Extremly stupid noobs VS epic pros! Who will win? How can you become


  • GoldenArmor 6 months ago

    What’s the funniest part? Like and SUBSCRIBE! Can we hit 10.000 LIKES??

  • vĩ minh dương 6 months ago

    i like your video if i was a kid

  • Bulletman 6 months ago

    Rly nigga!

  • Arizky Adly 6 months ago

    Legendary pro vs Legendary noob

  • Arizky Adly 6 months ago

    /Legendary pros vs Legendary noobs

  • TomboyGamerGirl Malaysia 6 months ago

    I like the pro skin..what the name of the skin the first one

  • Revan Gaming 6 months ago

    I mining in survival server and i get a diamond and gold cave and me and my friend have some and a noob is coming he sad *this is mine* and i kill him LOL

  • Kashif Rana 6 months ago

    Nub so stupid

  • IndianGamer 6239 6 months ago

    Firstly there is no button called ‘sneak’ and he was a new player. How can he Understand how to sneak.

  • Azura Senju 6 months ago

    Oh thannnnnnnnnnnks×1000000 GOLDEN ARMOR

  • Matthew Huang 6 months ago

    On Trovical, can you kick Pendu_17 for cussing and bullying others

  • JoeplayzRoblox 6 months ago

    Pros win

  • zZstefan 6 months ago

    ║┗┛║┗━╣┃║┃║X X ║

  • DoggyDog 6 months ago

    i hate noobs in bedwars with some times i play they just build to a islands and leave bed without any protect then i have to protect it!!

  • Yassine Sebbar 6 months ago

    Jolie pack de textur

  • The DragonSlayer 6 months ago

    Remember:Always be prepared to go to the Woodland Mansion!

  • EPIC BIG C Lol 6 months ago


  • Eddy Rizkallah 6 months ago

    I subscribed

  • Kakaknya Null 6 months ago

    Whats name your texture

  • Kaligroo 6 months ago

    what is this mod to have the environment as realistic?

  • Mica Tocilara 6 months ago

    Golden Armor can u make a video with the title A NOOB DAY VS A PRO DAY?

  • Savage Swag123 6 months ago

    The pro’s house is the best :p

  • Aezaio 6 months ago

    Baby dumb herobrine vs smart baby noob

  • alwaleed almutairi 6 months ago

    Using this textuar pack that looks. Real stick bloucks

  • ySrThiago _PvP 6 months ago


  • Emerald Digimon 6 months ago

    if you could go to the moon ans it was made of cheese

  • Emerald Digimon 6 months ago

    if herobrine played terraria

  • Emerald Digimon 6 months ago

    if terraria was in minecraft

  • Emerald Digimon 6 months ago

    if a terraria dimension was added

  • Emerald Digimon 6 months ago

    minecraft vs terraria

  • Emerald Digimon 6 months ago

    digimon vs pokemon

  • Anne Bautista 6 months ago

    When i become a worker at minecraft i ban all noobs

  • Moon Water Warrior 6 months ago

    Make one where the pro and the noob are friends plez!!!

  • Doge Madness 6 months ago

    lol potato chips

  • Nate Wright 6 months ago

    it at moment he nig he f###ed up 8:10

  • causing gamez 6 months ago

    Do what if the fairy went to jail

  • JoaquinGaming 6 months ago

    What’s that texture pack or resource pack?

  • Anabel Gonzalez 6 months ago

    Golden armor please put the server to minecraft pe so I can join

  • Ajki Milijanovic 6 months ago

    Herobrine love girl

  • Caca Waizul 6 months ago

    I like this

  • Sakuria Hedo Michael Nathaina Michael Mekel 6 months ago

    Can You Make A New Episode Of Pro VS Hacker Episode 3

  • Choong Suet Ling 6 months ago

    Golden Armour can yiu put your server in Minecraft Pocket Edition

  • Sweet Sugar 6 months ago

    how about lucky noob vs unlucky pro ?

  • Karen James 6 months ago

    So stan, can you make an epic adventur vidio next, I’ll try to help you as much as I can!

  • Keith Labi 6 months ago

    I Subscribe You And Liked All Your Videos I Watched And Your The Best YouTube’s In Minecraft I Love Your Videos Golden Armor I Love Watching Your Videos Thank You For The Videos You Made For Us You Worked Hard For Videos I Learned More About Minecraft Because Of Your Videos Thank You (=

  • Keith Labi 6 months ago

    Not You Tube (Youtuber) Sorry

  • Keith Labi 6 months ago


  • Keith Labi 6 months ago

    Its OK That The Video Is Long. =-)

  • Jurassic World 6 months ago

    Did you change the thumbnail?

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