How To Minecraft Season 4. An SMP series. Enjoy!
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  • Brogan The beast 7 months ago

    U used 200k to repair ur God set

  • Adam Tazi 7 months ago

    trick Rob into ruining a good pickaxe by convincing him to put that furnace book on it 😛

    it would be a funny troll.

    Love yer videos 😛

  • Vik try to trade books you don’t need (like molten 3) to speed and side for other books of similar level.

  • Jacob Kaastrup 7 months ago

    You might not be able to put stuff without custom enchants in to the blacksmith?

  • ultrajas99 7 months ago

    vik you had like 14 hearts now u have like 20 after the dungeon wth

  • MrHuntb 7 months ago


  • Kimie Zero 7 months ago

    Basically u need Doctor 3,Splash potion of poison and Splash potion of slowness(i guess) and u will be Ana from Overwatch in Minecraft

  • Joseph Message 7 months ago

    Vikk great content btw.
    So you don’t fall behind why don’t you tomorrow do a mad 2 or so hour beacon mining mission so you have the money to buy any new enchants from speed and side. I would love to see that like if you agree!

  • Xx_B4EST_Xx Rafy 7 months ago

    Vik get a cyborg while u can and remember the admins sed they would be adding black scrolls to remove enchants you can remove the jump boost and your left with speed and strength, like so vik can see

  • Zach DA Yac 7 months ago

    Anyone watching on the toilet

  • ahmed alobaydi 7 months ago

    Dessert theme dungeon

  • libby hill 7 months ago

    Good video

  • FlufflySimmer 7 months ago

    It’s my birthday 1 like = 1 present thx love u vikk

  • Peter Trainor 7 months ago

    Ciborg and use the black smith

  • StejoThePisto 7 months ago

    still cant watch episode 75 :((((

  • India 7 months ago

    Didn’t vik get to much money’s back after the dungeon? He had 600k at the beginning of the episode but he repaired his gear taking him down to 400k or am I wrong?

  • Zach DA Yac 7 months ago

    You need to make a business like speed and side

  • MightBeAUsername 7 months ago

    I think an item HAS to have a custom enchant to blacksmith it

  • HosteeneX 7 months ago

    Vikk you should replace your stairs with iron blocks so you have more room

  • Couldnt Really find a cool username 7 months ago

    I got your mom twerking for my rupees

  • KrazyGaming 7 months ago

    Vik, don’t fix the diamond armour, you can buy diamond armour from spawn with now enchants cheaper than the price of fix. Put any enchanted piece of armour in an anvil with non enchanted armour (same type of armour e.g. diamond leggings). The diamond chestplate is 40k but fix is 50k. Don’t waste.
    2) your telepathy pick doesn’t have fortune 3 on it

  • Paavan Patel 7 months ago

    Tax them not fairrrr

  • dylan mckeith 7 months ago

    Vick, to me it seems like you have a lot of the basis to make loads of money and become really set! But it’s just about taking an episode or 2 making sure that you maximise all of the machines and all of the things you have going for you! E.g. A system to sort your villagers and get the best trades! chest sorting, getting the cows maximised , trading maximising, having a look at all of your books and their max level etc. Loving all the new content! Just don’t lose your head at all the new stuff lol

  • Mustafa Shahzad 7 months ago

    Lol vikk got 600k back so he basically got his god set repaired for free

  • neilthellama 7 months ago

    Tax the ones who pussied out of the dungeon

  • Donald Lafferty 7 months ago

    It’s so bs how the other groups got better enchants then vik and they didnt even do it legit. I know that the books are luck but it’s still stupid how they gained more for taking shortcuts.

  • KiannahGalvan 7 months ago

    Vikk you should stop wasting money on pumping up the success rate on books and you should just lower the. Destroy so that it can have any success rate but still have no chance of destroying it ; )

  • Marcus Kryshaan 7 months ago

    Vikk should sell his duplicate books (like molten 3) and other books he wont need to speedy and side

  • Connor Burke 7 months ago

    Does it really annoy anyone else when vikk blatantly ignore chests

  • Alandis 7 months ago

    5:54 oml 😂

  • Matthew Murdock 7 months ago

    they should give the tax to the people who did it legit

  • Mr. Clean 7 months ago

    OrGanize your chests

  • Andrew LaBarre 7 months ago

    I hope he doesn’t walk in God set more often. It’s too fast and I can’t see anything in the buildings…

  • James Fry 7 months ago

    Vick and Pete have been insulted Vick for longer streams and Pete for not completing a dungeon completely you salty fans need to get over yourself I have also posted this comment on Petes channel

  • Oscar Bucknill 7 months ago


  • Juggernaut Clan 7 months ago

    Vikk you should  play rust with the sideman

  • Leon Bedeau 7 months ago

    The last boss of the dungeon is very similar to black ops 3 campaign

  • Brandon Cunningham 7 months ago

    Instead of making the dungeons harder, you should make there be a limited amount of red pawns you have as a group, like the whole group has a total of 20 respawns or whatever number you decide, then after that you become a spectator if you die until everyone’s dead

  • Luke Overbeck 7 months ago

    Yeah the dungeon was good but it needs to be a little more difficult

  • Colin Whiting 7 months ago

    Vik. We can’t read the in-game chat. Can you please make it more visible

  • JFroMG 7 months ago

    silk touch and telepathy and farm diamonds

  • JFroMG 7 months ago

    put doc 1 on a stick and it will be the healing stick

  • Christian Baxter 7 months ago

    You know the drill.

    Or do you??

  • James Castaneda 7 months ago

    If you went in with 419k you should have had more money after the dungeon. You should have had like 720k after the dungeon
    You can see your bal before the dungeon at 6:22 in your video. You need to take 200k off that total because you repaired all your gear. You should have kept that 90k that you gave back.

  • BEAST CLARK 6 months ago

    Pete has so many furnaces

  • BEAST CLARK 6 months ago

    And u have 2

  • no2kkk 6 months ago

    I fucking hate when Vik has to fight anything with Rob, even in UHCs hes such a condescending prick! You’d swear Vikk has never pvp’d in his life… I used to watch Robs factions and he is soooooo not the best PVP’er

  • Ewan Jones 6 months ago

    Add gear combination tokens

  • Stiles Parker 6 months ago

    Your axe was doing more damage that your sword

  • Vault boy 6 months ago

    im here

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