• Dale Sedlmayr 1 month ago

    Spud’s squid service needs to make a comeback Beef

  • Tyler Nunes 1 month ago

    Omg that tunnel looks like a tentacle from an octopus

  • Dale Sedlmayr 1 month ago

    you should remake the lilly pad from the Mindcrack server

  • Robert 1 month ago


  • Owl Boi 1 month ago

    Beef! just got a great idea for your lake that you are waiting for 1.13 on, make it turtle based! Have the island be nearly (if not all) sand and breed turtles there!

  • Dérick Viana 1 month ago

    Your houses look better without the afro roofs. The pink house looks a lot better than the blue one cause the “earth” brown from Terracota, it blends better with the surroundings. Also the holes on the land bridge look awful with the quartz. Why not making different types of mushrooms for the houses instead of all the “same” toadstool stuff ?

  • TheMinecraftMonkey 1 month ago

    I like quartz blocks too, but I think those round openings would look a bit more natural if you used Polished Andesite blocks. Line the inside of the tunnels with quartz. Try it!

  • Clarrissa Klein 1 month ago

    You should make holes in the side walls between the lakes having water come out like a piping system

  • DasVERMiT 1 month ago

    You should put lights in the bottom of your lake. I think it would look really cool and whimsical at night with it lit from underneath the water!

  • Ember 129 1 month ago

    Uh… I’m guessing 290!

  • BrotherBrick Studios 1 month ago

    can you do it on insta plz

  • Enderman Window 1 month ago

    Hey beef just wanted to tell you that your are the BEST BEEF ever much Canadian love from me to you and stay strong and beef on?!? Have a good night I really need some sleep

  • Ancient turtle power 1 month ago

    Can you plz make a into the woods 3 man!

  • SHADOWCOW MOOO 1 month ago

    Darn i said 297 quartz

  • Max Lambrechts 1 month ago

    The landbridge now kinda looks like a big tentacle with those rings for suctioncups! It’s wimsacle indeed!!!

  • Jessi C. 1 month ago

    Beef! You should make the tunnels in the land bridge different colors inside to match the theme too! And maybe a frog or toad somewhere on the island would be nice 😀

  • Kody Balk 1 month ago

    I guessed 281 i was 9 off im po

  • Fanalama 1 month ago

    Watched you move from the crack to Hermitcraft and your space base and this series feels so light and fun! Best choice ever to start this server!

  • Tiny Fireball 1 month ago

    C’mon! I guessed 291 ;(

  • JecKleGT 1 month ago

    Hey beef i love your work and just want to give you a suggestion:) did you ever consider using some prismarine blocks of sorts especially along with some water features i think it could be cool and maybe use netherwart as actual “flowers” for toad island much love and support from montana

  • Chaos Commentz 1 month ago

    Make a minecraft bus series for the series called VB Endadragin

  • Makaveli The Don 1 month ago

    Use concrete or terracota to decorate the holes

  • Aila Ray 1 month ago

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  • Nathan Amico 1 month ago

    Remember how easy bone blocks are to get for your columns, they will give contrast to the quartz you already have (dirty quartz)

  • Darth Nerdist 1 month ago

    Beef, try insetting the rings to the tunnels. They look kinda chunky with them jutting out like that.

  • jonooh 1 month ago


  • KoPHuLLloH 1 month ago

    i’d say that the ring to the right from the bridge would be better looking 1 block higher

  • Mad_Happy Plays 1 month ago

    Beef, when 1.13 comes out, will you update to it?

  • Gilax Man 1 month ago

    Build looks amazing.

  • Big Scarz 1 month ago

    Hey beef since this is a Toad island, the holes in the walls can be represented as the green pipes from super Mario

  • Fisnik Haziri 1 month ago

    What noo WHY :O i swear i said 219 i mean comon :”(

  • BLUE KNIGHT 1 month ago

    hi VintageBeef are going back to CONAN EXILES ?

  • the forest coming back this april on it’s release?

  • William Hudson 1 month ago

    nice but should of made the mushroom in the air and the roots holding the mushroom up like those trees

  • AntZ_K 1 month ago

    make floating bloons all above the island and make it seem that they are mushrooms from the top part and that they are coming to ur island

  • TRAV OPENS 1 month ago

    blazing saddles reference

  • I Just Subscribed 1 month ago

    No I guessed 281

  • MegaGran 1 month ago

    The small buildings on my desert are adapted by RIZZIAL from the small NPC villager building. Great video Beef I’m loving them. So much interesting content, and so many players involved….it’s great!!

  • Druman19 1 month ago


  • ISOClany 1 month ago

    290 :3

  • Baller 1 month ago

    Beef, did you have a series where you had like a modpack wich made u like build and upgrade castles and stuff like that? You had to sometimes fight nearby enemies from attacking the castle aswell if I remember correct. If so, could you please tell me the name of it. Thanks.

  • Josh Olson 1 month ago

    not 100% positive what day you recorded this beef, but school is back in session. The reason no one is on around 9:30am is because theyre in class lol OR at work

  • You should make a mini cave in your island with like glowing mushrooms!

  • Dragongeddon 1 month ago

    0:22 better for you that he’s not watching

  • Jackie Collins 1 month ago

    what if you don’t have twitter?

  • Micah Massey 1 month ago

    U should put sea lanterns on the bottom of the lake

  • Fish13Sea 1 month ago

    Hey Beef, I was wondering if sometimes – not all the time, if instead of giving away games for the guessing game, you could give away a whitelist to the server

  • Wagzal 1 month ago

    Hey i see you totodile did you see me i believe you saved me

  • The Gaming Bondy 1 month ago

    Vintagebeef I was think where you have put the holes for your land bridge for the holes that don’t have water flowing through them put coloured stained glass with lava behind it would look really neat or make little rooms down there with glass windows or make them into animal pens

  • I think the quartz lining is way to bulgy. I would make it an inlay.

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