• FrediSaalAnimations 1 week ago

    Happy New Year Everyone!!✨🎇😇 I did not have time yet to finish my next Animation, but expect it to be done somewhen next month! I decided to upload a 1 Hour Version of “Fight With Me” because i know that some people really like them, and because the original Video did not quite get as many views as I was hoping so this will hopefully get me a little bit of additional Revenue which i think this video does deserve (It really took me half a year to make this…) 😔

    Making-of will be done this month and uploaded on my FrediSaal Channel!
    I hope you can understand and are looking forward to my next Animations, they’re on the way!! Thanks for all the Support my Seagulls!🙉

  • X_Natalia_X Game 1 week ago

    Yey 😀 thx

  • CreatorMystic 1 week ago


  • # Miss # 1 week ago

    Yey…. My favorite music)))) 😀

  • Dewa Airo 1 week ago

    make again dong that further asked

  • Panda Baronnetjes 1 week ago

    second like plz say someting i am your biggest fan from the netherlands

  • Loganna Gaming //Dont Death K Me\ Da Guitarist 1 week ago


  • Master Herobrine 1 week ago


  • Alev_HD 1 week ago

    Heeeyyy myyy frieeennndddd

  • Ender Animações 1 week ago


  • COLD 1 week ago

    Hello m8! I was the one from your live stream. I was jack the wolf and I asked you if you could say my name

  • Ag Player 1 week ago


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  • alexsialtele laser gaming 1 week ago


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  • Eyzar 1 week ago

    Woowww you animations is awesome

  • Kardeşler GamerTR 1 week ago

    I’m installed in 10 hours?

  • Adam Hall 1 week ago

    I love Minecraft animations

  • Vergurs najjači 1 week ago

    Cool video man im love clash of clans. You good! Like!

  • Gamekinght 999 1 week ago

    Love this song

  • Mihai_YT Eminescu 1 week ago

    Hey, Thx for 1 Hour!
    I still love this 😀
    This song is Amazing

  • Tasnim Rahman 1 week ago

    I fall in love with this song

  • Dj Glitter buns 1 week ago

    This is amazing

  • LeCaribouSauvage 1 week ago

    Oh wait, walls lvl 5, there is the queen… hummmm BUYER 😜

  • Tuxedo Steve 1 week ago

    Dont Remind me on Clash of clans or Clash Royal

  • Привет я Игорь 1 week ago


  • Orion Watkins 1 week ago

    Why are tou,making us watch enshine die foe an hour :(………

  • TheNight Gamer 1 week ago


  • rykid Pandaman101 1 week ago

    why a one hour video I already listen to it one hour a day

  • Marissa Mojarra 1 week ago

    Lol now I don’t have to keep pressing replay all day! Keep up the amazing work guys!

  • BlueAssassin Gaming 1 week ago


  • SKULLUKS 1 week ago

    You did a really nice Job on this Animation/Song.

    PS. You can Download the Clash Royal Arena here.

  • Gaming Kind 1 week ago

    Bad news im using android i cant but the song and skydoesminecraft delete his channel
    Good news its also on spotify and i also have spotify
    i love your videos fredi ❤

  • Kholifah Ifa 1 week ago

    Kok di baleni

  • Mayday Air Crash Investigation 1 week ago

    N ew  G ems   H ack!  – visitstreamer.com/clashofclanshack?266982

  • jasonlee famacion 1 week ago

    i love his videos i will like in put the bill in subscribe ;D

  • Kevingonzales A 1 week ago

    Hola soy nuevo en el canal y quisiera saber el nombré de la canción por favor

  • Fazli Ihsan 1 week ago

    Halo abang abang inggris semuanya

  • Minefox02 MC 1 week ago

    Still love it! Amazing! 😀
    ^-^ ❤

    Du bist der beste <3

    I love Minecraft Animations❤

  • Nicole Bergdoll 1 week ago

    WOW Fredi du hast dich selbst übertroffen ♡ woooooooooooowww amazing awesome 😜👍❣

  • Enes Şaban Tekeş 1 week ago

    Turkish translate add plz

  • magisches TOAST 1 week ago

    It mehr the TOAST 🍞


  • Munich's Cartoon Channel V 1 week ago

    WOAH DUDE this is *Crazy and this is a movie*

  • Bastii BeatBox 1 week ago


  • John Eberhart 1 week ago

    U pdated  C heat    F or  G ems   Guys!   –  visitstreamer.com/clashofclanshack?268391

  • firefist 414 1 week ago

    This is a work of art

  • Gabby Medrano 1 week ago

    One long song later

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  • Wolfy Starlight 1 week ago

    Why does shine have to die?

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