’t you just fly? 2:37

  • DIVER808 DelaCruz 2 weeks ago

    I say keep the furnace

  • DIVER808 DelaCruz 2 weeks ago

    “OMG beef ur so stupid just fly”

  • adam moulis 2 weeks ago

    there is a despawn time for example 5 mins, even if it has 50% for pigs to touch the wire and actually get burnt its still a success. since it restarts

  • Dmitriy Ten 2 weeks ago

    Try to put pistons 1 block back and put half slab on upper part of piston. And make it work from pressplate

  • Butttwhiskers ! 2 weeks ago

    I think it is an amazing contraption. 🙂

  • sam bogaert 2 weeks ago

    The shape was a creeper

  • Pickett22 2 weeks ago

    Do observers sense mobs? If so, you could try that instead of the string since the string is being weird. Otherwise…. IDK, call Etho? haha

  • obsdark 2 weeks ago

    just add a clock to the contraction so the pistons work because of tripwire or the clock, set it to two minutes for maximun efficiency

  • Michael Yick 2 weeks ago

    Nice Shape

  • Devin_The_Boss 2 weeks ago

    Beef try putting cactus were the grasd is so they die fir the pig spawner

  • Ilona L. 2 weeks ago

    I’d just put a button there tbh.

  • ronald popkiss 2 weeks ago

    Use a carrot

  • Daniel Zilkic 2 weeks ago

    just put a manual button on the pig spawner to push them down whenever you notice them accumulating

  • Ion Meth 2 weeks ago

    the pigs seems to always spawn in one direction, what if you turn the orentation of the trap?

  • TechtonixZi 2 weeks ago


  • SDWNJ 2 weeks ago

    What is under the chicken that is supposed to burn? Maybe something like a trap door is needed to raise the chicken slightly.

  • Sancarn 2 weeks ago

    Back in that version tripwire would pop off when the block it was standing on went from opaque to transparent. The solution is to use a shifting floor.

    I would advise a shifting floor using grass and soul sand. Shift it forwards and backwards each time. They are guaranteed to fall through due to the lower level soul sand. I think that should work

  • Bsharkgaming 2 weeks ago

    You should totally teach Etho all these new redstone skills you’ve acquired

  • - yomamasnuggets 2 weeks ago

    Your stickey piston is pulling the string. use a regular piston

  • Paddy Lovell 2 weeks ago

    You should have the pig farm as a silo and a farm house next to it

  • SericksGaming 2 weeks ago

    Beef move the tripwire hooks further apart so the string will float above the block

  • Noah Wilson 2 weeks ago

    fernakel pistint

  • Martin Mende 2 weeks ago

    Best so far

  • RadenMT 2 weeks ago

    add emergency button for when the pigs don’t activate the tripwire. and the leaves look a lot better at least for me

  • Sanity016 2 weeks ago

    connect the redstone line to an etho hopper clock to send a pulse once every few minutes to collect the pigs that spawn parallel to the spawners.

  • Joshua Poon 2 weeks ago

    Perfect shape

  • SoG Watchman 2 weeks ago

    You could simplify it to a clock, use a daylight sensor to just clear it a couple times a day, or just add a button to the one of the gold blocks on the left side. If you see the pigs stuck hit the button to fire the pistons manually.

  • PiroSly Productions 2 weeks ago

    @VintageBeef notice how everytime the pigs spawn they face the same direction in-between the glass, instead of pushing the pigs from their sides try moving the block of grass to a different side of the tube so that the pigs will face out towards the tube. also the pigs should always spawn in the same linear direction, north to south or east to west (i cant remember which it is tho) so practically im telling you it should fix it if you were to rotate it 90 degrees around the main tube. This should change the hitbox detection on the trip wire meaning 100 or 99% of the time the pigs will be pushed.

  • robodos 2 weeks ago

    You get all those arrows from the skeleton farm, put them in a dispenser that fires arrows and knocks the pigs off into the lava. Like this so Beef sees it please!

  • 9FingerGaming 2 weeks ago

    cant you use an observer? just out of curiosity? not actually been watching the series sorry, but thought id offer a possible solution to your problem, no need for tripwires

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