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  • Jcmc22 Games 8 months ago

    You should’ve named an Amimal StacySays and pushed it into Lava

  • Nessa Coryn 8 months ago

    Can you name a dog bandit? I think you could bring him especially along when you set up pranks or do sneaky things.

  • cobi whalen 8 months ago

    Lol, my name is Ivy

  • Lexi Stewart 8 months ago

    please name a dog snowflake!!!!!!

  • Ender Josh 8 months ago

    I guess stacy’s video can be funny too!

  • Kvng.Chris1209 8 months ago


  • Rachid Dine 8 months ago

    Stacy: oh I forgot I have decorations

    Me: lol get out girl you are making me laugh 😂

    Mom and dad What the heck what is she looking

    Me: dah Stacyplays

  • Icee wolf 8 months ago


  • mike savard 8 months ago

    If you get an a there wolf name it spirit

  • Chocolate Cupckes 8 months ago

    When you where laughing the screen was moving around,


  • Flo Woo08 8 months ago

    What’s the server called

  • Unicornlover3879 8 months ago

    Name A Wolf Mr.Pawston And Mrs.Pawston Also Luv Ur Vids!

  • Coralee Myers 8 months ago

    Comment on my comment if you look at ld shado ladeys vids

  • Chloe Fronk 8 months ago

    My guinea pig is named Aspen! Not the one on my profile picture, she’s my other one: Sugar

  • Coffee's Crazy Games and Ramdomness 8 months ago

    If you died in this game would your stuff be open to anyone? Like for people to take and keep?

  • Liliana Mussot 8 months ago

    Stacy is so behind on the upgrades……and she only has an advanced iron sword…stacy why

  • missybima 8 months ago

    (• •)


  • Diana Ruiz 8 months ago

    Please name an animal Sweet Pete!

  • Sophie Turton 8 months ago

    Can you name a wolf Shooba : )

  • Jay Jordan 8 months ago

    name a dog boomer or fluffer nutter

  • Nikolay Petukhov 8 months ago

    Can you name a dog Ben ?

  • Reuby Rodriguez 8 months ago

    Name a wolf cubbs

  • Stella Cagle 8 months ago

    Stacy, Could u please name an animal,Nimbus, Or Artemus,Or Lastly Liana? i hope u can pick one! Like if u like the names!

  • Emerald _crazy 8 months ago

    You should of named a sheep Stacy says push in lava and it will say it in the chat

  • Camila Gaming 8 months ago

    Can You Name One Yani? (Plz.. 😁)

  • Camila Gaming 8 months ago

    Or Faith,Ana,Kat,And Lucas Plz Pick One!

  • Lori Ferreira 8 months ago

    Name a new wolf:Katstick or Meatstick or tell Lizzy this cat name:Katereak

  • Destinee Hammond 8 months ago

    Name a dog meow meow

  • Kyoung Ha Pyo 8 months ago

    Name a pet purr cat

  • Kyoung Ha Pyo 8 months ago

    Plz plz plz please

  • Kyoung Ha Pyo 8 months ago

    Please plz plz plz please

  • Jade Jennings 8 months ago

    Hi stace.

  • Jade Jennings 8 months ago

    How do u do?

  • Coole123 8 months ago

    Can you please name something nyate? ( yes I spelled it right, it’s the name of my amazing, handsome red panda ~=[,,_,,]:3

  • Kayla Galusha 8 months ago

    Can you name a wolf Remington! Please

  • XxGamer YoloxX 8 months ago

    Can u name one richie

  • Sasha_ Does 8 months ago

    Stacy you seem sad or at least your voice does is everything alright are you sick ??? I’m a bit worried

  • Jillian .G 8 months ago

    Pls name a wolf melody please

  • dogcraftfan1287 Yt 8 months ago

    Lol hhahahahahha

  • Olivia leeder 8 months ago

    You should name a dog Winston, or icecube

  • Shinkydink 8 months ago

    if your shop doesn’t have a name name it please rescue a dog

  • Jenna Snow 8 months ago

    Lol that prank was so funny I laughed so hard

  • LpsDulce -LpsCandy 8 months ago

    [ ‘ w’]
    (>>0) Want my Coffee?

  • Does Stacy know that you can craft upgrades for your armor? Like fire protection, water breathing? I think I’m not sure, somewhere along those lines.

  • Shotzie 8 months ago

    You should do seasonal pets, like for October, a bat. November, either a chicken or a turkey (I don’t know if you have turkeys in that modpack) then December, the polar bear friend. Prices would correspond with the rarity and how hard it was to get the animal there

  • nub berstix 8 months ago

    please name your next pet tycoo

  • Industrial Glory 8 months ago

    “It’s not funny Meghan”. “Oh sorry it’s horrible” ahahahaah i died

  • Bubblegum Bliss 8 months ago

    Or just name a animal stacysays and kill it

  • Cup Cake 8 months ago

    name your dog lady dog

  • Olie Clayton 8 months ago

    You are a mega toxic med evil villen

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