Today we play Modded Hunger Games with crazy new weapons!
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  • Gavin Brice 6 months ago

    WHERES THE GTA???????????

  • Random Stuff 6 months ago

    Jerome, today I’ve been having ear aches with dizziness and vomiting and I have just recently found out I’ve perforated my ear drum and it’s going to take about 2-3 weeks to heal and its means on my holiday to anglesea in uk I can’t go in the water and that is the main thing I’m supposed to be doing but you always brighten my day and make me smile, thank you.

  • jaydog wright21 6 months ago

    Where’s the third stream

  • TheREliteGmer YT 6 months ago


  • Andre Amarga 6 months ago

    jerome do spleef w minigun explosive amm

  • helmet boy280 6 months ago

    Jerome has mini uzi ammo I quit life

  • FoxxGameing2000 and vlogs 6 months ago

    why no new map man

  • W_DGaster The man who speaks in hands. 6 months ago

    Thing is they could easily just play minestrike hunger games on mineplex xd

  • jen roberts 6 months ago

    Do a troll w

  • jen roberts 6 months ago

    Modded HG

  • jen roberts 6 months ago


  • jen roberts 6 months ago


  • Jesse Does Pokemon Card Openings and More 6 months ago

    What gun mod do you use

  • James Rice Productions 6 months ago

    Plz new map also different gun mod. U know with the Einstein and other laser guns. Like so jerome see

  • JoshuaGamingMCPE 6 months ago

    WHERES TEWTIY!?!?!?!?!

  • Sandy Jenkins 6 months ago

    hey help me get 100,000,000 subs with no vids

  • 이현정 6 months ago

    I love this minigames

  • Olaf Gołąb 6 months ago

    You should tell Bean to remove the Iron Gollem Pet. It is even more OP than Barrett .5 Cal with explosive ammo and Minigun with Explosive ammo.
    Up to 50 ❤s (100HP)

  • G gamer 6 months ago

    Jerome prank somebody in modded HG
    Prank idea spawned stems without them notices

  • Alexander Elderhorst 6 months ago

    after last game with tewtiy you’d think the ig pet would be banned. well a 1 shot weapon you needa aim with is banned but something that makes you invincible is totally fine.

  • Jack Vlogs 6 months ago

    All my friends are bread push me in the toaster

  • Wither Slayer G 6 months ago


  • aedyn mcanarney 6 months ago

    its so boring the whole modded name doesnt apply because all of the modded item dont fucking work

  • 2kents The clasher 6 months ago

    Play nations general Jerome

  • hi2111111111111111 6 months ago

    i think sigles is crashing do to nvidia

  • rikki 6 months ago

    cops and robbers

  • Xx_Super_hyper-coffee_xX I 6 months ago

    Ben ten more like Ben England is my city amirite

  • cody sellers 6 months ago

    Please do more of these i really love these

  • progamer ZG 6 months ago

    Do this in uhc

  • Chrome Builder 6 months ago

    What happened to tewity


    How about using the gravity gun to drown people, aye!

  • ShadowScape 6 months ago

    What mods were used?

  • Kirito 6 months ago

    3:44-54:02=the best part of the show

  • Illissa Davis 6 months ago

    Ban pets

  • James Reed 6 months ago

    i’d like to see grappling hooks in this.

  • trevorstaples1 6 months ago

    Bens nasty

  • ninja gamer 6 months ago

    All of us are bread.
    Push the baca to the fence.
    Beacuse it doesn ‘t rime with red.
     And he has a mouse dirty and fed.

  • 55561shark !!!!! 6 months ago

    Banned over powerd inventory pets

  • Ben Storm 6 months ago

    Bacca But shampoo

  • Elliott Bove 6 months ago

    Hope everyone has a awesome day 😛😋😜😝

  • Jake Latimer 6 months ago

    Get the nucluler explosions mod and get the hack 22 /nuke

  • avneel 6 months ago

    can you do another tnt canen

  • TomiS 6 months ago

    Jerome you should ban golem pet and slime pet to op

  • TheOpGamer 1st 6 months ago

    Inventory pets should honestly be banned

  • Uan Quimpo 6 months ago

    35:20 Jerome Is That One Guy Who Will Bring Betty The Axe On A Contest Of The Prettiest Sword

  • Ryan Inglis 6 months ago

    11 hours late new record 😃😃

  • Ryan Inglis 6 months ago

    You s Dasha a little girl ?

  • K'joor The Killer 6 months ago

    Awesome video

  • Anthony Normand 6 months ago

    What gun mod are they using

  • DigitalGamer123 Unknown 6 months ago

    Change map plz

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