• James Keller 6 months ago

    My question

  • James Keller 6 months ago

    I know u said u want to be family friendly but I know 2 good youtubers you should record with and that’s iballisticsquid and ashdubhh really funny people thanks noodle onnnnn

  • James Keller 6 months ago

    And yes they are family friendly

  • Cade 684 6 months ago

    Thinknoodles, great job dabbing. You’re just as good as I am! Thank you for helping to speak out against the Dab Police.

  • Pelle Pokemon pro 6 months ago

    Hey think when did you Play minecraft

  • Dappercareless 6 months ago

    Think u kinda sound like brave willderness

  • Rebecca Liotta 6 months ago

    As a member of the dab police, you should be ashamed of yourself. However, as an avid noodler I cannot dislike the video so I am simply not liking it (pls forgive me). BTW I have a question. How many years have you and your wife been married? Thanks if you answer, noodle on!!

  • Rosadaisytwinkle BBM 6 months ago

    Hey Think this question has been stuck in my head for a while now and I’ve tried to get the answer from other youtubers but what do YOU think is the best free thing for recording minecraft videos? BY the way NOODLE ON!!!!!

  • Sans the Skelton 6 months ago

    die dab police thinknoodles run i’ll hold them off☝dab police 👮🔫☺ wait why do I need a gun. go gaster blasters

  • Minecraft Reporter 6 months ago

    Guess u and dan are not bf bc you dabbed jk

  • Mayah Sararas 6 months ago

    Join dab police

  • Homie Herobrine 6 months ago

    Remember thinks lab?

  • Chris Silos 6 months ago

    Think why do you not make videos with dantdm anymore

  • Dino Adventures 6 months ago

    Dab police your under unrest Dantdm sent me

  • daisylike 6 months ago

    Hi think I am wanting to record some gameplay, but am not sure how to. What would you recommend (I play on Mac)Noodle on!

  • yellow c 6 months ago

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! There needs to be cows…

  • anwar muhammad 6 months ago

    i can’t see the dab

  • Stubby Pug 6 months ago

    Question for next ask think: potatoes or tomatoes

  • TRINCKNZ GAMING 6 months ago

    Hey think what websites did you make when you programmed

  • Imelda Cortes 6 months ago

    What happped to subnatutia.

  • Imelda Cortes 6 months ago

    Thinks lab you said you were going to bring it back about a year but noting haping and noodle on

  • Pete Pascone 6 months ago

    i love the vids

  • Sik Jik 6 months ago

    dear think my question is do you have any merch? If not would you consider making some plz answer

  • stellar BOB 6 months ago

    Hey think plz play minecraft better together update for fan choice Friday

  • Hamzah Kashif 6 months ago

    Play more bedwars in 4v4v4v4

  • Hamzah Kashif 6 months ago

    Please show your face like if you agree noodle on

  • Alfredo C 6 months ago

    Think plz bring Think’s lab back!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Clash royal Legend 6 months ago

    Can you do a colab with popularmmos and Jen? If yes then make it soon please

  • Kingfizzie1 6 months ago

    we won’t punish u for dabbing, but we know who will. THE DAB POLICE (aka Dan TDM)

  • Mosammat Akter 6 months ago

    I’m the dab police and you are under arrasted because of dabing and noodle on🍜🍜🍜

  • Mosammat Akter 6 months ago

    Jake Paul is the only one that can dab

  • Pizzanator 6000 6 months ago

    Hey think, I know Pokémon Go has gotten kinda old, but can you plz bring it back into the world? Plz respond
    I will do this so u can see it
    Sorry, I had a big lunch 😖

  • KittyKrafter 6 months ago

    When I first came to your channel, i knew it as insiders network, and I was just looking for poptropica walkthroughs, and the best ones were from “the Einstein dude.” Then, about a year later, I came across your most recent video, the wizard of oz. After I watched I immediately loved your channel. You were actually the first youtuber I really liked. Anyways, after that spiel, I should get to the question. Like I said, I loved your walkthroughs because they were funny, and, now that you are more accustomed to YouTube, maybe you could play through them again, just for fun, adding your sense of humor.

  • KittyKrafter 6 months ago

    Think. We love your videos, and we are not going to stop if we see your face. I would love to see a facecam video. Maybe have a test run with WARNING: FACE CAM on it. I don’t know how other people feel about it though. Anywho, NOODLE ON!

  • KittyKrafter 6 months ago

    Question of the month: where is the question of the month? Did I just miss it? I am confused.

  • Cindy Casey 6 months ago

    Think Have you ever met Dan TDM in real life

  • aqeeb alam 6 months ago

    Think first of all i have been a noodler for such a long time. I remember when u just started and my question is have you ever heard of toontown?It’s a kid friendly game and I have always wanted you to try.

  • Bryson Tiamana 6 months ago

    I might unsubcribe for that

  • Gaming Nick 6 months ago

    Why is it that when you play Minecraft you play only bed wars

  • Martin Hernandez 6 months ago

    Think im thinking of becoming a youtuber have any suggestions on what to do for my channel if i get one? If you read this or reply i would be so happy. Noodle on!

  • ThomasGaming YT10 6 months ago

    Can you play Murder Mystery? And how old are you pls reply.Thank you.Noodle On

  • Gwenivere and Michelle 6 months ago

    What happened to all the minions

  • Mysterious Person 6 months ago

    Hello Think! I was curious if you had any other pets. If so, what are their name(s)?

  • Poke Pickle 6 months ago

    Ask Think:

    Question: What happpened to subnautica?

  • Swag Gamer 6 months ago

    Hey Think! I just had this one question: What was the worst challenge you had growing up? (I just got braces yesterday so ;-;.)
    Anywho, thanks for making videos that cheer me up so much! I LUV UR CHANNEL

  • Abir Mohammed 6 months ago


  • Michael Murphy 6 months ago

    It was my birthday on friday

  • RoGgBiF-PoKeTuBe 6 months ago


  • The Boy Ransomeness 6 months ago

    This comment section has
    79% Of People Arresting Justin for Dabbing.
    20% About The Actual Video.
    1% Of Comments That Are About To Be Lost Like This One.

    Save Me

  • darksie 6 months ago

    My favorite mythical creatures are mermaids

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